How to make spaghetti?


How to cook spaghettis

Spaghetti is very popular worldwide, and in Italy, they occupy a position of preference among the various pasta shapes. Those in durum wheat are, in fact, a classic of Italian cuisine. Still, there are many different versions, including, very well known and appreciated, the oriental ones, the soy or rice noodles.

The method for cooking spaghetti is no different from that of other types of pasta: all you need is a large pot, water, and salt! Fill the pot with plenty of water and wait for it to boil. At this point, add the salt and the pasta (without breaking it, just as tradition dictates) and check the cooking time of the spaghetti indicated in the package.

If you want to mix the sauce and spaghetti well, stop cooking three-quarters of the way, drain the pasta and add it to the sauce prepared in the pan: to create creaminess, you can add a spoon of cooking water and mix gently until the required time is up. For the dish to be ready.

Did you know that you can sauté spaghetti in the oven to create delicious recipes? Stop cooking the spaghetti even if they are very al dente and transfer them, drained, into a baking dish with the sauce of your choice: bake at 200 ° for 12 minutes. The cooking time of the spaghetti in the oven can vary according to the recipe.

How to make spaghettis

Not sure how to make spaghetti? Are you tired of the classic dressing with tomato sauce and ragù? You are in the right section to get inspired and create chef-proof dishes!

Many recipes involve this shape of pasta, and many have now returned to the kitchen classics! An example? Definitely spaghetti carbonara: follow Chef Lello’s advice not to miss a beat.

If you prefer to test yourself in new, more creative, and original recipes, try the wholemeal spaghetti with squid, favorite, and pecorino, or the spaghetti risotto Alla tintilia di Vinica: amaze your diners with the most original dishes.

In addition, lovers of the flavor of the sea deserve a dish such as wholemeal spaghetti with red prawns and Taggiasca olives or, for an even more gourmet taste, wholemeal square spaghetti with dried tomato pesto and crispy octopus.

If cooking is not your passion, don’t worry; a recipe is made to measure for you! Try the sprinter’s spaghetti: the name already proves to be a quick and easy dish that does not give up on taste. Prepare them with fresh fish and cherry tomatoes, or use your imagination to make your dish unique.

Do you want a champion dish? The aphrodisiac spaghetti with gin butter. Lemon and caviar are for you: eating it like Lilli and Vagabondo is a must!

How to cook La Molisana spaghetti

The world of La Molisana dedicated to this type of pasta is incredibly vast! Thanks to the range of La Molisana spaghetti. You can vary not only your favorite condiments. But also the kind of this pasta you want to bring to your table.

The cooking time of the spaghetti is indicated in the package. Always check how many minutes it takes for the pasta to shape. You have chosen to get the proper cooking al dente.

Try Spaghetti N.15 in wholemeal or gluten-free versions: no one should be deprived of the taste of good pasta!

So alternatively, opt for the Spaghettoni N.14 made with pure semolina from Molino La Molisana. The pasta is mixed with the crystal clear waters of the Riofreddo springs (Matese). If you prefer thinner shapes, no problem: there are also Spaghettini N.16!

If, on the other hand, you can’t stop renewing yourself in the kitchen. You can’t miss the Spaghettino Quadrato N.11. The Spaghetto Quadrato N.1, and the Spaghetto Quadrato Bucato.

Finally, make your life in the kitchen easier with La Molisana Spaghettis with Sepia. They are not only pleasing but also made without preservatives or dyes. I am using only carefully selected raw materials.

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