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1. “Music is the strongest form of magic.”

2. “People only hate what they see in themselves.”

3. “I never said to be like me. I say be yourself and make a difference.”

4. “I think people have to take responsibility for their own actions.”

5. “Sometimes, I wonder if I’m a character being written, or if I’m writing myself.”

6. “Times have not become more violent. They have just become more televised.”

7. “I’ve always believed that a person is smart. It’s people that are stupid.”

8. “When you’re taught to love everyone, to love your enemies, then what value does that place on love?” 

9. “Most of the world’s problems could be avoided if people just said what they fucking meant.”

10. “If you want to find out who your real friends are, sink the ship. The first ones to jump aren’t your friends.”

11. “When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.”

12. “Rumors, stories, I’m used to them. I got my ribs removed, I was on ‘The Wonder Years.’ You know there’s a different story every day.”

13. “That’s the key. You make your body a place where germs don’t wanna live.”

14. “We live in a society of victimization, where people are much more comfortable being victimized than actually standing up for themselves.”

15. “I’ve never been or never will be a Satan Worshipper, or someone who worships the Devil.”

16. “The most genius ideas are in the minds of children and lunatics. I describe myself as somewhere in between.” 

17. “Find what you are afraid of, face it, and then you won’t be afraid of it anymore.”

18. “Most of the time, I wasn’t interested in inflicting pain on myself and others unless it was in a way that would make people think about the way they act, the society they live in or the things they take for granted.”

19. “The difference between me as Brian Warner or Marilyn Manson is just words. Same personality, sensibility, sense of humor, behavior. He is me.”

20. “I’m not against god, I’m against the misuse of god.”

21. “Good and evil go hand in hand, you can’t separate them.”

22. “I believe that you are not stuck with a pre-destiny. I believe that there are ways to see all these things that are laid down in front of you and where you belong and to smack yourself in the face when you realize that you’ve strayed off your path and get back to where your path is.”

23. “People tend to associate anyone who looks and behaves differently with illegal or immoral activity.”

24. “What doesn’t kill you is gonna leave a scar.”

25. “The fact that nobody liked me at school began to fade out of my mind like blue marker reminders scrawled on the back of a greasy fist.”

26. “Is adult entertainment killing our children? or is killing our children entertaining our adults?”

27. “Thinking for yourself, that’s scarier than any devil image.”

28. “Man’s greatest fear is chaos.”

29. “I can’t turn off the way I think, and that’s essentially who I am, who anybody is.”

30. “All the seven deadly sins are man’s true nature. To be greedy. To be hateful. To have lust. Of course, you have to control them, but if you’re made to feel guilty for being human, then you’re going to be trapped in a never-ending sin-and-repent cycle that you can’t escape from.”

31. “There’s no reason to change what you are, but if you’re not being you, then you need to acknowledge that.” 

32. “You’re beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you different.”

33. “Sacrifice to me is something you do without expecting something in return.”

34. “Enjoy your faults, that’s what separates you from the rest of the world.”

35. “When people say ‘I want to be like you,’ I tell them if you want to be like me, then be yourself.”

36. “I think every man and woman is a star. It’s just a matter of realizing and becoming it. It’s all a matter of willpower. The world is just how you see it. If you want to have other people tell you how to see it, then you can. But if you want to look at it differently, then it’s limitless what you can do. That’s why I don’t feel the need to be one person. I can be as many people as I like.”

37. “They’ll see it. And it doesn’t matter if they don’t. It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll. But I do intend to move more into the Mainstream. Marilyn Manson is just the first phase.”

38. “The imagination is precious. Don’t lose it. Don’t lose the child in you.”

39. “Don’t ever empty the bucket of mystery. Never let people define what you do. It’s not about zigging when you should zag. It’s not about doing something unprecedented and unpredictable. It’s just about never being a word or something that is not in the process of transformation.”

40. “You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way.”

41. “When someone was willing to drown with me, I really didn’t want to drown anymore.”

42. “I can’t go to sleep at night if I didn’t accomplish at least something. That’s the one thing that keeps me up.”

43. “Everybody feels like a misfit at different points in their life. If you feel like who you are is right for you, then you are beautiful.”

44. “It’s always about being yourself and not being ashamed of being different or thinking different.”

45. “But what’s real? You can’t find the truth. You just pick the lie you like best. As long as you know that everything’s a lie, you can’t hurt yourself.”

46. “If you act like a rock star, you will be treated like one.”

47. “I’ve said a million times that if more stupid people killed themselves over stupid songs, there would be less stupid people in the world.”

48. “The first time I performed musically, I threw up.”

49. “I can’t satisfy myself with just trying to tie all of my imagination into music, especially when music is not appreciated as an art form as much as it used to be.” 

50. “I’m a confession that is waiting to be heard.”

51. “If you intend to create something that people will observe and listen to, you’ve got to listen to them first.”

52. “The whole concept of this band is to present the ugly truth about society warts and all, and let the chips fall where they may.”

53. “People hate to describe their music. What we have come to call it is, ‘beat up your mom’ music. As far as describing what it sounds like, I guess you’d have to listen.”

54. “In music, you feel a connection to the voice and think about the person behind it. In art that’s secondary.”

55. “If someone listens to our music, and it makes them creative, that makes me happier than anything.”

56. “My feelings are, if you’re gonna lead a rock n’ roll lifestyle, don’t let it affect your work. I know I can stay up all night and still come in the next day and write a song, and nothing will stop me from doing it. I expect the same from everyone else.”

57. “We were totally high and we had quiet riot play at our after-show party at the Dragonfly. I think we reunited them, just like we did W.A.S.P. We take sole responsibility for the return of retro heavy metal, and I’m ashamed.”

58. “What I’m doing is keeping the spirit of Rock ‘N Roll alive. Rock ‘n roll is supposed to be fast and loud and it’s supposed to piss off the older generation.”

59. “Videos have to go hand in hand with your music, so that’s why, ultimately, they should be created by the artist. And if they’re not, it doesn’t really add up to me.”

60. “There’s just no great rock albums anymore. There’s a lot of rock music out there, but it’s very bland and disposable.”

61. “Art is a big question mark.”

62. “Art should never be an answer but a question.”

63. “These people are artists. These people are musicians. They’re taking it out and trying to express it that way.”

64. “Art to me is a question mark.”

65. “Art gives people a reason to be alive.”

66. “This is the golden age of grotesque.”

67. “Art gives me the freedom I don’t have when I make music.”

68. “Anybody who does not evolve can become a self-parody. I have to evolve on a daily basis just to keep my own interest in what I do.”

69. “My art is not limited to the songs I create but also to the reaction it creates. I like to sit back and look at the whole thing as if it’s a tornado that I’m controlling. It’s creating chaos. When you create chaos, ideas are turned upside down, and everybody looks at things in a different way.”

70. “I remember growing up, saying you’re an artist it sounds pretentious but now it’s one of the only dignified things that you can call yourself. ”

71. “Art is the free expression of the artist and they tried to stop us from expressing ourselves, our art.”

72. “I think art is the only thing that’s spiritual in the world. And I refuse to be forced to believe in other people’s interpretations of God. I don’t think anybody should be. No one person can own the copyright to what God means.”

73. “Paintings are seldom guilty and often framed for crimes they did not commit. Some cover holes—holes in walls, holes in lives. Some make holes—in wallets, holes in hearts in negative space.”

74. “Ultimately, because I’m an artist, I can’t ever consider myself a nihilist, so I suppose I’m optimistic.”

75. “I think it’s the pain and suffering that drive you to become an artist.”

76. “I dare you all to write one more thing that you won’t say to my face.”

77. “I think confidence is the most appealing quality in any human being or any artist; that’s what really attracts us to people.”

78. “My goal isn’t to make money, it’s to try and survive and make a point.”

79. “I’m someone who is open-minded to new experiences because they teach you new things.”

80. “If you lose who you are, what do you have?”

81. “A lot of people don’t want to make their own decisions. They’re too scared. It’s much easier to be told what to do.”

82. “If you’re gonna pretend to be something, then you have to at least live up to what it is.”

83. “Everything is acting.”

84. “Sometimes you feel awkward being what you’re best at, you feel like you have to be something new.”

85. “The hero is never the star of the story.”

86. “You can find inspiration for man’s behavior wherever you look.”

87. “When you’re in a relationship, if you just break it down to regular terms, people are attracted to something, and that’s what they want you to be, and that’s what you should just be, and for me, it’s very simple—if I meet a girl and I say, ‘This is what I like about you. Just continue. Every day.’”

88. “I care about the people I know and love the most, but I also care about what the people I don’t know think in the sense that I want them to think and understand me in a certain way. I don’t base my life around either one, and I don’t change the way I live to please either set of people, but I do care.”

89. “To admit you want to have a comeback means you have to admit you weren’t what you were supposed to be. You dropped below your own standard.”

90. “I decided to make music again at a time when I couldn’t have had more obstacles.”

91. “Everything I was afraid of when I was growing up, I’ve become. I’ve taken on my nightmares, like the devil and the end of the world, and I’ve become those things.”

92. “I don’t want to feel like I’ve matured. That’s a stupid word that I never want to use.”

93. “Part of me is afraid to get close to people because I’m afraid that they’re going to leave.”

94. “What I know is my music gets blamed for school shootings.”

95. “I think everybody’s got a presentation. Everybody looks a certain way because they want to convey a certain image. You look a certain way because you want people to listen to you in a certain way.”

96. “Marilyn Manson is a mockery of American pop culture.”

97. “The point is that life for me is not going to be the way it is for everyone else. I have a fog machine and movie lights in my bedroom.”

98. “I feel like I’ve dreamed half of my life that hasn’t happened yet, so a lot of times I’m going along, and I do stuff, and I know that I’ve done it. I have deja vus more than I have regular experiences. If half of your day is a deja vu, then you start to wonder, ‘What is real and what isn’t?’”

99. “As a kid, I just felt like an outsider.”

100. “I don’t encourage people to choose any sort of sexuality.”

101. “This is the culture you’re raising your kids in. Don’t be surprised if it blows up in your face.”

102. “I’m not a role model. I’m a role villain.”

103. “I’ve never treated anyone in my band like they’re not on the same level as me. I’m not that kind of person.”

104. “Are people raised to be villains or vilified like I have become?”

105. “I don’t think I have ever tried to create things to encourage people to hurt others, or themselves.”

106. “I don’t need to drive. I have no business driving. I would never be able to find my keys.”

107. “Yes, I’m reckless and sometimes express no concern for my own well being, and I express a misanthropic view of the world, but to have an opinion, you can’t be a nihilist.”

108. “ wasn’t even her real name, Charles Manson isn’t his real name, and now, I’m taking that to be my real name. But what’s real? You can’t find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best.”

109. “I like to make people think differently than they did before I walked in the room.”

110. “You might find me outside with a can of hairspray, spraying it with the hope that the sun will burn a hole in the Earth. Another part of me hopes people will grow up and evolve and get smarter. That’s the paradox of Marilyn Manson.”

111. “I went to one AA meeting and I got asked for an autograph.”

112. “I fall in love very easily.”

113. “I was married to someone who wanted me to change. Become more adult, more responsible. I began not to like myself, not like what I do. I lost my identity. Everything began collapsing around me.”

114. “In a society where you are taught to love everything, what value does that place on love?”

115. “Not only are love and hate such closely related emotions, but it’s a lot easier to hate someone you’ve cared about than someone you never have.”

116. “I don’t know which me that I love, got no reflection.”

117. “Marriage changes everything.”

118. “I fell in love with everything. I also hate everything. It’s very hard to be a misanthrope and a romantic.”

119. “I’ve found a woman I can relate to. That’s something—and I don’t even feel sappy saying that if anyone has that, don’t lose it, because it’s probably the only thing that you can ever really find any satisfaction from.”

120. “If you lose emotion, and you gain it back, you realize that hate and love are very important to distribute properly. So I’m not going to waste any kind of emotion on things that aren’t related to me.”

121. “I pity anybody who has to spend a day with me.”

122. “I’ve never written songs about relationships. I’ve written songs about how I feel. The songs are more about me, than another person. That’s the way I like to look at it.”

123. “The opposite of love is apathy, and hate is really the same as love—if you’re so consumed with hatred for someone, you might as well be loving them because you’re thinking about them for the same amount of time.”

124. “I am drawn to women who are independent and creative, which is problematic because it’s a struggle, a competition of careers. There’s jealousy.”

125. “Our relationship, however, soon went awry. Occasionally, something will happen that will change your opinion of someone irrevocably, that will shatter the ideal you’ve built up around a person and force you to see them for the fallible and human creature they really are.”

126. “It isn’t hard to find a person whom I could fall in love with, to give her romance. But it’s hard to find such a person who would understand your view on life, accept who you really are and would truly care for you.”

127. “You can’t force someone to see the truth, just like you can’t force a blind man to see.”

128. “If things are too perfect, people are always so afraid that it’s going to change, so they ruin it themselves.”

129. “Man is still at the learning stage, and mankind is so arrogant to think that he’s the highest form of evolution on earth. There’s so much of the brain that we still don’t use, and that’s all I ever try to do—go to the next level.”

130. “When you want to die, you at least have a goal. You’re aiming for something. It’s not a good goal, but at least you want something. And you’ve got anger and fear, but at least you’re feeling something.”

131. “Things have become devalued to the point where people don’t realize the repercussions, that they’re devaluing themselves. It could end up bringing about chaos, a lawless situation.”

132. “Fear is something I instill in other people, mostly young girls.”

133. “I wish that my life could be like the movies, like ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ or ‘The Hunger’ or ‘Harold and Maude.’ And it can be! It may just take somebody else who is as fearless as you. It takes a person who will not hesitate.”

134. “I wanna die young and sell my soul, use up all your drugs and make me come.”

135. “Capitalism has made it this way, old fashioned fascism will take it away.”

136. “The aspiration to save the world is a morbid phenomenon of today’s youth.”

137. “I eat innocent meat, the housewife I will beat, the pro-life I will kill. What you won’t do, I will.”

138. “In the end, we’re all Springer guests, really, we just haven’t been on the show.”

139. “My father had a very violent temper, and he was never home. So I was kind of a mama’s boy.”

140. “My weaknesses had become my strengths, my ugliness had become beauty, my apathy to the world had become a desire to save it.”

141. “When I finish a picture I don’t show it to anyone if I feel it’s not good enough yet. I’ve learnt to listen to my partners and my friends. For me it’s the biggest success if they like it.”

142. “I don’t want to have a gravestone. I want to have all my friends burn me and then snort the ashes. I think that’s the only way to go out.”

143. “Kids need to start thinking for themselves. Not to be like their friends who think they’re individuals. I don’t want you to be like us, I want you to be like you.”

144. “People don’t necessarily confide in one another to get something off their chest. They want something—reassurance, which is a hard gift to give convincingly.”

145. “People don’t keep journals for themselves. They keep them for other people, like a secret they don’t want to tell but they want everyone to know.”

146. “Finding someone who’s willing to drown with you creates a situation where you no longer want to drown.”

147. “ is like a brother to me. We have matching tattoos on our backs—Charles Baudelaire, the flowers of evil, this giant skeleton thing. It’s kind of a secret. People say to us, ‘Why did you get that?’ And we say, ‘No reason.’”

148. “I fear being like everyone I hate, I fear failure, I fear losing control. I love balancing between chaos and control with everything I do. I always have a fear of going one way or another, getting lost in something, or losing everything to get lost in. And I fear being a completely in society.”

149. “As a kid I had buck teeth and braces and acne. I hated what I saw. I’m still not comfortable, but that’s why I change and adapt the way I look.”

150. “I’m everything they are afraid of. Everything they hate. Everything they try to hide and a lot more. Besides, I speak my mind and show people what’s out there in reality.”

151. “It’s better to use a curse word than to hurt somebody else, I find.”

152. “There’s nothing that anyone could say about me that would hurt my feelings.”

153. “I needed to stop being victimized by my own weaknesses and insecurities about other people.”

154. “From Jesse James to Charles Manson, the media, since their inception, have turned criminals into folk heroes.”

155. “One hates what one fears.”

156. “I am the ‘ism,’ my hate’s a prism.”

157. “I never really hated one true god, but the god of all the people I hated.”

158. “I hate, therefore I am.”

159. “Sometimes, hate is not enough to turn this all to ashes, together as one and against all others, break all of their wings to make sure it crashes.”

160. “Deep down, most adults hate people who go against the grain.”

161. “I have mood poisoning. Must be something I hate.”

162. “If people are going to hate me, I want them to hate me for the right reasons.”

163. “I’ve seen my own death in dreams like this and it’s helped me appreciate life more. I’ve also seen my own life in dreams and it’s helped me appreciate death more.”

164. “Do not seek death, seek destruction.”

165. “Without the threat of death there’s no reason to live.”

166. “They’ll just cut our wrists like Cheap coupons and say that death Was on sale today.”

167. “When you get to heaven, you will wish you were in hell.”

168. “The death of one is a tragedy, but the death of a million is just a statistic.”

169. “If we’re bringing up kids that are so stupid that they kill themselves because of a song, what good are the kids in the first place?”

170. “You’ll understand when I’m dead.”

171. “If what you do is being threatened as a profession, that could be scary. But that’s the same reason why I walked out on stage many times after receiving death threats. I couldn’t live without doing what I wanted to do. So at the same time, I have to be willing to die for it.”

172. “I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.”

173. “Anyone I may have used should feel happy that they even had a use. It’s better than being useless.”

174. “Once I threw a water bottle from the stage into the audience, and it hit Tony Bennett in the head. It was a special moment for me.”

175. “If you die and enough people are watching, then you become a martyr, you become a hero, you become well-known.”

176. “Nothing’s gonna change the world, nothing’s gonna change the world. There was Lennon and a happy gun, there were words on the pavement.”

177. “I’m kind of shy, and I think that I take that out by performing in front of a lot of people. That’s how I get out my shyness.”

178. “I don’t say things to be offensive; I say things because they’re funny to me. It amuses me.”

179. “The burden of originality is one that most people don’t want to accept. They’d rather sit in front of the TV and let that tell them what they’re supposed to like, what they’re supposed to buy, and what they’re supposed to laugh at.”

180.“I speak in reality. I don’t try to hide anything from anybody, and that’s the most dangerous thing about our music that parents are so afraid of.”

181. “I say no to drugs, but they don’t listen.”

182. “I don’t like the drugs, but the drugs like me.”

183. “Sell your soul to yourself. You’ll make more money.”

184. “Anyone who thinks they’re happy should really see a doctor, because there is no reason to be happy.”

185. “I don’t care if your world is ending today because I wasn’t invited to it anyway.”

186. “Books are good because they are thick and you can hit someone with it.”

187. “My first dissatisfaction has always been with religion.”

188. “Jesus is a half-naked guy, hanging, nailed to a cross, and then people wear that around their neck, and then those are the people that are upset about violence in movies.”

189. “We spoke of religion, and how much of it is just a custom preserving practical codes of health, morality and justice that are no longer necessary for group survival like not eating animals with cloven hooves.”

190. “To me, Satan ultimately represents rebellion.”

191. “I read all the great philosophers but most people just hear what they want to hear and it makes it easy for them to brand us devil worshippers.”

192. “We will no longer be oppressed by the fascism called Christianity. We will no longer be oppressed by the mentality of the police state.”

193. “If I believed in an outside force that we wanted to call God—and I believe that there is one. I think God would appreciate what I say, because I can’t see God wanting to create a world full of idiots.”

194. “God will grovel before me, God will crawl at my feet.”

195. “It says right here you’ve got to be saved to go to heaven. But the way I see it, you’ve only got to be yourself to go to hell.”

196. “I walked away exhilarated by my success because there’s nothing like making a difference in someone’s life, even if that difference is a lifetime of nightmares and a fortune in therapy bills.”

197. “What nearly everybody in my life had misunderstood about Satanism was that it is not about ritual sacrifices, digging up graves and worshipping the devil. The devil doesn’t exist. Satanism is about worshipping yourself, because you are responsible for your own good and evil.”

198. “Let’s just kill everyone and let God sort them out.”

199. “The seeds of who I am now have been planted. ‘Fools aren’t born,’ I wrote in my notebook one day during ethics class. They are watered and grown like weeds by institutions such as Christianity.”

200. “Gradually, I began to resent Christian school and doubt everything I was told. It became clear that the suffering they were praying to be released from suffering they had imposed on themselves—and now us. The beast they lived in fear of was really themselves: It was man, not some mythological demon, that was going to destroy man in the end. And this beast had been created out of their fear.”

201. “My first memories of religion were being taken to Episcopal church. My father was Catholic, but my , I believe, was Episcopal. So I sort of veered off into the watered-down version of Catholicism.”

202. “If one more ‘journalist’ makes a cavalier statement about me and my band, I will personally or with my fans’ help, greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech.”

203. “As a performer, I wanted to be the loudest, most persistent alarm clock I could be because there didn’t seem like any other way to snap society out of its Christianity, and media-induced coma.”

204. “Anybody intelligent enough to realize what America is, is not going to sit around and do nothing about it. They’re going to be the same way that I am. They’re going to be the same way our fans are. They’re going to be pissed.”

205.  “No one had lived up to the roles they acted out in public. They wasted their years trying to live the lies that they had created for themselves. Only in private could they really be the demons, hypocrites and sinners they really were, and woe betides anyone who caught them at their game, because the only thing worse than a lie is a lie exposed.”

206. “On my albums, it’s as though the parental advisory is built in.”

207. “The balance between good and evil, and the choices we make between them, are probably the single most important aspects of shaping our personalities and humanity.”

208. “I knew that I was supposed to respond with some kind of mannered phrase that ended with ‘hail Satan,’ but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. It seemed too empty and ritualistic, like wearing a uniform in a Christian school.”

209. “Leave me in a room with some crayons and I’ll draw on the wall.”

210. “We don’t like to kill our unborn; we need them to grow up and fight our wars.”

211. “My dad loves what I do and I support my financially because they didn’t have a job that gave them a pension.”

212. “If a kid is old enough to drive a car or buy a gun, isn’t he old enough to be held personally responsible for what he does with his car or gun? Or if he’s a teenager, should someone else be blamed because he isn’t as enlightened as an eighteen-year-old?”

213. “I can’t sleep without the TV on. It doesn’t matter where it is. I don’t like silence. My ears ring from loud music.”

214. “People expect me to be a ‘shock rocker,’ but there’s nothing you can do anymore to be shocking.”

215. “The key to changing the way people think is to change what’s popular. That’s why rather than submit to the mainstream, you have to become it—and then overcome it.”

216. “I’m my most creative between 3 and 5 AM. That’s the way I’ve always been.”

217. “Everybody has a light and a dark side, and neither can exist without the other.”

218. “I was very apprehensive, mostly because I didn’t want to get caught. By now, I had begun to feel removed from the everyday world of morality. Guilt has become more a fear of getting caught than any sense of right or wrong.”

219. “Sometimes music, movies, and books are the only things that let us feel like someone else feels like we do.”


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