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1. “I’m Johnny Bravo, the one-man army!”

2. “But enough about me. Let’s talk about me. What do you think of me?”

3. “Now remember, I do my best work when I’m being worshipped as a God.”

4. “Wait, who’s that handsome guy? Hello, 911 emergency? There’s a handsome guy in my bathroom! Hey, wait a second. Cancel that, it’s only me!”

5. “I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.”

6. “Enough about you. Let’s talk about me, Johnny Bravo.” 

7. “If loving me is wrong, you don’t wanna be right!”

8. “Hey, Santa, it’s me, Johnny. Remember I’m the one that beat you up last year ’cause I thought you were a burglar?” 

9. “Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?”

10. “Do the monkey with me.”

11. “You look pretty. I look pretty, why don’t we go home and stare at each other?”

12. “Check the pects. Hoo-ha hooah!”

13. “Let’s discuss this. What’s your opinion on me?”

14. “Hey, baby! Anybody ever told you I have beautiful eyes?”

15. “I am investigating the disappearance of all the cats in the city, my living room is full of cats that means ‘pause’ I’m hungry!”

16. “It’s a beautiful day. But not as beautiful as me.”

17. “I bet your name’s Mickey, ’cause you’re so fine. You’re so fine you.”

18. “Wanna watch my chest hair move in slow motion?”

19. “My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!”

20. “It’s a beautiful and sunny day, but not as shiny and hot as me.’’

21. “Hey foxy mama, you smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me? Hoohah!”

22. “This is not good for my hair!”

23. “What do you think, rubber ducky? ‘Quack, quack!’ Precisely what I had in mind!”

24. “Man, I’m pretty!”

25. “Don’t touch the hair.”

26. “Every time I try to fight, the power of man slaps me down.”  

27. “My name is Johnny—a mister of the Universe. A popular girl like you is going to need some wooing.”

28. “Mister, I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to.” 

29. “No Mama! I’m unreasonably old for the little jeans!” 

30. “You know, you’d think a person with that much hate in her heart wouldn’t gravitate towards the service industry.”

31. “Pops, am I a gentleman?”

32. “I need to find a way to lose weight fast.”

33. “Are you familiar with the saying that any man who defends himself has a fool for a client?”

34. “I came, I saw, I broke a hip.”

35. “I sweat a lot, but my breath is minty fresh.”

36. “You know, that just might be crazy enough to work.”

37. “Yes, Momma. I’ve been brushing every day with baking soda and peroxide.”

38. “Get out of my chair and make me some coffee with eight sugars, then throw it out and make it again cause it’s still not sweet enough!”

39. “Hey, there, hot mama, you wouldn’t happen to be hiding a gorilla under their clothes, would you?”

40. “Of course not, kid. I wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

41. “Could you say that again, cause all I heard was “blah blah blah woman”

42. “Whaddaya mean? I got the hamster wheel and the hamster food dispenser. Oh no! She’s turnin’ me into a beautiful butterfly!”

43. “Huh? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

44. “Whoa! A castle in the sky! Just like in that fairy tale of Little Red Rumplestiltskin and the Three Bears and Gretel!”

45. “I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.”

46. “I may be late honey, but I’m looking good.”

47. “Baby, you look like beachfront property and I’m the ocean tidal wave for love.”

48. “This is a men’s fitness magazine, I want to look like this, not at this. I’ve got nothin’ to be ashamed of!”

49. “No way, kid. I ain’t smoothin’ no curl. This hair’s my crowning glory.”

50. “Sweet. Bring on the Danish chicks and cream soda.”

51. “Jinkies, isn’t that some sort of breakfast cereal or something?”

52. “Great Scott. My pizza-sense is tingling.”

53. “Some people look at Jerky and say, ‘Why?’ Me, I look at Jerky and I say ‘Mmmmmmmm! Jerky!’”

54. “Mmm. Frosted Sugar Bits. The great taste of frosted sugar in bits.”

55. “Mama mia. That’s a spicy meatball!”

56. “If the fox were Courtney Cox. But since that is not the case, get those cookies away from my face.”

57. “Pops? It’s me, Johnny! I couldn’t find any doughnuts so I brought some tile grout!” 

58. “Hey there smart momma, typin’ recipes?”

59. “Hey! How come he gets a banana?”

60. “Well, I’m afraid to love, so when people try to get close, I push them away, and talking doll!”

61. “But these letters! If Santa doesn’t get these letters by tonight, I might not get all those free presents I asked for. And whoever heard of a Christmas without free stuff?”

62. “Dog, donkey. Well, they both start with the letter ‘D.’” 

63. “I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record.”

64. “Hey child, would I be able to be your normal determination?”

65. “Okay, your story checks out.”

66. “Like this—please, oh, plea-ease!”

67. “I’m a dancer, a romancer, you’re a Capricorn, I’m a Cancer!”

68. “Space. It’s really, really, really, really big.”

69. “Come and get it, ladies. I’m yours for the taking.”

70. “I am sickened but curious.”

71. “Well baby,  what’s it like looking at the man of your dreams.”

72. “Ka-chow.”

73. “This won’t end well.”

74. “You fiends!”

75. “Oh, you will pay for this!”

76. “Oh, yeah! She digs me.”

77. “20,000 dollars? That’s almost 20,000 dollars!”

78. “I don’t know, what kinds are there?”

79. “Aaaah. The extraordinary smell of pig!”

80. “I need to get these letters to the North Pole by tonight.”

81. “Aw, man! That does it! This is my favorite shirt! I gotta go wash up!”

82. “Hey babearilla, that a pretty eensie-weensie, teeny-weenie polka-dot thingy you got going there.”

83. “Did you see a gorilla around here?”

84. “Now listen mister I ain’t got no time for you to be talking Greek.”

85. “I don’t care how you hold me, just hold me.”

86. “Hey baby, I can tell we both love the same things—me!”

87. “Oh, Momma, I’m so sweet that I’ve got a mouthful of cavities.”

88. “Bad baby! Stop defying the laws of physics!”

89. “Hey , can I be your natural selection?”


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