What is Verrucas?

Verrucas, a viral skin infection, is caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Verrucas are small lumps on the skin that can appear at any part of the body. Anyone can have verrucas at any point in life, get rid of verrucas and in most cases, it vanishes on its own.

Verrucas can transfer from one person to another through close skin contact. The prominent areas of your body where you can have verrucas are hands, feet, knuckles, palms, and fingers.

Appearance and Size of Verrucas

The verrucas are the tiny lumps on the skin, usually skin-coloured. Depending on the colour of the skin, they may appear dark on darker skin tones. At times they may appear rough and firm, but they are not harmful.

The appearance of verrucas can be different according to the skin texture and skin type. Besides small black dots inside the skin, you may observe verrucas as flat, round, or in white and yellow colour.

Causes of Verrucas

The leading cause of Verrucas is Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a viral infection that passes from person to person, having closed skin contact, or using contaminated items. You will experience verrucas within 4 to 5 months once you contact this virus by any one of the mentioned mediums.

Besides, if you are involved in more barefooted activities, you are more likely to pick up the virus. Such as swimming pools, or gyms, as there are more chances to contact the affected person.

How to know If you have Verrucas?

The sole of your foot is one of the prominent parts of the body where Verrucas tend to appear the most. Suppose you experience a rough or flat little bump, usually white or yellow with a tiny black dot inside it. Then it would help if you examined yourself properly. 

It is not harmful in some cases and usually goes on its own within months or a year. A slight pain can be experienced if verrucas appear at an unwanted part, especially the sole, as when the pressure is applied, a person can feel painful sensations.

Can Verrucas be treated at Home?

Yes, verrucas can be treated at home in a few simple ways. One of the easiest ways to get rid of verrucas is with the use of duct tape. It is the most straightforward remedy anyone can follow at home.

Take a small piece of duct tape or according to the size of verruca. Put the video directly on the verruca and leave it for six days. If the tape falls off the place due to any reason, instantly replace it with a new piece of duct tape.

After six days, remove the tape and dip your feet or affected body parts in warm water. Take special care of cleanliness as it is essential to avoid the spread of infection.

How can I get Rid of Verrucas?

Although Verrucas are neither painful nor harmful, they can cause discomfort and uneasiness, especially while walking. The Verrucas vanish in a specific period. But if you want to get rid of it quickly, then listed below are some valuable tips.

Simple At-home Remedies to get rid of Verrucas

Some of the comfortable yet affordable home remedies to treat Verrucas are:

Tea-Tree Oil get rid of verrucas

Tea tree oil has the most potent antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties that can help treat bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. It effectively contributes to treating acne, wounds, and conditions. So, it is ideal for treating verrucas as well.

How to Use:

For this remedy, take equal proportions of Tea-tree and Olive/Almond Oil. Mix well and apply on the affected area twice a day for better results. The antiseptic properties in tea-tree oil will help you get rid of verrucas faster.

Salicylic Acid get rid of verrucas

Salicylic acid belongs to the beta-hydroxy acid type, effectively treating acne and dead skin problems. It is best for treating Verrucas efficiently, effectively, and within less time.

How to Use:

The salicylic acid can direct applied to the affected area as well as some ointments with salicylic acid in them are also available. Before using the acid or lotion, clean the area and dip in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes.

On a cotton ball, add a few drops of acid. Apply on the required area, repeat this activity twice a day for a few weeks until complete recovery. Repeat the process for ointment with salicylic acid in it.

Freezing Sprays

Another quick, effective remedy and the best alternative to salicylic acid is a freezing spray. The excellent sprays work the best to treat blisters, lumps, or injuries. You can quickly get one from a medical store, but it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before using it.

How to Use:

First, clean the specific area with warm water and then spray the product on the verrucas for 15 to 20 seconds. Shake the spray before using it to get the best results. The freezing drizzle will help you get rid of verrucas within a week.

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