How to get rid of a cold?

How to get rid of a cold

1. Inhale water vapor to prevent colds

The most annoying thing about having a cold is the feeling that never really gets clear. Inhaling a cold can change that because the hot steam liquefies the nasal secretions. Mountain pine oil is particularly recommended for inhaling a cold. In this article, we read about How to get rid of a cold?

Here’s how it works: Pour freshly boiled water into a bowl or saucepan. When it stops burning but is still steaming, add the oil, cover the head and bowl with a fresh towel, and inhale for ten minutes.

2. Inhalation against runny nose with breast ointments and herbal drops

You can rub lotions or gels with menthol or eucalyptus on your chest. The contained essential oils rise, are inhaled, and clear the nose. The same applies if you drip drops with medicinal herbs on the hand or at a tempo. In addition, inhaling essential oils with a cold is very beneficial due to their pleasantly cooling effect.

This is how it works: Rub the ointment on your chest or put the drops on your finger or at speed and hold it under your nose. If you do this before bed, the essential oils can do their job well overnight.

3. Get rid of a cold with cold baths

The principle here is the same as when inhaling a cold. The steam clears your nose, but at the same time, the bathwater warms your body. This will allow you to sleep better afterward and relax in the process.

Here’s how it works: Relax for twenty minutes in warm water with some Epsom salts or essential oils in it.

4. Warm compresses against runny nose

Immunobiologists have found that heat inhibits the spread of the common cold virus. As with a hot bath to get rid of a cold, warm compresses can adequately heat the bacilli and sweat out the virus.

Here’s how it works: moisten a cotton cloth, wrap it around your neck and place a towel over it. Your body heat then automatically ensures the appropriate temperature of the wrap. (Warning, if you have a fever, the opposite applies: cold calf compresses!)

5. Fight colds with garlic

Indeed not the closest anti-cold therapy, but a little distance is advisable anyway for a cold. The sulfur compounds contained in the excellent tuber fight the cold viruses.

Here’s how it works: The brave can chew a peeled toe. Alternatively, you can mash it, stir it into a hot lemon and drink it in small sips three times a day.

6. Get rid of a cold with the ginger home remedy

Ginger prevents cold viruses from entering body cells. In addition, the ginger root contains expectorant and pungent expectorant substances to get rid of a cold. This helps to clear the upper airway again. Accordingly, spicy food is generally reasonable.

This is how it works: Cut the ginger into small pieces and pour 200 to 250 milliliters of cold water over a tablespoon, bring to the boil with the cover closed and simmer for 15-20 minutes over low heat. Drink three cups of hot-sifted ginger tea a day.

7. Get rid of a cold with chicken soup

The classic for colds, and there is a reason for that. Chicken soup contains a lot of zinc, as well as proteins that promote the utilization of zinc. Current studies attribute zinc as a home remedy for colds to be more effective than vitamin C. Zinc inhibits the spread of viruses and stimulates essential areas of the immune system. In addition, the protein component cysteine ​​promotes the swelling of inflamed mucous membranes

This is how it works: It is essential to put the chicken in cold water and only heat the brew slowly. Little vegetables like leek and carrots give your organism an extra vitamin kick!

8. Drink plenty to get rid of a cold

If you have a cold, it is essential to drink plenty of fluids. This flushes the pathogens out of the body. In addition, warm drinks and any heat supply for the body are good against cold viruses.

Here’s how it works: Mix hot water with a good dash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey and you have a traditional home remedy for a cold. Hot apple and currant juice is said to help with a runny nose.

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