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1. “And it hasn’t been the same without you. Although it’s been eerily similar.”

2. “I think you’re pretty tough, don’t I?”

3. “It’s supply and demand! They supply the ghost, and I demand the money!”

4. “Poor old Bugs. But, any way you look at it, it’s better he should suffer. After all, it was me or him, and obviously, it couldn’t be me. It’s a simple matter of logic.”

5. “If he’s a duck, then I’m a dirty skunk! Blam!”

6. “So, what do you think? Could today end our mutual hatred?”

7. “All right. Enough is enough. This is the final, the—the very, very last straw! Who’s responsible for this? This—I demand that you show yourself! Who are you? Huh?”

8. “Go on! Shoot me again! I enjoy it! I love the smell of burnt feathers and gunpowder and cordite!”

9. “Oh, sure. I know I’m a louse, but I’m a live louse.” 

10. “I can’t help it, I’m a greedy slob.”

11. “If you’re gonna be a two-faced sweetie, then at least make one of them pretty!”

12. “And I’ve never been so humiliated in all my life!”

13. “You’re despicable.”

14. “All right, let’s get this picture started.”

15. “Champagne nights, tropical music, and a heavy bank account!”

16. “I’ll rob that rich person and give it to some poor deserving slob. That will prove I’m Robin Hood.”

17. “I know, I know, but I can only do it once.”

18. “Relax, sister. I don’t know the meaning of the word fear!”

19. “I’ll tell you what. You go your way, and I’ll go mine. Live and let live. Right? Right. Ladies and gentlemen, there will be no further delays, so I shall attempt to entertain you in my own iniminiminitable fashion.”

20. “That’s dandy! Ho-ho, that’s rich, I’ll say!”
21. “Ask a woman? But I have horrible luck with women!”

22. “If you’re happy and you know it, you’re probably annoying someone who isn’t.”

23. “Of course, you realize this means war.”

24. “Hey, come here! Come here! Give me a close-up. A close-up! This is a close-up? A close-up, you jerk! A close-up!”

25. “Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.”

26. “I hate it when people are at your house and ask, ‘Hey do you have a bathroom?’ No, not at all.”

27. “What a way to run a railroad.”

28. “Now how about some color, stupid? Hey! Not me, you slop artist!”

29. “I have PMA—Positive Mental Attitude. I am positive, I am mental, and I know I have an attitude.”

30. “All right, wise guy. Where am I?”

31. “Ha! Pronoun problems. It’s not ‘Shoot you, shoot you.’ It’s, ‘Shoot me, shoot me.’ So, go ahead, shoot me, shoot me!” 

32. “Your troubles are over, Jeeves! Leave me to your stricken master.”

33. “Daffy Duck, he had a farm, e—i—e—i—o. And on this farm he had an ‘igloo,’ ee—ayyy—ee—ayyy—dohhh?”

34. “Yes yes! But you weren’t clever enough, were you John, alias Johnny, alias Jack, alias Jackie? Whew! What’s Humphrey Bogart got that I ain’t got?”

35. “Yeah, yeah, what makes a rabbit look like a rabbit?”

36. “Ho! Ha-ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!”

37. “You love a duck!”

38. “Obviously, I’m dealing with inferior mentalities.”

39. “Long ears? Ooh! Those aren’t ears, those are sleeves!”

40. “I didn’t say I would be nice. I said I would try. It was too hard.”

41. “Listen, bud, if you weren’t me, I’d smack you right in the puss.”

42. “I’m so crazy. I don’t know. This isn’t possible.”

43. “That’s strange. All of a sudden, I don’t quite feel like myself. Oh, I feel all right, and yet I—I uh.”

44. “Don’t shush me! I’ll make all the noise I wanna!”

45. “Would it be too much to ask if we could make up our minds, hmmmm?”

46. “There’s going to be a sneak preview, and the sneaks aren’t going to like it!”

47. “It’s getting so you have to kill yourself to sell a story around here!”

48. “Buster, it may come as a complete surprise to you to find that this is an animated cartoon and that in animated cartoons they have scenery, and in all the years I’ve—.”

49. “You shall always love me? Eeeew!”

50. “Oh, ooh. I’m just shivering to destruction.”

51. “Can you imagine anything so ridiculous as majority rule?”

52. “Just when I’m getting used to the voices in my head, one of them starts stuttering.”

53. “Don’t let that bother you, Jack.”

54. ”Fear—noun. A state of terror. Yaaaaah!”

55. “I would like to introduce myself—drip-along Daffy the name!”

56. “Don’t let it worry ya, Skipper. I’m just a crazy, darn fool duck.”

57. “I’m not like other people. I can’t stand pain, it hurts me!”

58. “I’m in my own little word. But it’s okay, they know me here.”

59. “I am a duck bent on self-preservation.”

60. “I may be a craven little coward, but I’m a greedy craven little coward.”

61. “You’re hurting me—put me down, please.”

62. “Help me, please. I’m too moist and tender to retire.”

63. “I don’t want to be grown-up anymore.”

64. “Gee! Thanks, chum. How’d ya know I like lollipops?”

65. “Me? Normal? How dare you insult me like that?”

66. “I’m not crazy, I just don’t give a darn!”

67. “I’m rich! I’m a happy miser!”

68. “I’m not a bunny rabbit.”

69. “I’m allergic to pain, save me!” 

70. “You wasted a wish! I wish that burrito was stuck on your big dumb nose!”

71. “Under a spreading chestnut tree, the village smithy stands—the smith, a mighta-ty man is he, with strong and sinewy.”

72. “You say the Loch Ness Monster is living in your jacuzzi? Well, call Roto-Rooter!”

73. “Go ahead! I’d love to see the audience boo you off the stage!”

74. “Ha-ha, it is to laugh.”

75. “Wait! I haven’t tried toadying, kowtowing, and butt-kissing yet! I’m still begging here!”

76. “Hmm. Sea picture, eh? I always wanted to do a sea epic. Now, Mr. Rembrandt, if you’ll kindly oblige with a little appropriate scenery.”

77. “Don’t beat me massah! Don’t whip dis poor ol’ body! No!”

78. “Well Sam, it looks like we’ll have to use your wish to get the burrito off his nose. It’s the only humane thing to do. Sam? Sam?”

79. “And whom around here has long ears? Sorry to hafta do this to ya, bud.”

80. “Just call Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, and Porky Pig paranormalists at large. Spooks spooked, goblins gobbled, UFOs K.O.ed, aliens alienated, evaporated, and monsters remonstrated.”

81. “I know, I know. There goes your bunny rabbit!”

82. “Duck hunters is da cwaziest peoples!”

83. “Gad! This comic’s a real page-turner. It’s thlopping over with gripping suspense.”

84. “Stand back, musketeers, they shall sample my blade! Touché!”

85. “I’m going cuckoo, woohoo!”

86. “Yes, it had to be me! Poor me! It couldn’t be him! It couldn’t be you! It had to be me!”

87. “Eeeeek! You know better than that!”

88. “Consequences, schmonsequences—as long as I’m rich.”

89. “Over the sea, let’s go, men. We’re shovin’ right off, we’re shovin’ right off again?”

90. “Come here old pal, hm?”

91. “Don’t stir yourself, sir! I’ll muzzle that inebriated canary!”

92. “Okay, buddy, you asked for it.”

93. “You have insulted me! We meet in the field of onions!”

94. “Silence is foo!”

95. “Why the copious flow of lacrimal fluid, my querulous canine?”

96. “When they call me nutsy, that sure gives me pain.”

97. “Oh brother, I’m a buzzboy!”

98. “Down here? What are you doing up there? Down here!”

99. “That’s Dis-dis-dis-disgusting.”


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