How to make facebook private

Your data in the social network Facebook: How to make Facebook private

How to make Facebook private. Even if you can’t save yourself from Facebook’s data-collecting mania, you at least have the option of maintaining a little privacy with other Facebook users. Under “Settings”, you can discover many opportunities to be a little more anonymous on Facebook.

  • If you use Facebook via smartphone, click on the gear in your account. There you will come across the option “Settings”. Behind it, you will find the privacy settings, which you can also find again under the account settings. You can get to “Settings” on the PC by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the screen, to the right of the quick help.
  • It is also worth disclosing as little information as possible in your profile. It is best to start right away with your date of birth, which, for example, is used together with your name for identification in many matters. Therefore, it should by no means be published on a social network. To switch off the public birthday information, go to your profile page under “Info”> “Overview” and click on “Edit contact information and general information”.
  • Suppose you are currently in the area with your data. In that case, you should also check critically for all other information such as school career, training, workplace etc., whether you want to disclose the information in detail. The more personal information, for example, fraudsters have about you, the easier it will be for you to pretend to be you.

Maintain privacy on Facebook: How to make Facebook private

The following settings, to find in the “Settings”, can also provide a little more anonymity.

  • It is also worth considering whether you want to allow search engines to display your profile. Under “Settings”> “Privacy”, you have the option of regulating this according to your wishes. You will find the corresponding menu item in the “How you are found and contacted” category.
  • In addition, under “Settings”> “Privacy”, you can still control who may or may not see which contributions from you. The selection can carry out quite easily using lists of persons such as the friends’ list. You can create the corresponding lists under “Chronicle”.
  • If you don’t want someone to conclude you by looking at who you are friends with, you should deactivate the “Friends: Show all” option right under the timeline.
  • The greed for information on various apps is also very questionable. Therefore, you should also check immediately which game has access to your data. You can make the appropriate settings under “Settings”> “Apps”. To do this, move the mouse pointer over one of the apps displayed and then click on the pencil that appears. You will then present a list of the data that the app has access to. You can revoke access authorizations individually by clicking on the tick. If you click the cross, you can even remove apps entirely.


  • When you are done with the settings, you can see how anonymous your public profile has become in your timeline under “View from the point of view of”.
  • Finally, you should perhaps think briefly about whether it really serves your privacy if you act as a free advertising medium for Facebook, especially since that also allows conclusions to draw about you. If necessary, you can end this under “Advertisements”. How exactly they do, this explains in more detail in the following paragraph.
  • Tip: You should also exercise a unique sense of proportion with the published images if you prefer to be anonymous in the social network.

Facebook doesn’t just collect data on their website

It doesn’t just depend on what you post, but also from where among other things.

  • If you use Facebook frequently on your smartphone, information can collect about where you prefer to be. The only way to prevent this is to delete the app from your mobile devices.
  • Facebook also remembers which other websites you visit to place targeted advertising then. You can prevent this by clicking on the “Ads” category in the settings. There are two critical settings here that you should change.
  • First, expand the “Settings for advertisements” tab by clicking on it. Then click on “Ads based on your website and app usage” and change the setting to No.
  • The tabs “Your Interests” and “Your Information” are also interesting. This shows which of your information is based on Facebook advertising for you. By moving the mouse pointer over the corresponding entry and then clicking on the cross – or, in the case of “Your information”> “About you”, the slider.

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