1. “No one in the world needs an elephant tusk but an elephant.” – Thomas Schmidt

2. “Elephants are so wise and so funny and so endangered and so intelligent. I just think there is a lot to learn from them.” – Gloria Steinem

3. “Elephants love reunions; they recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy.” – Jennifer Richard Jacobson

4. “The elephant is never won by anger; nor must that man who would reclaim a lion take him by the teeth.” – John Dryden

5. “If anyone wants to know what elephants are like, they are like people only more so.” – Peter Corneille

6. “Elephants are like humans. They are very smart, very logical.” – Peter Beard

7. “There is no creature among all the Beasts of the world which hath so great an ample demonstration of the power and wisdom of Almighty God as the Elephant.” – Edward Topsell

8. “Nature’s great masterpiece an elephant; the only harmless great thing.” –

9. “It was an elephant. Cause elephants bring good luck, especially if the trunks are up and his trunk was up.” – Dale Kerrigan

10. “Elephants, it turns out, are surprisingly stealthy.” – Thomas French

11. “The elephant needs a thousand times more food than the ant but that is not an indication of inequality.” –

12. “Th’ unwieldy elephant, to make them mirth, used all his might, and wreathed His lithe proboscis.” – John Milton

13. “When you look at elephant herds that are nonstressed, the males are never around.” – Mark Shand

14. “I’ve known elephants with broken hearts, others with depression.” – Mark Shand

15. “Elephants don’t know anything about the world of ants; the peaks of mountains are oblivious of what is happening on the plains!” – Mehmet Murat İldan

16. “It was an exceedingly odd thing to see an elephant in a spacesuit.” – Alastair Reynolds

17. “Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is elephant.” – Charlie Chaplin

18. “If elephants didn’t exist, you couldn’t invent one. They belong to a small group of living things so unlikely they challenge credulity and common sense.” – Lyall Watson

19. “A true elephant is the one who never forgets his Herculean strength.” – Nikhil Parekh

20. “An elephant is not affected by sunshine or rain.” – Indian proverb

21. “Only elephants should own ivory.” – Yao Ming

22. “The young elephant is born with a thick skin.” – African proverb

23. “Don’t meddle in assisting the elephant in carrying his tusks.” -Thai proverb.

24. “I love elephants! It’s my favorite animal.” – Camila Cabello.

25. “Love will draw an elephant through a keyhole.” – Samuel Richardson

26. “Elephants are contagious.” – Paul Eluard

27. “Mediocrity is the elephant in the room.” – Kevin Spacey

28. “Don’t make an elephant out of a fly.” – Russian proverb

29. “The elephant does not bite, it is that trunk one fears.” – African proverb

30. “The elephant and tiger are afraid of fire.” – Indian proverb

31. “Elephants are magnificent creatures.” – Paul Craig Roberts

32. “Elephants are quite enough.” –

33. “The elephant can survive only if forests survive.” – Mark Shand

34. “What is bigger than an elephant?” – Plutarch

35. “I have a face like the behind of an elephant.” – Charles Laughton

36. “Plastic surgery is like a big elephant sitting in the Hollywood living room.” – Patricia Heaton

37. “I always think I look like the Elephant Man – I can’t get used to my own image.” – Brian Cox

38. “An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications.” – Lazarus Long

39. “The knife flaying the elephant does not have to be large, only sharp!” – Andre Norton

40. “I’m an elephant today. I will need to have lots of room and also a bowl of water on the floor.” – Jesse Ball

41. “Big or small, elephants are elephants, after all.” – Karen Lord

42. “My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It’s in the apartment somewhere.” –

43. “When there is an invisible elephant in the room, one is from time to time bound to trip over a trunk.” – Karen Joy Fowler

44. “When there’s an elephant in the room introduce him.” – Randy Pausch

45. “They say an elephant never forgets. Well, you are not an elephant. Take notes, constantly.” – Aaron Koblin

46. “I was called ‘Dumbo,’ like the elephant, as a child because I couldn’t understand things at school.” –

47. “You thought elephants were all sweetness… this one had the time of her life scaring the bejeezus out of those dudes.” – James Patterson

48. “It is better to own 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat.” – Arthur Mutambara

49. “Jackie had a keen eye for talent, and like an elephant never forgot.” – Audrey Meadows

50. “They say that somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their wrinkled gray bodies and soar away light spirits at the end.” – Robert McCammon

51. “All I want is a wild elephant; which swishes tones of water merrily all around with its trunk.” – Nikhil Parekh

52. “The elephant’s love for him was a love I have never known.” – Benson Bruno

53. “To emulate an elephant was very easy; as all you had to do was inflate your persona like a colossal gas balloon.” – Nikhil Parekh

54. “The elephant has just one basic gait: an ambling walk; elephants cannot run or jump like other animals.” – Richard D. Estes

55. “She owned the road as an elephant owns the veldt and like a big blue elephant moved with massive grace and dignity.” – David

56. “You know… they say an elephant never forgets. What they don’t tell you is, you never forget an elephant.”-

57. “We admire elephants in part because they demonstrate what we consider the finest human traits: , self-awareness, and social intelligence. But the way we treat them puts on display the very worst of human behavior.” – Graydon Carter

58. “I feel as if I go to Africa… I’m just going to… adopt an elephant, and it’s going to be my friend.” – Dianna Agron

59. “Elephants and never forget.” – Andy Rooney

60. “I meant what… An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!” – Dr. Seuss

61. “Come with me. Together, we can soar on that elephant’s wings.” -V. A. Vandevere

62. “When you have got an elephant by the hind legs and he is trying to run away, it’s best to let him run.” –

63. “And the elephant sings deep in the forest-maze; About a star of deathless and painless peace; But no astronomer can find where it is.” – Ted Hughes

64. “A man might be uncertain about how many wives he had, but never about elephants. Either you had one, or you didn’t.” – Terry Pratchett

65. “Elephants have the largest brains of any mammal on the face of the Earth.” – Ingrid Newkirk

66. “There is the mystery behind that masked gray visage, and ancient life force delicate and mighty, awesome and enchanted commanding the silence ordinarily reserved for mountain peaks great fires and the sea.” – Peter Matthiessen

67. “Elephants can sense danger. They’re able to detect an approaching tsunami or earthquake before it hits.” – Jennifer Richard Jacobson

68. “Our elders say that an elephant does not find its own trunk heavy.” – Zakes Mda

“When western culture developed… We saw animals… rhino horn, the elephant’s tusk, we saw it as making money.” – John Kani

69. “Although elephants are far more distantly related to us than the great apes, they seem to have evolved similar social and cognitive capacities.” – Frans de Waal

70. “There’s bellowing and trumpeting, ear flapping and rubbing. Trunks entwine.” – Jennifer Richard Jacobson

71. “Without being an elephant sycophant, it is relevant to note that an infant elephant is a lieutenant giant.” – Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

72. “Elephants love to play around. They are very intelligent animals.” – Mark Shand

73. “If elephant in the room, I’ll identify it and say it.” – Angela Rayner

74. “Wallowing was for elephants, depressing people, and depressing elephants.” – Cassandra Clare

75. “He who mounts a wild elephant goes where the elephant goes.” -Randolph Bourne

76. “The challenge for all of us is to have the heart of a poet and the skin of an elephant.” – Mira Nair

77. “Primate and elephant and even societies show considerable evidence of care for others, parent-child bonding, solidarity in the face of danger, and so on.” – Christopher Hitchens

78. “Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” – Pierre Trudeau

79. “As he was leaving it occurred to him that he would not come back, to this zoo or to any of them. With the elephants more than any of the others, he thought as he left them―as he left behind these great beasts who recognized him when he came, who rumbled and swayed sadly―he could feel them waiting.” – Lydia Millet

80.“Save the elephants… and then you save yourself.” – Mark Shand

81. “Of all African animals, the elephant is the most difficult for a man to live with… I can watch elephants (and elephants alone) for hours at a time, for sooner or later the elephant will do something very strange such as mow grass.” – Peter Matthiessen

82. “Dear people with no soul, stop shooting elephants.”- Russell Crowe

83. “The threat of extinction is more real than many realize. And the damage done to elephants directly leads to the destruction of the ecosystem.” – Li Bingbing

84. “Earlier, 100,000 elephants lived in Kenya… The problem that we have is not that there are now more elephants.” – Richard Leakey

85. “Asian elephants have to contend with the spread of settlements and farming… railways, and irrigation canals have carved up the former wilderness.” – Mark Shand

86. “The sad thing about destroying the environment… The bluebirds will be gone, and the elephants.” – Ted Turner

87. “We are not the only animal that mourns; apes do, and elephants, and dogs. Yet we are the only one that tortures.”- Geraldine Brooks

88. “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” – Sir David Attenborough

89. “It is absurd for a man to kill an elephant… It just one of those preposterous things that men do like putting a dam across a great river, one-tenth of whose volume could engulf the whole of mankind.” – Beryl Markham

90. “We must have bearers, and outriders, and perhaps an elephant—they are so imposing, nothing says ‘Get out of the way’ quite like an elephant in the front…” –

91. “But perhaps the most important lesson I learned is that there are no walls between humans and the elephants except those we put up ourselves and that until we allow not only elephants, but all living creatures their place in the sun, we can never be whole ourselves.” – Lawrence Anthony

92. “I don’t know how many lions and I’ve shot. I’ve shot two elephants, which was enough—never again. It’s a melancholy and moving thing to hunt an elephant. It’s like shooting an old man.” – Wilbur Smith

93. “We already live a very long time for mammals, getting three times as many heartbeats as a mouse or elephant. It never seems enough though, does it?” – David Brin

94. “For the herds of wild elephants show no resentment when domesticated animals join them. They have none of that herd instinct directed against the stranger that one finds in cattle, in small boys, and among many grown-up men. This tolerance is just one of the things about elephants which makes one realize they are big in more ways than one.” – J. H. Williams

95. “The world is not a burden… the world is as light as a feather on an elephant’s back.” – Baba Hari Dass

96. “God is really only another artist. He invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the cat.” –

97. “Animals are everywhere. Some are more romantic, like tigers and elephants and chimpanzees.” – Isabella Rossellini

98. “When the elephants walk, the forests walks with them.” – Sudha Ramen

99. “The worst place to be is in the middle. When elephants fight, the grass gets trampled.” – Andrew Vachss

100. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu

101. “I’m not much for cats. I’m terrified of mice. I’ve worked a lot with elephants, and they are extremely intelligent and sensitive, and thankfully, they seem to like me. You never want to get on the bad side of an elephant. And never trust a chimp.” – Mary Ellen Mark

102. “All around the edges of the platform where she sat, elephants stood patiently waiting for their breakfast. Occasionally, one would grunt or snort or flap its ears, but otherwise, they were as quiet as apparitions.” – Dawn Reno Langley

103. “Scientists have reported that elephants grieve their dead, monkeys perceive injustice and cockatoos like to dance to the music of the Backstreet Boys.” – Hal Herzog

104. “If there were no goodness in people, mankind would still be confined to loping across a Savannah somewhere on Earth, watching the elephants rule, or some other more compassionate species.” – Orson Scott Card

105. “I have spent hours and hours watching elephants, and to come to understand what emotional creatures they are … it’s not just a species facing extinction, it’s massive individual suffering.” – Mike Bond

106. “One digs a pit in the path of the elephant, but the elephant can read signs; the elephant does not go that way.” – Oyekan Owomoyela

107. “Who can never dismount; asleep on an elephant, that is repose.” – Marianne Moore

108. “The elephant, the huge old beast, is slow to mate.” – D. H. Lawrence

109. “Don’t ask why are all Romantics.” – Robert Bly

110. “People don’t realize how amazing elephants are.” – Prince Harry

111. “People are so difficult. Give me an elephant any day.” – Mark Shand

112. “If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle.” – Rickson Gracie

113. “I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me.” – Noel Coward

114. “A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane.” – Jackie Kennedy

115. “I have a memory like an elephant. I remember every elephant I’ve ever met.” – Herb Caen

116. “Psychoanalysts and elephants, they never forget.” – Arthur Laurents

117. “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.” – General John B. Sedgwick

118. “Elephants remember as if it was only Tuesday.” – Anthony T. Hincks


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