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How to set the table? Complete guide

How to set the table. Do you need to organize a successful lunch or dinner for friends and guests? After resolving the question about the menu to be served, it will be essential to present a beautiful table. Yes, if the dress makes the monk, the beautiful table makes the welcome.

In short, how to set the table to welcome guests in a warm and chic way?

Here are some valuable tips to follow on how to set the table:

THE TABLE: How to set a table

Before extending the invitations to half the world, you need to make a short calculation. Each diner must have 50 cm of space to feel comfortable. Calculate the chairs you have available. They should. They’re the same to avoid the effect “Remedied.” In case you could rent them or borrow them from the neighbors.


She is the absolute protagonist. The tablecloth is the simple dress of the evening. No to multicolor prints! Better if simple and therefore in white linen (exquisite) or Flanders. In both cases, the resistant fabrics allow energetic washing and thus ensure their use over time. The size of the tablecloth is essential compared to the size of the table. It should not be too narrow or too long to disturb guests once seated. The lateral fall should not exceed 50 cm. per side.

THE NAPKINS: How to set a table

They should be coordinated with the tablecloth, which is of the same fabric. Otherwise, keep in mind the dimensions that should never exceed 40 cm x 40 cm. If you decide to use a disposable type (paper, so to speak), avoid fantasies. Better a single color that goes well with the color of the tablecloth and the dishes.

The napkin can be placed on the right, left, or above the plate, but never, I mean, under the cutlery. The etiquette does not include any artistic folding, but if you have to make it as simple as possible.


If the evening or lunch is elegant, placemats cannot be missing! Gold or silver or coordinated with the service. Red ones allow at Christmas. The placemat should be 33 to 35 cm. Above the underplate goes the dinner plate. The soup plate, on the other hand, serves only if soups or soups are provided. The bread plate must place in the upper left corner with oil bread buttons to reintegrate during dinner or lunch.

CUTLERY: How to set a table

The cutlery must all be of the same style and coordinate with the rest of the equipment. They arrange next to the plates simply following the criterion of use.

Yes, but how do you arrange the cutlery at the table?

The fork place on the left as it uses with the left hand-arranged upwards. The knife place on the right, used with the right hand, with the blade facing the plate. The spoon place in succession, then the knife to the right, but only if the menu includes soups.

The fruit cutlery place in front of the plate, positioned in the center with the handle towards the hand that will use it (the knife with the handle on the right and the fork with the handle facing the left).

Any dessert cutlery, the teaspoon, place on top of the fruit fork because it will use before the fruit and must place with the handle on the right.


The reference for the equipment of the glasses is always the tip of the knife: possibly in glass or transparent crystal. Therefore, no more doodles or drawings arrange at the top right of the end of the blade. If white and red wines are foreseen, the white wine glass place first, then the red wine glass is slightly more prominent, and the water glass place at the end.

The flute, the glass for champagne, must place behind the others.


On formal occasions, bottles and jugs should place on a trolley or small table next to the dining table. Or they can put it on the table within reach of the guests. NO to bottles and coasters, it would equivalent to showing your concern for the fate of the tablecloth.
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