How to clean shower head

How to clean shower head: To avoid increased water consumption, you should regularly remove limescale deposits from your shower head. Our instructions will help you.

The shower operates regularly. A warm jet of water relaxes you after a long day. A cool chill down your spine is refreshing on hot days. However, if the water trickles from the showerhead only sparsely, the pleasure is quickly spoiled. If the limescale has settled in the showerhead, the showerhead clogs, and the water runs irregularly and uncontrollably. With simple household remedies, showerheads can be cleaned, and carefree bathing fun can be ensured again.

Descale showerheads regularly!

You should not only become active when the shower experience is noticeably impaired. Lime deposits occur regularly, depending on the hardness of the water. If cleaning is neglected, the limescale deposits harden, and mould and bacteria also form. This affects the quality of the shower experience and poses a threat to health because the bacteria get onto the skin and thus into the body via the shower jet.

Descale the showerhead with home remedies

The cleaning of the showerhead can be done with some substances that are found in every household. Effective home remedies are:

  • citric acid
  • Denture cleaner tabs

Decalcification with citric acid

Citric acid should  test on an inconspicuous area 

Even heavily calcified shower heads can clean with citric acid. So that the fittings not damage, the agent should be tested in a hidden place. The acid may attack the chromium. In this case, one of the other home remedies mentioned should be used.

How to proceed: how to clean shower head

  • Place the showerhead in a bowl
  • Fill the bowl with cold water
  • The showerhead must cover with liquid
  • Dissolve two teaspoons of citric acid in 100 millilitres of cold water
  • Pour the solution into the bowl
  • Mix the liquid well 
  • Leave the showerhead in the solution for about half an hour.
  • Rinse the showerhead with clear water 
  • Dry the showerhead with a soft cloth

The showerhead should now clean and ready for use again. The application can repeat for particularly stubborn deposits.

Clean the showerhead with denture cleaner tabs

Denture cleaner cleans particularly gently – © Gina Sanders /

When looking for a mild detergent for more frequent use, the dent cleaner tab comes into play.

How to proceed: how to clean shower head

  • Dissolve the denture cleaner tab in warm water
  • Take the showerhead apart
  • Place the showerhead perforated disk in the liquid
  • Let the solution work for one to two hours
  • Treat the perforated disk with clear water
  • Reassemble the showerhead

Descaler for the showerhead

Most of the home remedies described are suitable for regular cleaning and removing light calcifications. Unfortunately, many home remedies reach their limits when it comes to stubborn limescale deposits. Ready-to-use decalcifying agents are available in stores, with which you can usually reliably remove even stubborn deposits. However, these are chemical products with a corresponding risk to the environment and your health. You should therefore study the instructions carefully before use.

How to proceed: How to clean shower head

  1. Get a decalcifier 
  2. Dissolve the product in water according to the instructions
  3. Use the liquid finished product undiluted
  4. Unscrew the showerhead
  5. Place the perforated disc in a bowl
  6. Pour in liquid until the perforated disc cover
  7. Let the agent work for about half an hour
  8. Rinse the perforated disc with clear water 
  9. Refit the showerhead

Cleaning with a descaler should only consider if the home remedies mentioned failing. Chemical cleaning agents should use sparingly and keep safe from children and pets.

What should you watch out for when cleaning the showerhead?

If you want to remove heavy soiling, you should refrain from using formic acid, hydrochloric acid or chlorine bleach cleaners. In some cases, considerable damage to the showerhead could occur.

Caution: Never mix different synthetic detergents!

When using a spray cleaner, it should never spray directly onto the shower. The perforated disc must permanently remove, or you can apply the product with a cloth or sponge.

After cleaning, make sure always to rinse off the residues of the cleaner thoroughly and wipe it again with a cloth.
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