By the end of 2022, the value of the shares of technology giants such as Apple and Tesla will fall because of the ongoing problems with the coronavirus in China and the global crisis. writes about it. Further apple stock price today’s forecast does not look very optimistic. 

Apple stock price today forecast – what’s going on? 

At the close of trading on December 27, Apple stock price fell to 130.03 dollars, and this is the lowest since June 2021. The stock of electric car maker Tesla fell to $109.1, down 73 percent from its high in November of last year. On Dec. 28, Apple’s stock price rose to $130.3 at the premarket and Tesla’s was up to $112.6 at the time of writing.

The key reasons for the drop in the stock price were first the lockdowns in China during the year, which led to a shutdown or reduction of production at companies’ factories in the country; and then, by contrast, the lifting of all restrictions and the ensuing record rise in the incidence of disease. Against the backdrop of recent events, companies have become short-staffed. It was reported that some firms were asking employees to come to work even if they were sick. The share price Dow Jones index is also down today. 

“Factories will experience labor shortages for at least four to six weeks as a wave of illness will affect their manufacturing regions. Most migrant workers will return to their home villages for the Lunar New Year in late January. Production in China is unlikely to return to normal before the end of February,” said Simon Baptiste, chief economist at The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Investors are also expected to be cautious and refrain from making large investments amid interest rate hikes by regulators around the world, a slowdown in global economic growth and the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.Against this backdrop, the entire stock market is suffering, including the Dow Jones index, at current prices. 

The world’s largest iPhone manufacturer is Foxconn. In November, it faced a sharp drop in revenues of 29 percent month-on-month amid turmoil over harsh anti-consumer restrictions at a factory in Zhangzhou, China. This led to a six-million-unit drop in production of the latest iPhone 14 this year.

Tesla also depends on Chinese capacity. The company owns a plant in Shanghai, where it was forced to halt production in September because of a shortage of microchips. The auto giant’s situation worsened after the purchase of Twitter by Ilon Musk, who, according to investors, began spending too much time managing the social network. Meanwhile, sales of Tesla’s electric cars began to decline, forcing the company to cut prices. Investors are convinced that the manufacturer needs a professional CEO who can lead the company out of the current “five-point storm.”

Oppenheimer worsened its iPhone sales forecast because of problems in China


Ongoing problems in supply chains due to quarantine restrictions in China will affect sales of U.S. Apple Inc. devices, experts believe Oppenheimer.

Although covid measures are easing, “a later-than-expected recovery in manufacturing activity” will limit iPhone sales in Apple’s first fiscal quarter beginning Sept. 25, analysts Martin Yan and Andrew Northcutt wrote in a review.

The analysts worsened the iPhone sales forecast for the first fiscal quarter to 76 million from the previously expected 82.5 million units.

Analytics still expects a significant increase in iPhone sales in the second fiscal quarter due to supply replenishment, but over the two quarters lost sales will be about 5 million units due to unmet demand during the holiday season. Analytics are increasingly concerned about the outlook for iPhone demand in 2023.

Oppenheimer experts worsened Apple’s revenue forecast for fiscal 2023 to $399.6 billion from the $411.7 billion previously expected, earnings per share to $6.12 from $6.46. They also downgraded Apple’s stock price forecast to $170 from $190, but maintained an “above market” recommendation.



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