1. “Marriage made you family; love made you my daughter.” – Anonymous

2. “Our son is very lucky to have like you. We are also lucky to have such a sweet daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

3. “As a parent, we are happy to see that our son is so happy with you. You two are a perfect couple. You have real love and chemistry. We are very lucky that our son has chosen a wife like you.” – Anonymous

4. “We could not have hoped to get this much even from a daughter. You’ve done so much for our whole family. You are such a splendid wife and dutiful mother that it is impossible to find another one like you.” – Anonymous

5. “A daughter-in-law is one who marries your son and becomes your friend.” – Anonymous

6. “Happiness is having a daughter-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

7. “A daughter-in-law is someone that your son has picked to be loved, cherished, and valued in your family.” – Anonymous

8. “God gave us the great gift of you. We are proud to have a woman like you as our daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

9. “You may be our daughter-in-law, but you are more like a daughter to us. We are blessed to have you in our family.” – Anonymous

10. “You are the daughter-in-law for which I have longed, and now to this family, you truly belong.” – Anonymous

11. “I am so happy that our son found someone like you to be his life partner.” – Anonymous

12. “Daughter-in-law by chance, friend by choice.” – Anonymous

13. “After knowing you for years now, I can only say that we can drop the ‘-in-law’ part now.” – Anonymous

14. “You are the best daughter-in-law anyone can ever wish for. It is true that our son is really blessed to have you as his wife.” – Anonymous

15. “You didn’t become my daughter-in-law because my son loved you and married you. You became my daughter-in-law because God finally heard my prayers and realized that I needed a best friend.” – Anonymous

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16. “I’m blessed three times over. You’re a wonderful mother to my grandchild, an amazing wife to my son, and a dear daughter-in-law to me.” – Anonymous

17. “It is impossible to get a more perfect daughter-in-law than you. You are perfect in every sense of the word.” – Anonymous

18. “Two amazing women can love the same incredible man in completely different ways. One is his wife, the other is his mother.” – Anonymous

19. “Our son proved to be much smarter than we have expected by choosing you as his life partner.” – Anonymous

20. “It is a wonder to us how quickly and effectively you have joined our family. How unfortunate our son would be if he was not married to you.” – Anonymous

21. “My son seemed to be happy when he was single, now that he has married you I realized he was just pretending! I’ve never seen a bigger smile on his face before!” – Anonymous

22. “One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever gotten is my daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

23. “My beloved daughter-in-law, you are a special part of my life, without which I’m not fulfilled.” – Anonymous

24. “A -in-law is a daughter that was not born into our family, but into our hearts.” – Anonymous

25. “To my daughter-in-law, thank you for making our family complete.” – Anonymous

26. “I couldn’t imagine my life without my daughter-in-law in it. She has brought so much love and happiness to our family.” – Anonymous

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27. “If I didn’t have you as a daughter-in-law, I’d choose you as my friend.” – Anonymous

28. “To my daughter-in-law, you will always be a treasured member of our family.” – Anonymous

29. “Just to prove that I’m not a typical mother-in-law, let me say this: you’re plenty good enough for my son, and I have no complaints about how you’re raising your child.” – Anonymous

30. “Of all the women my son could have chosen, I am so grateful he chose you to be my daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

31. “It is you who have made our lives wonderful. Before you, the family was quite lifeless, but now we can feel the warmth of happiness inside our house.” – Anonymous

32. “Thank you for doing such a great job raising my grandchildren. I hope you take some time for yourself—you’ve earned it!” – Anonymous

33. “I feel proud to say that, I’m your mother-in-law. Don’t forget that, I’ll always be there with open arms to comfort you if you lose or to cheer for you in your victory.” – Anonymous

34. “You are just like an angel who came here only to spread happiness. I couldn’t even understand when you’ve come so close to my heart.” – Anonymous

35. “Seeing you in action reminds us of how much work it is to raise a child. We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you do.” – Anonymous

36. “I never thought I was going to love you this much, but you have definitely earned it. Thank you for letting us enjoy your virtues, charming personality, and tenderness as your turn one year older.” – Anonymous

37. “Daughter-in-law, this greeting is for a special lady with a heart of gold. I’m delighted that my cherished son chose you to have and hold.” – Anonymous

38. “If I could have chosen the wife for my son, without a doubt it would have been you.” – Anonymous

39. “In order to stay close to my son, I need to stay close to the one he gives his heart to.” – Anonymous

40. “Our son couldn’t have married someone better for our family if we picked you out ourselves.” – Anonymous

41. “You have given my son and so much over the years. I am so fortunate to have you as a daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

42. “A daughter-in-law is a gift of love.” – Anonymous

43. “I love that you’re my daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

44. “Now that you’ve come along, our family is complete.” – Anonymous

45. “It is a real pleasure to have an amazing daughter-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

46. “Our son picked you, and we would have, too.” – Anonymous

47. “I can only say that my daughter-in-law is simply great.” – Anonymous

48. “Behind every great daughter-in-law is a truly amazing mother-in-law.” – Anonymous

49. “A daughter-in-law cannot be perfect by herself. A beautiful mother-in-law helps her be one.” – Anonymous

50. “Watch out for those evil, vindictive daughters-in-law that absolutely do not like your son’s family!” – Anonymous

51. “I don’t hate my in-laws, but I’d rather not stay in the same room with them. Does that make me a bad daughter-in-law?” – Anonymous

52. “Dear future daughter-in-law, my son may not be perfect, maybe your mom should have raised him—oh wait—never mind, then he’d be just like you!” – Anonymous

53. “The only thing in the world, a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law agree upon is that her hubby and her son respectively should have married someone else!” – Anonymous

54. “I hope my son knows how lucky he is to have you. If he doesn’t, tell him I said to pay more attention.” – Anonymous

55. “What did we do to deserve a daughter-in-law like you? Whatever it is, I might do it again for good luck.” – Anonymous

56. “So, are in-laws invited to your romantic birthday dinner? Just kidding, but come over later so we can celebrate!” – Anonymous

57. “To be honest, I didn’t think my son would ever find a wife good enough for him. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.” – Anonymous

58. “You deserve an award for surviving another year with our son!” – Anonymous

59. “To my daughter-in-law, God knew I needed you.” – Anonymous

60. “To our new daughter-in-law, thank you for making our son so happy. We are so proud to call you family.” – Anonymous

61. “Our son chose you, and we would have too!” – Anonymous

62. “You may not have been born into our family, but you seem born to be a part of it.” – Anonymous

63. “You might wonder why I am always checking you out from head to toe. Well, that is because I‘ve been trying to find out where do you hide your wings!” – Anonymous

64. “Dear daughter-in-law, I know that wishes come true because my son found you.” – Anonymous

65. “As a parent, all you want is to see your children happy. So, we are beyond thrilled to see how happy our son is when he is with you. We are very lucky to welcome a daughter-in-law like you to the family!” – Anonymous

66. “To my daughter-in-law, I want to welcome you with open arms into our family. It was so easy to see, right from the start, how much you love and care for my son. Thank you for the happiness you have brought into his life. I know that he is very proud to have you as his wife. As am I to have such a wonderful daughter given to me.” – Anonymous

67. “Before I even knew you would be the one to marry my son, I was praying for you.” – Anonymous

68. “To my daughter-in-law, we are all wishing that you remain a part of our family forever.” – Anonymous

69. “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters. Thank you, my daughter-in-law, for being such an important part of our lives.” – Anonymous

70. “Dear daughter-in-law, our family just wouldn’t be the same without you in it. Thank you for being such an incredible blessing in our lives.” – Anonymous

71. “You are famous for your loving heart and soothing words. You are well known to every member of our family as a kind-hearted, beautiful lady.” – Anonymous

72. “To my daughter-in-law, welcome to the family!” – Anonymous

73. “We could not have even expected this much from our own daughter. You are an amazing wife and a responsible mother. And it is not easy to find another like you.” – Anonymous

74. “We are blessed that our son chose you as his wife. We are filled with gratitude to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

75. “Our family wouldn’t be complete without you. You are well-known for your warmly affectionate soul and loving behavior. You are popular with everyone as a sympathetic-natured individual and amazing lady. I am so proud that you are my daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

76. “We are very delighted to see that our son is pleased with you. Our son and you are a perfect pair. We are very fortunate that our son has decided to spend his life with you.” – Anonymous

77. “We may not be your birth parents but you seem to come to this world to be a member of our family. Our child is very fortunate to have a fantastic life partner like you.” – Anonymous

78. “Adoring you is not even harder than choosing a flower. The reason is it was not hard for us to love such an amazing woman like you. We are grateful to you for always standing by our side.” – Anonymous

79. “You are special because you know how to give everything to our family to make every member feel blessed.” – Anonymous

80. “Our life is delightful because of you. Before you joined our family, our family was completely lifeless. But now because of you, we can sense the warmth of pleasure inside our house.” – Anonymous

81. “You are a unique dear daughter-in-law because you understand how to make your family happy. We are truly grateful to the heavens for having a caring, and loving daughter-in-law like you.” – Anonymous

82. “You are such an incredible woman. It would not be possible to count how many blessings you should earn.” – Anonymous

83. “I personally feel that no one could actually ever get such an amazing as well as such a wonderful daughter-in-law like the one I have. Thank you more and more, daughter-in-law, for being a very part of our family.” – Anonymous

84. “You are such an amazing individual that it is not easy not to smile when you are around. It is like you have a real capability of filling everyone’s life with happiness. We are grateful for everything.” – Anonymous

85. “You might be my daughter-in-law, but after all we’ve been through together, you feel like my real daughter.” – Anonymous

86. “When I think of all the blessings in my life, my daughter-in-law is there right at the top of the list.” – Anonymous

87. “My daughter-in-law was the biggest bonus I could have ever wished for.” – Anonymous

88. “To my daughter-in-law to be, we can’t wait for you to join the family!” – Anonymous

89. “To my daughter-in-law, I will always be here for you. Whenever you need. Just ask and I’ll be there.” – Anonymous

90. “Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, together in heart, are a powerful force to be reckoned with.” – Anonymous

91. “If I didn’t have you as a daughter-in-law, I would choose you as a friend.” – Anonymous

92. “Our son found a wonderful wife in you, and we found an amazing daughter in you.” – Anonymous

93. “I don’t know who is luckier, my son to have you as a wife or me to have you as a daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

94. “To my future daughter-in-law, we are so very excited to be welcoming you as an official member of our family.” – Anonymous

95. “To my future daughter-in-law, giving my son away isn’t an easy thing to do, but since that time has come, I am so glad I am giving him to you. Thank you for loving my son.” – Anonymous

96. “I am so proud to call you my daughter-in-law. I will always love you and always be here for you in any way I can.” – Anonymous

97. “You must be doing something right, actually lots of things, because you’re raising a wonderful child.” – Anonymous

98. “To my daughter-in-law, you are more than I ever expected and better than I ever imagined.” – Anonymous

99. “To my daughter-in-law, if I could give you one thing, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Because only then would you see how loved you really are.” – Anonymous

100. “Daughters-in-law help make the hard times easier and the easy times more fun.” – Anonymous

101. “Happy Mother’s Day from someone who knows what it’s like to raise a naughty child. Although yours is a perfect angel, of course!” – Anonymous

102. “I don’t want to be one of those mothers-in-law who tell you what to do, but—have a Happy Mother’s Day!” – Anonymous

103. “I know that advice from the in-laws isn’t always welcome, but—you should really relax and do something for yourself this Mother’s Day.” – Anonymous

104. “Our mother-daughter relationship has had plenty of peaks and valleys. No matter our struggles, I’m proud to call you my daughter-in-law. Happy Mother’s Day.” – Anonymous

105. “Happy Mother’s Day to an overworked mom. Not only are you taking care of your own kids, but you’ve got one of mine as well!” – Anonymous

106. “Happy Birthday, daughter-in-law. You chose to be part of our family, and guess what? We’re keeping you.” – Anonymous

107. “Happy Birthday to one of the strongest women I know. She has to be, in order to deal with my son year after year!” – Anonymous

108. “Happy Birthday to a special daughter-in-law and an all-around wonderful person.” – Anonymous

109. “It’s your birthday—let your husband do all the work today. You can tell him I said so.” – Anonymous

110. “Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter-in-law. We love and appreciate you so much.” – Anonymous

111. “Happy Birthday, daughter-in-law! Actually, can we just drop the ‘in-law’ part? You’re like a daughter to me.” – Anonymous

112. “Happy birthday to a daughter-in-law, who has the most wonderful in-laws in the world.” – Anonymous

113. “Happy Birthday. Wishing you, my wonderful daughter-in-law, a birthday that is as special as you are. I’m so thankful that you are a part of our family. Enjoy your celebration!” – Anonymous

114. “As your mother-in-law, it’s my job to criticize you whenever possible. Unfortunately, you make my job exceedingly difficult. Happy Birthday to a frustratingly perfect daughter-in-law.” – Anonymous

115. “Hope you get lots of presents on your birthday. You already gave us a great gift the day you chose to join our family.” – Anonymous

116. “Happy Birthday! Wishing you a day full of wine, good food, and everything else a wonderful daughter-in-law like you deserves.” – Anonymous

117. “I’d wish you lots of surprises on your birthday, but then every day with our son is full of surprises. So instead, I’ll just wish you luck.” – Anonymous

118. “Happy Birthday daughter-in-law! Thank you for bringing so much happiness into our family. You are truly appreciated and loved.” – Anonymous

119. “Happy Birthday to a dear daughter-in-law. You continue to amaze us with your wit, kindness, energy, patience, and strength.” – Anonymous


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