2. “I’m gonna do my best to take my place in the sun.” – Tiana

3. “It serves me right for wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” – Tiana

4. “You know the thing about good food? It brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up, and it puts little smiles on their faces, and when I open up my own restaurant, I tell you, people are gonna lines up for miles around just to get a taste of my food.” – James 

5. “If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.” – Tiana 

6. “I was beginning to think wishing on stars was just for babies and crazy people.” – Charlotte La Bouff

7. “There’s been trials and tribulations. You know I’ve had my share, but I’ve climbed the mountain, crossed the river, and I’m almost there!” – Tiana

8. “My daddy never did get what he wanted, but he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important, and neither will I!” – Tiana 

9. “Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart. But you remember, Tiana, that old star can only take you part of the way. You got to help him with some hard work of your own, and then, yeah. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just promise your daddy one thing, that you’ll never, ever lose sight of what is really important, okay?” – James

10. “She’s just speaking out of broken heart. That’s all it is. Come on, Evangeline. We gonna show sug’ the truth!” – Ray

11. “There’s no way I’m kissing a frog and eating a bug in the same day.” – Tiana 

12. “The only thing important is what’s under the skin.” – Mama Odie

13. “You ain’t got the sense you was born with! Y’all want to be human, but you’re blind to what you need!” – Mama Odie

14. “What you give is what you get.” – Tiana 

15. “Dreams do come true in New Orleans.” – Tiana 

16. “Not bad for a 197-year-old blind lady.” – Mama Odie

17. “There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now.” – Tiana

18. “A bug gotta do what a bug gotta do!” – Ray

19. “Think of everything you sacrificed. Think of all those people who doubted you, and don’t forget your poor daddy. Now, that was one hard-working man. Double, sometimes, triple shifts. Never let know how bone-tired beat he really was. Shame all that hard work didn’t amount much more than a busted-up, old gumbo pot and a dream that never get off the back porch, but you, you can give.” – Dr. Facilier

20. “On you, little man, I don’t wanna waste much time. You’ve been pushed around all your life. You’ve been pushed around by your mother and your sister and your brother, and when you’re married, you’d be pushed around by your wife! But in your future, that now I see is exactly the man you always wanted to be!” – Dr. Facilier 

21. “This is just a minor setback in a major operation! Soon, as I whip up another spell, we’ll be back in business! I still got that froggy prince locked away! I just need a little more time!” – Dr. Facilier

22. “Travis, when a woman says later, she really means not ever. Now, run along. There are plenty of fillies dying for you to waltz them into a stupor. Gimme those napkins, quick.” – Charlotte La Bouff

23. “Don’t make me light my butt!” – Ray

24. “Actually, we are from a place far, far away from this world.” – Prince Naveen

25. “Excuse me, but your accent, it is funny.” – Prince Naveen

26. “When you hear that music playing, hear what I’m saying, it make you feel all right.” – Tiana

27. “All my life, I read about true love and fairytales, and Tia, you found it! I’ll kiss him! For you, honey! No marriage required.” – Charlotte La Bouff

28. “Grab somebody, come on down! Bring your paintbrush. We’re painting the town! There’s some sweetness going around.” – Tiana

29. “I’ve got friends on the other side.” – Dr. Facilier

30. “All women enjoy the kiss of Prince Naveen. Come, we pucker. That’s new.” – Prince Naveen

31. “I’m not sure I want to be a prince anymore ’cause then, we would have to go our separate ways. I don’t want that. I want to stay close to you no matter what because I love you.” – Prince Naveen

32. “My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.” – Tiana

33. “I suppose that you want a kiss.” – Tiana

34. “You are secretly funny.” – Prince Naveen

35. “I love you, Naveen.” – Tiana

36. Prince Naveen: “You must kiss me.”

Tiana: “Excuse me?”

37. “I would do it. I would kiss a frog. I would kiss a hundred frogs if I could marry a prince and be a princess.” – Charlotte La Bouff

38. “It’s the only way to get you your dream!” – Prince Naveen

39. Tiana: “Just one kiss?”

Prince Naveen: “Yes, unless you beg for more.”

40. “If I can mince, you can dance.” – Prince Naveen

41. “I swear I’m sweating like a sinner in church.” – Charlotte La Bouff

42. “First rule of the Bayou: never take directions from a gator.” – Ray

43. Mama Odie: “Good to see you again, Ray. How’s your grandmama?”

Ray: “Oh, she fine. Although she got into a little trouble for flashing the neighbors again.”

44. Tiana: “Stella just talked to me. A dog just spoke to me!”

Prince Naveen: “You know, if you are going to let every little thing bother you, it is going to be a very long night!”

45. “Lawrence! Glad to see you’re finally getting into the music. Do you get my joke? Because your head is, it’s in the tuba.” – Prince Naveen

46. “Women like a man with a big back porch!” – Ray

47. “Just follow the bouncing butts!” – Ray

48. “Juju! Why didn’t you tell me my gumbo was burning? I have to do everything around here!” – Mama Odie

49. “I’m a Cajun, bro. Born and bred in the Bayou! Y’all not from ’round here, are you?” – Ray

50. Louis: “You okay, little buddy?”

Ray: “Oh, I’m fine, but your breath done killed me to death!”

51. “Why? The Bayou’s the best jazz school in the world.” – Louis

52. “You just keep your eyes at one of the biggest, gaudiest floats with a Mardi Gras princess about to kiss herself a frog.” – Tiana

53. “You sure this is the right blind voodoo lady who lives in the boat in the tree in the Bayou?” – Louis

54. “One more time! It don’t matter what you look like. It don’t. Nobody going to sing with Ray, okay.” – Ray

55. “Evangeline is nothing but a star, Ray! A big ball of hot air, a million miles from here. Open your eyes now before you get hurt.” – Tiana

56. “Oh, I just wanted to show you a little something to celebrate our last night together as frogs.” – Prince Naveen

57. Tiana: “Charlotte’s fairytale book said if you make a wish on the evening star, it’s sure to come true.”

Eudora: “Hmm, won’t you wish on that star, sweetheart?”

58. “Hey, cousin Randy! You ready for a little Bayou Zydeco?” – Ray

59. “All right, now, princess, you’re getting that dress, but that’s it. No more Mr. Pushover! Now, who wants a puppy?” – Eli La Bouff

60. Tiana: “Our food!”

James: “That’s right, baby. Our food.”

61. “Oh, Evangeline. Why can’t I just look Tiana in the eye and say, ‘I will do whatever it takes to make all your dreams come true because, because I love you.’?” – Prince Naveen

62. “You have had quite an influence on me, which is amazing because I have dated thousands of women and, no, like two, three, just other women! And anyway, you could not be more different! You know, you are, you are practically, heh, one of the guys!” – Prince Naveen

63. “You girls, stop tormenting that poor little kitty! Poor little thing.” – Eudora

64. “Just look at it, mama! Don’t it just make you wanna cry?” – Tiana

65. “Beignets? Got me a fresh batch just waiting for you.” – Tiana

66. “Well, if Captain say nothing, I ain’t gonna say nothing because old Ray sealed up tight as a drum, you ain’t got nothing out of me, no!” – Ray

67. “Louis would give anything to play jazz with the big boys.” – Louis

68. “Aah! Pricker bushes got me! Gator down! Gator down! I can feel the darkness closing in! So cold!” – Louis

69. “You do not know how to have fun. There. Somebody had to say it.” – Prince Naveen

70. “Don’t you disrespect me, little man! Don’t you derogate or deride! You’re in my world now, not your world.” – Dr. Facilier

71. “Y’all should have taken my deal. Now, you’re gonna spend the rest of your life being a slimy little frog!” – Dr. Facilier

72. “But, Miss Charlotte, you said later two hours ago.” – Travis

73. “Come on, boys, won’t you shake a poor sinner’s hand?” – Dr. Facilier

74. “Kissing would be nice.” – Prince Naveen

75. “Louis, Ray here says you’ve been taking us in the wrong direction.” – Tiana

76. “Got to hand it to you, Tiana. When you dream, you dream big. Just look at this place! Going to be the crown jewel of the Crescent City, and all you got to do, to make this reality is hand over that little talisman of mine.” – Dr. Facilier

77. “I was, listen, I was confused by the topography and the geography and choreography.” – Louis

78. “Who would have thought a prince had a younger brother? How old did you say you were?” – Charlotte La Bouff

79. “Thank you, Evangeline. He was trying to propose. That’s what all that fumbling was about. and here I thought, all he wanted was to marry a rich girl.” – Tiana

80. “Hush up and look at the gumbo!” – Mama Odie

81. “Voodoo? You mean to tell me all this happened because you were messing with the Shadow Man?” – Tiana

82. “Ah, Senator Johnson! Hey, Jimmy. I hope you’re leaving some of them beignets for your constituents.” – Eli La Bouff

83. Lawrence: “Sire! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

Prince Naveen: “Oh, what a coincidence, Lawrence! I’ve been avoiding you everywhere!”

84. “In the South Land, there’s a city way down on the river where the women are very pretty, and all the men deliver. They got music. It’s always playing.” – Tiana

85. “How degrading! I’ve never been so humiliated!” – Lawrence

86. “Were I a betting man and I’m not, I stay away from games of chance. I’d wager I’m in the company of visiting royalty!” – Dr. Facilier

87. “A waitress? Well, no wonder the kiss did not work! You lied to me!” – Prince Naveen

88. “Oh, oh yes, oh yes? Well, the egg is on your face, alright, because I do not have any riches!” – Prince Naveen

89. “Goodness gracious! This is so much to absorb. Let me see if I got this right. If I kiss you before midnight, you and Tiana will turn human again, and then, we going to get ourselves married and live happily ever after! The end!” – Charlotte La Bouff


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