1. “Everything I did got me to where I am today.”

2. “Don’t put me in one box.”

3. “I’m glad my success didn’t come sooner because I learned something each step of the way.”

4. “I spoke everything into existence, and I did it all with dignity.”

5. “I came up on my own. I don’t have to depend on a man. There’s so much power in that.”

6. “This is why I am who I am today. I am wise, I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve learned a lot.”

7. “Powerful, it feels powerful. It feels like I have a voice. I feel fearless.”

8. “What I learned now is just not listening to everybody. Listening to me. Do things how I wanna do it. It’s my artistry.”

9. “I mean it! But, I’m still a woman at the same time. For crying out loud, I’m still a woman!”

10. “I’m a natural vibe. I’m natural.”

11. “Make sure that you keep your morals and dignity in this game. Respect goes a long way.”

12. “Everyone gave me what I want, so I’m good. That’s all a girl wants. Give me what I want.”

13. “I knew what I was going to do. I know what I’m going to do now. It’s just a process of getting to that position.”

14. “I think God puts you through certain things so you can get to the next level.”

15. “I think people got the wrong idea of me. They think I’m so hardcore, arrogant, and full of myself, but I’m still a woman. I’m glad that shows that side.”

16. “I’m always feeling myself. When I get my flow going, it’s no stopping. I heard the beat and I automatically go.”

17. “I’ll do what I want but I don’t have to give you that. Stripping helped a lot because that’s what I was doing there. You know your worth. Period.”

18. “I’m ready for people to hear me sing. You see my softer side.”

19. “I represent Detroit, period. I feel like overall, I represent women in Detroit.” 

20. “We’re all hustlers, we all like getting money, we all like looking good, we’re always high maintenance, and we love being fly.”

21. “It’s various layers of who I am as a person. What I’ve been through and what I’ve overcome. There are so many layers to the flows, the songs, and the vibes.”

22. “Yes. Help the family. Making sure my sisters and brothers were good. Making sure their hair was done, they had uniforms, stuff like that. I also took care of myself. I like to be fly.”

23. “Being from one of the worst areas in Detroit, I want young girls to know that they can succeed just as I have. I believe showing them—rather than just talking about it or telling them—has more of a lasting effect.”

24. “I really want people to know and understand that I walked out on faith and made it happen.”

25. “I feel like it’s dope. We need that. There are so many men. Why can’t it be the same for women?”

26. “It’s an amazing time. It’s an amazing time in the world to be a Black woman of color.”

27. “I don’t ever feel overwhelmed, they don’t bother me. I feel like we’re in our own lane. They over there, I’m over here, she in the middle, she over there, we’re in our own lane, and I feel like everybody is different.”

28. “I want people to remember me as being a beautiful, Black girl from Detroit, Michigan that grinded her way to the top.”

29. “Everybody has their own way of preparing for a scene or everybody has their own way of switching emotions. And just watching how they do it, I feel like I have people on the set that I was learning from that’s making me better for the next time if I did another show.”

30. “I learned that when I talk in my music, I don’t talk to one person. I’m talking to an audience.”

31. “It’s fire. It’s time. It’s everything that’s supposed to be happening, that’s what it is.”

32. “I’m working on my music. It’s on. I got fire coming. That’s all you gotta say right there. Fire is coming.”

33. “I can put out music without worrying about anything.”

34. “I want people to understand that I’m a rapper. I am a lyricist and I want people to listen to what I’m actually saying. I want them to understand my versatility and that I’m an overall dope artist.”

35. “Releasing my very own body of work lets people know exactly what time it is.”

36. “I would have to say the release of my debut album is my life-changing moment.”

37. “With rap, you’re chasing. You’re always running behind something, trying to chase something and it’s ongoing.”

38. “My evolution in rap is organic. I was walking by faith, I connected with the people, and it was all up from there.”

39. “I really have self-motivation. I was blessed with that. I have always been like that since I was a little girl. I always knew that I’d be doing this.”

40. “I wanted to express that in a record that you can be single and happy. You don’t have to be single and bored, or single and desperate.”

41. “Before, I was a tomboy. Now, I’m a very confident woman. Dancing gave me the confidence to be sexy and tasteful.”

42. “I know how to curve people the right way. I’m a woman. I have morals. I don’t have to sleep with anyone to do nothing I don’t want to do.”

43. “I wanted to be Kash Doll but I needed the confidence.”

44. “Because people in relationships aren’t happy. Some people in relationships are not happy, then you got people in relationships that are happy, so we wanted to express that in the record.”

45. “I don’t really be smoking and drinking like that. If I do drink, I drink some champagne. That gets me going, a little hookah.”

46. “If it ain’t got nothing to do with me, I don’t pay attention to it.”

47. “I can’t believe it. I feel like I’m living a dream.”

48. “I feel free and happy. I can finally be me. I can be an artist again.”

49. “I didn’t blow up overnight. They’ve watched me grind and have seen every step in the process. But most importantly, they’ve witnessed that anything is possible.”

50. “I’m excited for everything, I’m not going to lie. I’m not most excited for that, I’m excited for everything coming because I got so much stuff.”

51. “‘Stacked’ is my body of work that has solidified my place in the industry.”

52. “ is such an amazingly passionate human being. He’s a sweetheart and I learned a lot by working alongside him and being in his presence.”

53. “I have a very solid fan base and I love the f*ck out of them. I love them because, regardless of what happens, they never leave my side. For them, Kash Doll is it, and I love that sh*t.”

54. “This evening was amazing, man! To be able to let everybody hear it and to perform it, see everybody else react to it. It worked out for the best.”

55. “I was just taking in what they were doing. I was learning.”

56. “I just got so popular to the point that I was on flyers every week and I didn’t dance on the floor like the regular dancers. I was like the highest-paid dancer in Michigan. And it’s been that way for a long time and nobody really did it again.”

57. “I workout. I’ll walk 30 minutes on a treadmill with heels on. And, super important, I always make sure I get my rest.”

58. “All I drink is water. I eat healthy. I use makeup cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliate.”

59. “Kash Doll feels the most beautiful when she’s beat, baby. When my eyelashes and baby hairs are popping, skin is glowing, I have on a really cute, fly outfit, all my jewelry is dancing in the sun after I clean, my high heels are on, and I’m wearing one of my exclusive purses.”

60. “You will never be successful if you never took a loss.”

61. “Never be afraid to get your own and be your boss.”

62. “When I first started, nobody would call. And now, everybody out here checking for the Doll.”

63. “See, I got no competition If I’m playing, I’m winning.”

64. “I’m your fairy boss mother.”

65. “Keep it 100 with your crew, don’t never sh*t on your day ones.”

66. “If it’s up, then it’s stuck, ain’t no off switch.”

67. “So I learned to put my faith in God and my f*ck*ng bank card.”

68. “Always been a boss, I ain’t never needed a man.”

69. “When I see a hater, see you later!”

70. “Look, I ain’t losing you. Sh*t, you losing me.”

71. “Don’t let him drive you crazy if that m*th*rf*ck*r walking. And you know that he ain’t got it if he doing too much talking.”

72. “Show these n*gg*s how the real f*ck*n’ bosses do. I’m a winner, but I still take a loss with you.”

73. “And I never tell a chick about the pipe I get ‘cause if she ever disrespects, I have to fight that bitch.”

74. “You want me to take you serious? Gotta show me something Ain’t no used to fronting. This a million yous, tryna be the only one and I’m just here stunting.”

75. “No shopping sprees or expensive trips. You must’ve forget, who the f*ck I’m is. I just called in for your replacement.”

76. “I’mma pull up in the Porsche. Me and money married, no divorce.”

77. “Come and sign on this million-dollar deal with me ‘cause you good with me if I’m good with you.”

78. “I know you couldn’t have thought that sh*t was that easy. I know you didn’t think he’d wife you being that sleazy, huh?”

79. “I played my ex n*gg* like a Gameboy and I ain’t gotta say the name of that lame boy.”


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