1. “Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.” – Lois Wyse

2. “The grandchildren should not bear the debts of the grandparents.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

3. “They say genes skip a generation. Maybe that’s why grandparents find their grandchildren so likeable.” – Joan Macintosh

4. “Happiness is when your grandchild comes and hugs you just because.” – Anonymous

5. “Grandchildren are the greatest gifts your heart will ever know.” – Anonymous

6. “Grandchildren fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.” – Anonymous

7. “A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.” – Lois Wyse

8. “Grandchildren give us a second chance to do things better because they bring out the best in us.” – Anonymous

9. “Your sons weren’t made to like you. That’s what grandchildren are for.” – Jane Smiley

10. “Your children are your rainbows and your grandchildren are your pot of gold.” – Anonymous

11. “God gave us loving grandchildren as a reward for all our random acts of kindness.” – Anonymous

12. “Perfect love sometimes does not come until grandchildren are born.” – Welsh Proverb

13. “There’s nothing like a grandchild to put a smile on your face, a lump in your throat, and a warm feeling in your heart.” – Anonymous

14. “Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.” – Mary H. Waldrip

15. “Grandchildren make the world a little softer, a little warmer, a little kinder.” – Anonymous

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16. “When my arms can’t reach my grandchildren, I hug them with my prayers.” – Anonymous

17. “Grandchildren restore our zest for life and our faith in humanity.” – Anonymous

18. “I wouldn’t change my grandchildren for the world. But I wish I could change the world for my grandchildren.” – Anonymous

19. “If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.” – Lois Wyse

20. “Distance will never decrease my love for my grandkids.” – Anonymous

21. “Grandchildren complete life’s circle of love.” – Anonymous

22. “What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars’ worth of pleasure.” – Gene Perret

23. “Time with my grandkids is so precious. I will never take it for granted.” – Anonymous

24. “A grandchild is a gift from above; one to cherish and love.” – Anonymous

25. “Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends—and hardly ever our own grown children.” – Ruth Goode

26. “Nothing brightens your day like spending time with your grandchildren.” – Anonymous

27. “I love my grandkids beyond all reason. They may run me rugged and leave me feeling exhausted, but there is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.” – Anonymous

28. “Grandchildren make the hard times easier and the easy times more fun.” – Anonymous

29. “The most precious jewels you’ll have around your neck are the arms of your grandchildren.” – Anonymous

30. “With your own children, you love them immediately—and with grandchildren, it’s exactly the same.” – Kevin Whately

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31. “Even if I spend the whole day with my grandchildren, I still miss them the second they leave.” – Anonymous

32. “My greatest wish is that my grandchildren always know how much I love them and that they walk through the rest of their life knowing I’ll always be there for them anyway I can.” – Anonymous

33. “I am so blessed to have grandchildren in my life. I will always be there to give them my unconditional love, comfort, and guidance whenever they need it.” – Anonymous

34. “From the moment I first met them, I have loved my grandchild with every part of my being.” – Anonymous

35. “Time spent with my grandchildren feels like bouts of sunshine on my rainy days.” – Anonymous

36. “I may not see my grandchildren every day, but every day I think of them.” – Anonymous

37. “Even when my grandchildren are not in my arms, on my lap, or in my home, they are in my heart and will stay there forever.” – Anonymous

38. “No one prepared me for just how much love I would have for my grandchild.” – Anonymous

39. “I love my grandchildren with all my heart. Nothing could ever change that.” – Anonymous

40. “Do you ever just look at your grandchild and literally feel your heart melting because you love them so much?” – Anonymous

41. “My grandchildren are always in my heart, in my prayers, and in my mind.” – Anonymous

42. “The highlight of my day is seeing my grandchildren laugh and smile.” – Anonymous

43. “My grandkids are more than just my grandkids. They’re the greatest blessing in my life.” – Anonymous

44. “A grandparent thinks about their grandchild every day and night and will love them in a way they will never understand.” – Anonymous

45. “No one could ever love my grandchildren the way I do.” – Anonymous

46. “Grandchildren are a wonderful way to get over the sadness of your kids growing up.” – Anonymous

47. “Grandchildren have a special way of bringing joy to every day.” – Anonymous

48. “The joy of grandchildren is measured in the heart.” – Anonymous

49. “There is so much found in the touch of holding a grandchild’s hand.” – Anonymous

50. “A day with your grandchildren restores your soul.” – Anonymous

51. “Grandchildren are precious gifts given to parents from their children.” – Anonymous 

52. “While we try to teach our grandchildren about life, our grandchildren teach us what life is all about.” – Anonymous

53. “A grandchild is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart.” – Anonymous

54. “Grandchildren are angels without any wings, blessing our lives with the most precious things.” – Anonymous

55. “Grandchildren are loving reminders of what we’re really here for.” – Janet Lanese

56. “A grandchild’s laugh is sunshine in the house.” – Anonymous

57. “Side by side or miles apart, grandchildren are always close to the heart.” – Anonymous

58. “God’s most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a grandchild’s heart.” – Anonymous

59. “If you think you can’t love anyone more than you love your children, wait until you look into the eyes of your grandchildren and really fall in love.” – Anonymous

60. “Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent.” – Donald A. Norberg

61. “The only thing better than having kids, is having grandkids.” – Anonymous

62. “Posterity is the patriotic name for grandchildren.” – Art Linkletter

63. “My grandchild may outgrow my lap, but they will never outgrow my love.” – Anonymous

64. “Grandchildren are called ‘grand’ for a reason.” – Anonymous

65. “Happiness is having grandchildren to love.” – Anonymous

66. “The secret of life is to skip having children and go directly to grandchildren.” – Mell Lazarus

67. “Dearer than our children are the children of our children.” – Anonymous

68. “You will never look back on life and think ‘I spent too much time with my grandkids.’” – Anonymous

69. “Never have children, only grandchildren.” – Gore Vidal

70. “We may not be rich and famous, but our grandchildren are priceless.” – Anonymous

71. “Grandchildren are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” – Anonymous

72. “Grandchildren are like stars; they sparkle and shine.” – Anonymous

73. “A grandchild’s hug lasts long after they let go.” – Anonymous

74. “Grandchildren are like snowflakes. Each one is beautifully unique.” – Anonymous

75. “Grandchildren are the best part of getting old.” – Anonymous

76. “A grandchild is like a fine jewel set in an old ring.” –

77. “You better arm yourselves to answer your children’s and grandchildren’s questions—no matter what the question is—without being judgmental.” – Josh McDowell

78. “Grandchildren don’t make a woman feel old; it’s being married to a grandfather that bothers her.” – Anonymous

79. “Grandchildren are like a warm blanket on a cold day. Just having one in your arms makes you feel great.” – Anonymous

80. “You have got the whole world in your arms when you hold your grandchild.” – Anonymous

81. “Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent.” – John F. Kennedy

82. “Grandchildren are like flowers; you never get tired of watching them grow.” – Anonymous

83. “Grandchildren are the pieces of the heart.” – Anonymous

84. “Just when you think you know all that love is—along come the grandchildren.” – Anonymous

85. “After all, it takes a patient and caring heart to nurture equally loving and tender grandchildren.” – Anonymous

86. “Having grandkids is a blessing. Helping to shape their lives is an honor.” – Anonymous

87. “Simple moments with your grandchildren often become the most priceless memories.” – Anonymous

88. “I have always enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of my grandchildren.” – Neil Sedaka

89. “When I count my blessings, I count my grandchildren twice.” – Anonymous

90. “The only people interested in hearing about your grandchildren are other grandparents who want to tell you about theirs.” – Bryna Nelson Paston

91. “Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap.” – Doug Larson

92. “An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Any longer than that, and you start to age too quickly.” – Anonymous

93. “The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.” – Sam Levenson

94. “Do you know why grandchildren are always so full of energy? They suck it out of their grandparents.” – Gene Perret

95. “My grandkids believe I’m the oldest thing in the world. And after two or three hours with them, I believe it, too.” – Gene Perret

96. “Grandchildren are the reward you get for keeping their parents alive.” – Anonymous

97. “Grandchildren don’t stay young forever, which is good because pop-pops have only so many horsey rides in them.” – Gene Perret

98. “I like to do nice things for my grandchildren like buy them those toys I’ve always wanted to play with.” – Gene Perret

99. “All grandchildren are brilliant and beautiful, and obviously take after their grandparents.” – Anonymous

100. “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” – David Attenborough

101. “I have 22 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and they keep me young.” –

102. “My , my daughters, even my grandchildren are funny. You’ve got to keep a sense of humor because anger destroys you.” – Michael Caine

103. “Grandchildren are their grandparents’ toys.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

104. “My grandchild has taught me what true love means. It means watching Scooby-Doo cartoons while the basketball game is on another channel.” – Gene Perret

105. “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.” – Proverbs 17:6

106. “You and your children and grandchildren must fear the Lord your God as long as you live. If you obey all his decrees and commands, you will enjoy a long life.” – Deuteronomy 6:2

107. “Good people leave an inheritance to their grandchildren, but the sinner’s wealth passes to the godly.” – Proverbs 13:22

108. “They shall dwell in the land that I gave to my servant Jacob, where your fathers lived. They and their children and their children’s children shall dwell there forever, and David my servant shall be their prince forever.” – Ezekiel 37:25

109. “May the Lord continually bless you from Zion. May you see Jerusalem prosper as long as you live. May you live to enjoy your grandchildren. May Israel have peace!” – Psalm 128:5-6

110. “Dear grandkids, when I close my eyes I see you. When I open my eyes, I miss you.” – Anonymous

111. “For the sake of our health, our children and grandchildren and even our economic well-being, we must make protecting the planet our top priority.” – David Suzuki

112. “The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people who do not have grandchildren.” – Doug Larson

113. “If we care about the children, the grandchildren, the future generations, we need to make sure that they do not become the cannon fodder of the future.” – Helen Thomas

114. “Only through love will we find our way to create a world worthy of our children and our grandchildren.” – Laurence Overmire

115. “Being a mother and grandmother is the best of the best in my life. My grandchildren multiply the joy my bring me.” – Alexandra Stoddard

116. “There is no greater achievement than being a grandfather who tells fairy tales to grandchildren.” – Eraldo Banovac

117. “Grandkids bring you into a sweeter, slower present. They show you the future at a time when a lot of your friends are thinking about the past. And they take you back to childhood—theirs, the parent’s, your own: a three-time admittance to wonderland.” – Adair Lara

118. “Grandparents enjoy the company of their grandchildren. For with them, they experience the miracle of being 10 again.” – Meeta Ahluwalia

119. “Our faces will become works of art that our grandchildren will treasure.” – Adriana Trigiani


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