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1. “You betrayed me! You’re not good. You, you’re just a chicken. Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep.” – Johnny

2. “Here you go, keep the change! Hi, doggie!” – Johnny

3. “I did not hit her, it’s not true. I did not hit her, I did not—oh, hi Mark!” – Johnny

4. “You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!” – Mark

5. “You must be kidding? Underwear. I got the picture.” – Johnny

6. “Denny, two’s great, but three’s a crowd.” – Johnny

7. “No, I can’t. Anyway, how’s your sex life?” – Johnny 

8. “Everybody betrayed me. I’m fed up with this world.” – Johnny

9. “I’m so happy I have you as my best friend, and I love Lisa so much.” – Johnny

10. “You are lying! I never hit you! You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” – Johnny

11. “Johnny’s my best friend!” – Mark

12. “I got the results of the test back. I definitely have breast cancer.” – Claudette

13. “Denny, don’t worry about that. Lisa loves you too—as a person, as a human being!” – Johnny 

14. “They betray me, they didn’t keep their promise, they trick me, and I don’t care anymore.” – Johnny

15. “What are you talking about? I just saw you!” – Mark

16. “I miss you, Mark.” – Lisa

17. “She’s beautiful. She looks great in her red dress—I think I’m in love with her.” – Denny

18. “I’m tired, I’m wasted—I love you darling!” – Johnny

19. “Anyway, I was working as a busboy in a hotel, and Lisa was sitting, drinking her coffee and she was so beautiful, and I say hi to her. That’s how we met.” – Johnny

20. “Thank you, honey, this is a beautiful party! You invited all my friends—good thinking!” – Johnny

21. “The candles, the music, the sexy dress. I mean, what’s going on here?” – Mark

22. “You look beautiful today. Can I kiss you?” – Denny

23. “I just wanted to hear your sexy voice. I keep thinking about your strong hands around my body. It excites me so much.” – Lisa

24. “You can love someone deep inside your heart, and there is nothing wrong with it. If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live.” – Johnny

25. “I don’t have to worry about anything because Lisa is loyal to me.” – Johnny

26. “What’s the matter Bran, are you chicken? Cheep, cheep!” – Billy

27. “Good idea Peter. The party’s over. Besides, it was a big Lame­-O anyway.” – Johnny

28. “Can you believe it’s going to cost me 120 dollars? I think the whole thing was made up just so they can make some easy money. Imagine taking advantage of an old defenseless lady who’s losing her life!” – Claudette

29. “You think about everything. Hahaha!” – Johnny

30. “You have nice legs, Lisa. Hahaha!” – Johnny

31. “I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it, beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.” – Mark

32. “You are such a little brat!” – Lisa

33. “In a few minutes, bitch.” – Johnny

34. “You have nice pecs.” – Lisa

35. “I feel like I’m sitting on an atomic bomb waiting for it to go off.” – Steven

36. “She pulls it out, and she’s showing everybody my underwear.” – Mike

37. “Oh man, I just can’t figure women out. Sometimes they’re just too smart. Sometimes they’re flat-out stupid. Other times they’re just evil.” –Mark

38. “That’s why he’s so boring!” – Lisa

39. “Mmm, feed me.” – Michelle

40. “Stop ganging up on me!” – Denny

41. Claudette: “That house belongs to me! He has no right! I’m not giving him a penny! Who does he think he is?” 

Lisa: “He’s your brother.”

42. “What’s clear? I am going to call the police.” – Claudette

43. “As far as I’m concerned, you can drop off the Earth! That’s a promise.” – Mark 

44. “A mistake, that he takes drugs.” – Claudette

45. “This is not the way you make money!” – Claudette

46. Lisa: “Do you want me to order a pizza?”

Johnny: “Whatever. I don’t care.”

47. “I am not responsible for Johnny. I’m through with that. I’m changing. I have the right, don’t I? People are changing all the time.” – Lisa

48. “She’s a stupid bitch. She wants to control my life. I’m not going to put up with that. I’m going to do what I want to do, and that’s it. What do you think I should do?” – Lisa

49. “Hahaha! What a story, Mark!” – Johnny

50. “You couldn’t kill me if you tried.” – Mark

51. “I cannot tell you, it’s confidential.” – Johnny

52. “Denny, don’t you have something else to do?” – Johnny

53. “He didn’t get his promotion. And he got drunk last night—and he hit me.” – Lisa

54. “Look, don’t worry about it. Everything will be fine. They’re curing lots of people every day.” – Lisa

55. “How much do you have to give him?” – Lisa

56. “Yeah, man. Yeah, you are very lucky.” – Mark

57. “Oh, actually Johnny, I got a—I got a little bit of a tragedy.” – Mike

58. “You’re not dying mom.” – Lisa

59. Lisa: “Who are you calling a bitch?”

Johnny: “You and your stupid mother.”

60. “You can come out now, Johnny. She’s gone.” – Lisa

61. “Come on, stop. It was a mistake.” – Mark

62. “I’m sure I’ll be alright.” – Claudette

63. “You’ve known him for over five years. You’re engaged. You said you loved him. He supports you, he provides for you, and darling you can’t support yourself. He’s a wonderful man, and he loves you very much. And his position is very secure. And he told me he plans to buy you a house.” – Claudette

64. “He is always bugging me about my house. Fifteen years ago, we agreed that house belongs to me. Now, the value of the house is going up and he’s seeing dollar signs. Everything goes wrong at once. Nobody wants to help me. And I’m dying.” – Claudette

65. “I just needed some money to pay off some stuff!” – Denny 

66. “I just like to watch you guys.” – Denny

67. “Yeah, you can say that again.” – Mark

68. “Did you get your promotion?” – Lisa

69. “I told him that to make it interesting.” – Lisa

70. “Ah, don’t plan too much. It might not come out right.” – Johnny

71. ”You cannot have the drama without comedy.” – Johnny

72. “He’s taking drugs.” – Claudette

73. “We got a new client—at the bank. We make a lot of money.” – Johnny

74. “Do you understand life?! Do you?!” – Johnny

75. “Johnny doesn’t drink! What are you talking about?” – Claudette

76. “When is the baby due?” – Steven

77. “I’m not a god, I’m just a simple guy.” – Johnny

78. “You didn’t get it, did you?” – Lisa

79. “Yeah, can I have a dozen red roses please?” – Johnny

80. “Oh, come on. Why not?” – Mike

81. “Did you know that chocolate is the symbol of love?” – Mike

82. “Oh, hi Johnny. I didn’t know it was you. Here you go.” – Florist

83. “How dare you talk to me like that!” – Johnny

84. “I already ordered a pizza.” – Lisa

85. “You’re my favorite customer.” – Florist

86. “Hi Johnny, what’s going on?” – Mike

87. “So, what sort of movie are we gonna see?” – Denny

88. “There is no baby.” – Lisa

89. “Well, maybe you should have a girl, Mark.” – Johnny 

90. “Well, the interesting part is that on our first date, she paid for dinner.” – Johnny


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