1. “Toxic mothers always remain the strangest, craziest people we’ve ever met.” – Marguerite Duras

2. “Toxic mothers plant seeds of guilt, low self-esteem, and low self-worth into their daughters which further manifests when those daughters get into their own relationships making them extremely needy or even toxic just like their own moms.” – Anonymous

3. “Most toxic mothers are not necessarily bad mothers. It’s just that their toxic behaviour blinds them of the reality and effects their toxic behaviour has on their children.” – Samuel Zulu

4. “If all toxic moms understood the difference between healthy motherly love and toxic destructive love, they wouldn’t be toxic in the first place.” – Samuel Zulu

5. “Toxic mothers are toxic because of deep underlying issues in their lives such as a rough childhood, physical and emotional abuse which occurred in their early childhood.” – Samuel Zulu

6. “Narcissist mothers teach their daughters that love is not unconditional, that it is given only when they behave by maternal expectations and whims.” – Dr. McBride

7. “For toxic mothers out there, just know that your toxic and abusive behaviour will one day backfire when the children you are mistreating grow up and become adults.” – Samuel Zulu

8. “Toxic mothers are some of the most insecure people in this world which is why they demand constant attention for themselves to feel secure and find solace.” – Samuel Zulu

9. “Your mother may be toxic or verbally and emotionally abusive towards you but you need to still love, honour, and thank her for the gift of life she gave you not because she deserves your love but because you love, value yourself, and know that your self-worth and value isn’t dependent on anyone, including your allegedly toxic mom.” – Anonymous

10. “Daughters often get their toxic behaviour from their toxic mothers which they later import into their own relationships in future.” – Anonymous

11. “Toxic mothers become defensive when you confront them about their toxic behaviour as a way of avoiding shame and embarrassment in front of their children.” – Samuel Zulu

12. “Sometimes, loving your toxic mom and sending her sweet love letters reminding her that you will always be her dear child and always love her no matter what from a distance can be the best revenge to help your toxic mom come to her senses.” – Anonymous

13. “All toxic mothers are more dangerous than absent fathers due to their contagious toxic energy which poisons your soul.” – Anonymous

14. “I will take everything negative about my mother and flip it in my life. I will create a welcoming and warm home life. I will express love and encourage others daily; I will extend myself to those in need and I will remember a life well-lived is the best revenge.” – Rayne Wolfe

15. “Healthy moms are a delight to their children but toxic moms are a source of grief to their own children.” – Samuel Zulu

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16. “My toxic mother can only intimidate me if I let her. While she’s busy trying to bully the child I, the adult I can reject her, ignore her or report her to authorities.” – Rayne Wolf

17. “Toxic mothers need not be toxic to their own children if they want their children to revenge in the future when they become adults.” – Samuel Zulu

18. “You don’t have to feel guilty if you have to distance yourself for a while from your toxic mom if she becomes too toxic to be around her in peace without causing any drama.” – Anonymous

19. “Boys and girls of narcissistic mothers both have to deal with a deficit of maternal nurturing that their upbringing lacked.” – Mark Banschick

20. “If only you could take away your toxic behaviour which is sabotaging our relationship, you would be my best and favourite mom in the world.” – Samuel Zulu

21. “Very often, toxic moms will abandon their own children and find meaningless excuses to justify their deeds as to why they are not able to be there for their children.” – Anonymous

22. “Sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of unconditional love and kindness on your part to eradicate all the toxic behaviour your toxic mother has.” – Samuel Zulu

23. “Toxic mothers have this type of toxic manipulative love which is controlling and possessive in nature and never allows you to be yourself or express your true individuality.” – Anonymous

24. “Just as an apple can’t fall far from its parent tree, toxic love and drama are always close by where toxic moms are around.” – Samuel Zulu

25. “If toxic mothers clearly understood how their actions affect their children’s growth negatively, they wouldn’t be toxic in the first place.” – Samuel Zulu

26. “Sadly, most toxic mothers don’t even know that the unhealthy behaviour they display to their children is toxic in the first place.” – Samuel Zulu

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27. “To influence your toxic mother positively and to bring some sense into her, always respond to her with godly love, compassion, and understanding which surpasses all human understanding and avoid bitter confrontations with her.” – Samuel Zulu

28. “You can’t change your stubborn toxic mom but you can always influence her with your positive energy, unconditional love, compassion, and understanding at a distance if needed.” – Anonymous

29. “Never hate your toxic mother. Only hate her toxic behaviour.” – Samuel Zulu

30. “Toxic moms are immature emotionally which is why they behave the way they do. So, don’t mind their toxic behaviour and concentrate on living your best life and don’t let their drama affect the quality of your livelihood.” – Anonymous

31. “Unconditional love is the best weapon you can ever have in your arsenal to defeat the toxic behavior and resentment your toxic mother has against you for no apparent reason.” – Anonymous

32. “You may use the no contact rule to get some space from your toxic mom for a while but don’t cut her off completely out of your life as she is still your biological mom who endured for nine months carrying you in her womb different from your friends whom you can just throw by the wayside if they become toxic.” – Samuel Zulu

33. “Your kindness and unconditional love can change your toxic mother if you stop trying to change her which is her responsibility and not yours.” – Samuel Zulu

34. “You can’t blame your mother for being toxic. All you can do is to help her understand that you are still her precious biological child and will love her no matter what by your Godly character and positivity.” – Samuel Zulu

35. “It’s not your fault that your mom is toxic as it isn’t your job to raise your mom because she is already an adult responsible for her own life choices just as you are responsible for your own.” – Anonymous

36. “Sometimes, unconditional love from you which you were never given by your abusive and toxic mom is all that your toxic mom may need to help her realize where she came up short.” – Anonymous

37. “I will give my toxic mother one thing she never gave me—the truth.” – Rayne Wolfe

38. “Love your toxic mother unconditionally with all your heart and give her the respect she deserves as your mother but don’t let her drama affect your happiness.” – Samuel Zulu

39. “Unconditional love is the best gift you can give your toxic mother which will make her come to her senses someday if you put her in prayers and not give up on her.” – Samuel Zulu

40. “Toxic moms are self-absorbed parents which is why they are controlling and possessive in the first place to their children.” – Samuel Zulu

41. “Victimization is a common tactic toxic mothers use to victimize their children to make them submissive to their controlling tyrannical rule.” – Samuel Zulu

42. “What all toxic and abusive moms don’t understand is that there is a big difference between love and possessiveness. If they did, they wouldn’t be controlling, manipulative and abusive towards their children in any form.” – Anonymous

43. “If a toxic mom claims to love you, kindly remind her that there is a big difference between real love and abuse or control disguised as love and that real love doesn’t hurt nor is it abusive.” – Anonymous

44. “With toxic mothers, it’s all about control and manipulation.” – Anonymous

45. “Toxic and narcissistic mothers are never appreciated by their own children and constantly compare their children to their neighbours.” – Samuel Zulu

46. “Toxic mothers will often play favorites with their children in that they will love other children more than you if you don’t conform to their wishes.” – Anonymous

47. “Toxic mothers don’t understand the importance of motherly love for their children which is why they can emotionally abuse their children without having second thoughts about the effect their toxic abusive behaviour has on the welfare of their children.” – Samuel Zulu

48. “Being surrounded by toxic mothers can be the loneliest moments in your life as a child due to a lack of connection and bonding between mother and child.” – Anonymous

49. “When it comes to toxic mothers, you are always wrong and they are always right.” – Samuel Zulu

50. “Divide and conquer is a common tactic toxic moms use to destroy their own family bonds and relationships especially those between them and their own children.” – Anonymous

51. “Just as a bad or corrupt tree that can’t produce good fruits, you can’t expect to be loved, valued and cherished by toxic mothers corrupted by their own toxicity from within.” – Anonymous

52. “All toxic mothers are energy vampires in the making who will bleed you dry if you let their toxic behavior go unchecked which is sad indeed.” – Anonymous

53. “Toxic moms pollute and contaminate everything good around them. So be careful when you are in their presence so that you don’t get contaminated as well.” – Anonymous

54. “Unhealthy and toxic moms discourage their children from fully expressing their unique selves which is why most daughters raised by toxic moms have low self-esteem and self-worth.” – Samuel Zulu

55. “The influence all toxic and emotionally abusive mothers have on their children is negative which just tarnishes the image their children will have about them in future when they grow up into adults and start living on their own.” – Anonymous

56. “There are no shortages of drama in the house if toxic mothers are present.” – Anonymous

57. “The difference between a healthy and toxic mother is that the former allows her children to freely express themselves without judgement while the latter won’t allow her children to freely express themselves without being judged harshly.” – Samuel Zulu

58. “When I was with my mother, I sometimes thought of myself as a trophy, something to be flaunted before friends. When out of public view, I sat on the shelf ignored and forgotten.” – Joan Frances

59. “Just good mothers produce good and strong daughters with high self-esteem and self-worth, toxic and abusive moms produce toxic daughters with low self-image, worth, self-esteem and drama which they later import into their own future relationships.” – Anonymous

60. “Toxic mothers are image-oriented rather than love-oriented.” – Sherrie Campbell

61. “The adult son who still lives under the influence of a controlling mother will continue to show a strong emotional restraint which in many cases can lead to different psychological disorders.” – Anonymous

62. “A controlling mother always creates insecure attachment. In a relationship where the male child has not been validated emotionally, very often, he can show aggressive or hostile behavior.” – Anonymous

63. “He disguises the pain and reacts in the only way men are allowed. Thus, in a world where man is still being equated with the ideas of freedom or independence, it is not easy to accept the onerous demands of a controlling, narcissistic and manipulative mother.” – Anonymous

64. “I will participate in a mother-daughter relationship only if it’s positive.” – Rayne Wolfe

65. “Toxic and abusive moms are indifferent to your feelings and have no regard for your feelings at all even though you are a son or daughter to them.” – Anonymous

66. “With toxic mothers, come toxic daughters who later become toxic wives to their future husbands due to the toxic behaviour they inherited from their own toxic moms.” – Samuel Zulu

67. “Even if your toxic mother neglects and forsakes you, don’t despair as you have a perfect father in heaven who can’t leave nor forsake you.” – Samuel Zulu

68. “Don’t hate your toxic mother. Yes, she may be toxic but she is still the only mom on this earth who had the right genes to have you. So respect your mother, toxic or not, which will attract blessings in your life.” – Samuel Zulu

69. “A toxic mother talks but never listens, and she gives advice but never takes any.” – Sherrie Campbell


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