2. “My children—from the very beginning, it was the children who gave me my power.” 

3. “It’s time to put this mad dog to sleep, for good!”

4. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but nothing will ever kill me.”

5. “Welcome to primetime, b*tch!”

6. “Tell ‘em Freddy sent ya!”

7. “I’m going to split you in two.”

8. “Now I’m playing with power!”

9. “Well, it ain’t Dr. Seuss.”

10. “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little soul too.”

11. “Every town has an Elm street.”

12. “You are all my children now.”

13. “You’ve got the body, I’ve got the brain.”

14. “My reign of terror was legendary.”

15. “Wanna suck face?”

16. “Wake up, little girl.”

17. “Think you’re so smart! Huh, b*tch?”

18. “Kung fu this, b*tch.”

19. “A true warrior needs no eyes. Ninja are calm. Find your balance, Rick! Sayonara, Rick-san!”

20. “How sweet, fresh meat.”

21. “Yes. The souls of the children give me strength.”

22. “Welcome to wonderland, Alice.”

23. “Put your pedal to the metal, man. Buckle up, dear.”

24. “Not strong enough, yet. Well, I will be soon enough. Until then, I’ll let Jason have some fun.”

25. “I forgot how much it hurts to be human!”

26. “This is God.”

27. “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy!” 

28. “He can’t fight me. I’m him.”

29. “There is no Jesse. I’m Jesse now!”

30. “Now no one sleeps!”

31. “Pick a pet for the rugrat b*tch.”

32. “I’ve always had a thing—for the wh*r*s that lived in this house.”

33. “You can check in, but you can’t check out.”

34. “I need you, Jesse. We got special work to do here, you and me.”

35. “Sorry, kid. I don’t believe in fairy tales.”

36. “I didn’t need a glove to kill your b*tch of a mother and I don’t need one now.”

37. “Your eyes say, ‘no, no,’ but my mouth says, ‘yes, yes.’”

38. “Faster than a b*st*rd maniac. More powerful than a local madman. It’s super Freddy!”

39. “You think you was gonna get away from me?”

40. “Why, uh, why should we fight? We’re old friends, you and I. Remember?”

41. “No running in the hallway!” 

42. “How’s this for a wet dream?”

43. “Now, why don’t you just f*ck*ng die?”

44. “I should warn you, princess—the first time tends to get a little messy.”

45. “Daddy can’t help you now!”

46. “Might be your dream, but it’s my rules!”

47. “He’ll die with me. He’ll die with both of us.”

48. “You’re mine now, piggy.”

49. “Come here, my little piggy. I got some gingerbread for ya.”

50. “Your wish is my command.”

51. “Three—two—one—ready or not, here I come!”

52. “Now that you have me, what game do you want to play next?”

53. “You’ve got their powers, I’ve got their souls.”

54. “If you’re in Springwood now, then you’re all mine.”

55. “Why are you screaming when I haven’t even cut you yet?”

56. “Why don’t you reach out and cut someone?”

57. “This won’t hurt—one—little—bit!”

58. “Hey, I beat my high score!”

59. “Oh, that’s right! Everyone forgot! That’s why they weren’t afraid anymore! That’s why I needed Jason to kill for me to get them to remember. But now he just won’t stop. That hockey puck!”

60. “You ugly little sh*t. Now there’s a face only a mother could love.”

61. “Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain can function for well over seven minutes?”

62. “You should listen to your mother.”

63. “Man, screw that clown. I mean, what kind of a p*ss* comes after you in your dreams anyway?”

64. “What’s with kids today, huh? No respect.”

65. “Sorry to keep you waiting. Perhaps if there were more of me to spread around.”

66. “You really shouldn’t fall asleep in class.”

67. “I’ll have to pass that message myself. Won’t I, hmm?”

68. “You shouldn’t have buried me. I’m not dead.”

69. “I’m dead one day and you’re already out getting sh*tf*c*d? Same old Gibb.”

70. “Will, you look tired. Have a seat.”

71. “Who gives a f*ck what you think?”

72. “Welcome to my world, b*tch.”

73. “Ahhh. So you are afraid of something after all, huh?”

74. “Penny for your thoughts, chief?”

75. “You think you’ve got what it takes? I’ve been guarding my gate for a long time, b*tch. I am eternal.”

76. “No screamin’ while the bus is in motion!”

77. “This is it, Jennifer—your big break on TV.”

78. “Come on, let’s go! Babe, don’t make me ask you twice, okay?”

79. “Hey! You forgot the power glove.”

80. “This boy feels the need for speed.”

81. “When you wake up, it’s back in the saddle again.”

82. “I need you to send a little message for me. That’s all, just a little message.”

83. “Look at you, you’re exhausted. We need to get you to bed!”

84. “But I just keep on tickin’, because they promised me that.”

85. “It’s not my fault this b*tch is dead on her feet.”

86. “We taught her a lot but there’s so much more to learn. How about this, doc?”

87. “Bon appétit, b*tch!”

88. “And now you die.”

89. “It’s the graveyard shift when I get hungry.”

90. “Wanna join your little friend?”

91. “Drugs. Now there’s a real nightmare.”

92. “The dream people. The ones that gave me this job. In dreams, I am forever!”

93. “That was then, this is now. Springwood’s nightmares are just beginning.”

94. “If you think you’re leaving Springwood, you’re not going anywhere.”

95. “Hmm! Great graphics.”

96. “Your shift is over.”

97. “Got your nose!”

98. “Let’s get high.”

99. “What a rush!”

100. “It’s real. I’m real.”

101. “No balls, huh, Voorhees?”

102. “Hey, Danny! Better not dream and drive!”

103. “I’ll kill you slow!”

104. “Meet your maker.”

105. “Hi, Alice. Wanna make babies?”

106. “Wake up. You’re bleeding.”

107. “We got six more minutes to play.”

108. “Kill for me.”

109. “One, two, guess who’s coming for you.”


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