1. “This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.” – Clyde Barrow

2. “You listen to me, Miss Bonnie Parker. You listen to me.” – Clyde Barrow

3. “Why don’t y’all go back to your own cabin, if you want to play with C.W.” – Bonnie Parker

4. “Hell, you might just be the best damn girl in Texas.” – Clyde Barrow 

5. “Hey, boy, what you doin’ with my Mama’s car?” – Bonnie Parker

6. “You know what you done there? You told my story, you told my whole story right there, right there. One time, I told you I was gonna make you somebody. That’s what you did for me. You made me somebody they’re gonna remember.” – Clyde Barrow

7. “You could find a lover boy on every damn corner in town. It doesn’t make a damn to them whether you’re waitin’ on tables or pickin’ cotton, but it does make a damn to me.” – Clyde Barrow

8. “Why? What you mean, ‘Why?’ Because you’re different, that’s why. You know, you’re like me. You want different things. You got somethin’ better than bein’ a waitress.” – Clyde Barrow

9. “We got a dollar ninety–eight, and you’re laughing!” – Clyde Barrow

10. “If all you want’s a stud service, you get on back to West Dallas and you stay there the rest of your life. You’re worth more than that. A lot more than that.” – Clyde Barrow

11. “You’re a smart fella. You sure do know a lot about automobiles, don’t you?” – Bonnie Parker 

12. Bonnie Parker: “Mama’s an old woman now. I don’t have no mama. No family either.”

Clyde Barrow: “Hey, I’m your family.”

13. “Your advertising’s just dandy. Folks would never guess you don’t have a thing to sell.” – Bonnie Parker

14. “It’s called the story of Bonnie and Clyde. You’ve heard of the story of Jesse James—of how he lived and died. If you’re still in need of something to read, here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.” – Bonnie Parker

15. “I don’t believe I would. I surely don’t. You try to live three miles from me and you won’t live long, honey. You best keep runnin’, Clyde Barrow. And you know it.” – Bonnie’s Mother 

16. “Least I ain’t a liar.” – Clyde Barrow

17. Buck Barrow: “The guy that you killed—it was either you or him?”

Clyde Barrow: “He put me on the spot.”

18. “I love you.” – Clyde Barrow

19. “There’s nothing wrong with me. I mean, I don’t like boys.” – Clyde Barrow

20. “You know, down in Duncanville last year, poor farmers kept you laws away from us with shotguns. You’re supposed to be protecting them from us and they’re protecting us from you.” – Clyde Barrow

21. “You try to get something to eat around here and some son of a bitch comes up to you with a meat cleaver.” – Clyde Barrow

22. “You and me travelin’ together, we could cut a path clean across this state and Kansas, and Missouri, and Oklahoma, and everybody’d know about it.” – Clyde Barrow

23. Bonnie: “Hey, that ain’t ours!”

Clyde: “Sure it is.”

24. “Don’t think he’s lost. I think the bank’s been offerin’ extra reward money for us. I think Frank just figured on some easy Pickin’s, didn’t ya Frank? You’re no Texas Ranger. You’re hardly doin’ your job. You ought to be home protectin’ the rights of poor folk, not out chasing after us!” – Clyde Barrow

25. Bonnie: “Hey! What’s your name, anyway?”

Clyde: “Clyde Barrow.”

Bonnie: “Hi. I’m Bonnie Parker. Pleased to meet you!”

26. Bonnie Parker: “What would you do if some miracle happened and we could walk out of here tomorrow morning and start all over again clean? No record and nobody after us?” 

Clyde Barrow: “Well, uh, I guess I’d do it all different. First off, I wouldn’t live in the same state where we pull our jobs. We’d live in another state. We’d stay clean there and then when we’d take a bank, we’d go into the other state.” 

27. “Now Ms. Parker, don’t you believe what you read in all them newspapers. That’s the law talkin’ there. They want us to look big so they gonna look big when they catch us. And they ain’t gonna catch us.” – Clyde Barrow

28. “I’m even better at runnin’ than I am at robbin’ banks!” – Clyde Barrow 

29. Bonnie Parker: “You’re good.” 

Clyde Barrow: “I ain’t good. I’m the best!” 

Bonnie Parker: “And modest!” 

30. “Next time, I’ll aim a little lower!” – Clyde Barrow

31. “When we started out, I thought we were really going somewhere. But this is it. We’re just going.” – Bonnie Parker

32. C.W. Moss: “I spent a year in reformatory!”

Bonnie Parker: “Oh! A man with a record!”

33. Bonnie Parker: “What’s it like?”

Clyde Barrow: “State prison?”

Bonnie Parker: “No, armed robbery.”

34. “You’re just like your brother. Ignorant, uneducated hillbilly, except the only special thing about you is your peculiar ideas about love-making, which is no love-making at all.” – Bonnie Parker

35. “I’ll never leave your side, my dear Clyde. I’ll ride ‘till I die.” – Bonnie Parker

36. “Well, why not? I earned my share, same as everybody. Well, I coulda got killed same as everybody. And I’m wanted by the law same as everybody—I’m a nervous wreck and that’s the truth. I have to take sass from Miss Bonnie Parker all the time. I deserve mine.” – Blanche Barrow

37. “They don’t think they’re too smart or desperate. They know that the law always wins. They’ve been shot at before. But they do not ignore that death is the wages of sin.” – Bonnie Parker

38. “Never go crooked. It’s for the love of a man that I’m gonna have to die. I don’t know when, but I know it can’t be long.” – Bonnie Parker

39. “Shoot, if we’d done half that stuff they said we’d done in that paper, we’d be millionaires by now, wouldn’t we?” – Clyde Barrow

40. “Truck drivers come in to eat greasy burgers and they kid you and you kid them back, but they’re stupid and dumb, boys with big tattoos all over ’em, and you don’t like it—and they ask you for dates and sometimes you go, but you mostly don’t, and all they ever try is to get into your pants whether you want to or not. And you go home and sit in your room and think, when and how will I ever get away from this? And now you know.” – Clyde Barrow

41. “Step on it, Velma!” – Eugene Grizzard

42. Clyde Barrow: “Now you just tell me what was wrong with that car.”

C.W. Moss: “Dirt.”

Clyde Barrow: “Dirt?”

C.W. Moss: “Dirt in the fuel line—just blowed it away.”

43. “He doctored it all up with the brandy, fresh milk, and he gave it to his Mom. And she drank a little bit of it, you know. So, next day, he brought it in again and she drank a little more, you know. And so they went on that way for the third day and just a little more, and the fourth day, she was, you know, took a little bit more—and then finally, one week later, he gave her the milk and she just drank it down. Boy, she swallowed the whole, whole, whole thing, you know. And she called him over and she said, ‘Son, whatever you do, don’t sell that cow!’” – Buck Barrow

44. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle

45. “So much of life is being present with the people you love.” – Shane Parrish

46. “There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

47. “No road is long with good company.” – Turkish Proverb

48. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” – Yoko Ono

49. “A relationship where you can be weird together is your best choice.” – Paulo Coelho

50. “We are most alive when we’re in love.” – John Updike

51. “People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” – Mother Teresa

52. “Love doesn’t make the world go around. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

53. “I got a .45 in my Louis bag, yeah. And I’m always ride for my man.” – Jazmine Sullivan

54. “Would you ride for the kid, would you lie for the kid? Death before dishonor.” – Future

55. “All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend.” – Jay Z

56. “Queen with a crown that be down for whatever. There are few things that’s forever, my lady.” – Method Man

57. “In the end, it’s him and I. He’s out his head, I’m out my mind.” – Halsey

58. “I’mma and I don’t need the keys.” – Megan Thee Stallion

59. “If I call, would you ride, baby? Need you right by my side, baby.” – Fetty Wap

60. “You have to put work into relationships to keep them fun.” – Cecily Strong

61. “Every relationship has its problems, but what makes it perfect is when you still want to be there when everything goes wrong.” – Ritu Ghatourey

62. “The extent to which two people in a relationship can bring up and resolve issues is a critical marker of the soundness of a relationship.” – Henry Cloud

63. “Problems should be like speed bumps. You slow down just to get over it, but you don’t let it stop you from heading to your destination.” – Sonya Parker

64. “Hold no grudges and practice forgiveness. This is the key to having peace in all your relationships.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

65. “Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.” – Denis Waitley

66. “A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out you do not go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.” – Bernajoy Vaal

67. “Good communication is less about saying what you mean, and more about defining what you say.” – Kelli Jae Baeli

68. “You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

69. “All relationships go through bad times, but real relationships get through bad times.” – Anurag Prakash Ray


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