How to build a retaining wall?

A retaining wall is a helpful structure not only on hillside properties. In the case of heavily terraced terrain, the retaining wall protects the ground from slipping. It is used to secure a dam and at the same time to enlarge the usable (flat) area of ​​the property! But the retaining wall can also be a design element with high utility value in the average garden. If the retaining wall is erected, for example, as a border for the raised bed, the stone also stores solar heat, which further accelerates the growth in the bed. Even in the sunken garden, the retaining wall enables efficient use of the lower-lying beds. In this article, we read about How to build a retaining wall?

Build a retaining wall

In addition to natural stone, you will also find many modular systems made of concrete blocks for building a retaining wall in stores. This makes the garden wall construction even more accessible. The manufacturers have added all sorts of smartly shaped stones to their ranges that defuse classic problem areas (such as corners, arches, or covers). The two concrete stone retaining walls in our example create a flower bed on two levels. The construction straight forward because the precisely shaped concrete blocks are held without mortar. The instructions above show step by step how to build the retaining wall yourself.

A particular case of the retaining wall is the dry stone wall: Originally, the dry stone wall consisted of large-format stone blocks stacked on top of one another without mortar. Only the force of gravity (and the friction resistance between the stones) give the drywall a hold. Over time, the initially open joints fill with earth, water plants grow in them. Or insects and tiny organisms use the apertures in the warm wall as shelter. So that a retaining wall made of natural stone cannot tip over. The dry stone wall usually piled up with a slight incline inwards. (Towards the ground) instead of perpendicular.

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