1. “A goddaughter evokes great love in her godparents’ hearts.” – Anonymous

2. “Dear goddaughter, may your big day be as cheerful as a butterfly and as amazing as the night sky.” – Anonymous

3. “I’m blessed to have the best goddaughter in the world!” – Anonymous

4. “A goddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.” – Anonymous

5. “Goddaughters make our lives more beautiful and special.” – Anonymous

6. “Dear, you are the epitome of the perfect goddaughter and I love you.” – Anonymous

7. “A goddaughter brings as much love and joy into one’s life as an actual daughter.” – Anonymous

8. “I am the luckiest godfather, because it was my turn to have you as a goddaughter and, better yet, I was lucky enough to be by your side in the most important moments of your life.” – Anonymous

9. “You are more than a goddaughter to me, you are a to me as well.” – Anonymous

10. “Because you are the best goddaughter in the world today, I want to ask that all your dreams come true and that each of your day’s joy overflows.” – Anonymous

11. “A godchild fills your heart with love and joy as if they were your very own.” – Anonymous

12. “My sweet little goddaughter, you’re the person who can make me smile and laugh like no one else can!” – Anonymous

13. “You are my favorite goddaughter and you are surely pretty just like me.” – Anonymous

14. “Goddaughter, I promise to love, support, cheer, encourage, guide, protect, and keep you in my heart always and forever.” – Anonymous

15. “Best wishes to my special little goddaughter. Please never forget that you can count on me for whatever.” – Anonymous

16. “You are not only my goddaughter but also my best friend. I care so much about you, and that is why I shall forever strive for nothing but your happiness in life. God bless you, my dear.” – Anonymous

17. “I thank your parents for trusting me to watch over you and give you all my love, because every time you call me ‘godmother,’ my heart jumps with joy and fills me with emotion.” – Anonymous

18. “When we accepted the invitation to be your godparents, we never could have imagined what a wonderful and rewarding job it would turn out to be. We love you so much!” – Anonymous

19. “I promise to always strive to be the kind of woman you can look up to.” – Anonymous

20. “If you think I’m cute, you should see my godmother.” – Anonymous

21. “The love between godmother and goddaughter knows no distance. Love you to the moon and back!” – Anonymous

22. “Goddaughter, may the warmth of God’s love and the light of his grace make your world a joyous place.” – Anonymous

23. “Dear goddaughter, wherever you go, remember that your godfather and godmother has got your back.” – Anonymous

24. “I can’t ask for more in a daughter who is courageous, caring, compassionate, and adorable. I thank God for giving me a complete goddaughter.” – Anonymous

25. “May God shower His wondrous blessings on you and keep you safe, happy, and prosperous all the days of your life.” – Anonymous

26. “Thank you for the best smile I have ever seen in my life, that smile that came through me. I love you my goddaughter.” – Anonymous

27. “Godmothers can transform their goddaughters.” – Anonymous

28. “For a precious goddaughter. May a heavenly ripple of faith, hope and love begin today, surrounding this little one with a lifetime of caring, prayers, and God’s sweet blessing.” – Anonymous

29. “Dear goddaughter, you have grown up so much and so fast, I can’t keep up.” – Anonymous

30. “I promise to cherish the time I get to spend with you.” – Anonymous

31. “I’m as lucky as can be, for the world’s best goddaughter belongs to me.” – Anonymous

32. “I promise that you can talk to me about absolutely anything, and I’ll never ever judge you or be mad at you.” – Anonymous

33. “Kid, you are my goddaughter, so I hope that you keep being happy just like I am, today.” – Anonymous

34. “Goddaughter, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.” – Anonymous

35. “I wish you all the best in the world, my goddaughter. You do not know how much I think about you every day.” – Anonymous

36. “We come across moments of sorrows and sometimes we come across moments of joy, you, my lovely goddaughter, is that moment of joy. Thank you, my goddaughter, for being that moment in my life.” – Anonymous

37. “You are the best thing that ever came to me and your mother, I love you, my goddaughter.” – Anonymous

38. “Bringing the shine and merry in my life is the biggest gift you could ever give to me, thank you, my lovely goddaughter.” – Anonymous

39. “I love the moment you were born and that nostalgic moment brings joy in my life every time. I remember it. I love you, my sweet goddaughter. Thank you for being a part of this nostalgia.” – Anonymous

40. “Since we look at the old pictures of you and me, I was so thankful to God for making this dream of having you come true, and I thank you my lovely goddaughter for turning my dream into reality.” – Anonymous

41. “I thank my lucky stars every blessed day for giving me an adorable goddaughter like you.” – Anonymous

42. “Behind every phenomenal goddaughter, there is one heck of a super awesome godfather or godmother.” – Anonymous

43. “I’m very grateful to have a beautiful goddaughter who lightens up my world with her exceptional qualities.” – Anonymous

44. “Thank you for giving me happy days and love, you are the best goddaughter I can ever have.” – Anonymous

45. “We have spent most of our life together seeing each other learn from the world and ourselves, my sweet goddaughter you are the greatest thing that came in life.” – Anonymous

46. “My eyes and my heart were both struck when I first met you and you have no idea how grateful I am of having you come into this world through me, thank you my goddaughter for being a part of this world.” – Anonymous

47. “Goddaughters make life more special.” – Anonymous

48. “Goddaughter, you really are so loved.” – Anonymous

49. “Being your godparents has been a rewarding job for us.” – Anonymous

50. “Dear goddaughter! I hope all your wishes and dreams are fulfilled.” – Anonymous

51. “I send a kiss and a thousand hugs to my dear goddaughter.” – Anonymous

52. “A goddaughter brings a special joy that comes from deep inside. And as she grows to adulthood, she fills your heart with pride.” – Anonymous

53. “A little wish for my goddaughter. Tie this bracelet around your wrist, close your eyes and make a wish. When the strings start to fray, you know your wish is on its way.” – Anonymous

54. “A goddaughter is a wonderful blessing—a treasure from above. She’s laughter, warmth, and special charm. She’s thoughtfulness and love.” – Anonymous

55. “No words can describe the warm memories, the pride, and gratitude, too, that comes from having a goddaughter to love and cherish just like you.” – Anonymous

56. “Dear goddaughter, if asthma weren’t such a bad sickness, I’d call you my ‘Asthma’ because you have the power to take my breath away like nobody’s business.” – Anonymous

57. “Hmm—if indeed the good die young, then you, my goddaughter, must be really bad to the bone!” – Anonymous

58. “If you mess with me, you mess with my godmother.” – Anonymous

59. “Let me kiss and hug you, my sweet goddaughter. Do not fear the ceremony. This is God’s blessing day.” – Anonymous

60. “As the moment of your baptism arrives, I wish you to feel the love that God has showered on you and you feel what a blessed child you are! God bless!” – Janette Rallison

61. “On this Christening day, I pray to the Almighty to fill your life with love and luck and write a bright future in your destiny!” – Anonymous

62. “On this christening day, I am sending my all love, my best wishes, and my all grace to my beautiful young godchild.” – Anonymous

63. “We are blessed to celebrate this day with you, my precious goddaughter.” – Anonymous

64. “To my beloved goddaughter, congratulations on your christening day. May you be blessed with a life filled with love and happiness.” – Anonymous

65. “On this day, my goddaughter, I’m proud to witness your Christening day. I’m looking forward to guiding you and helping you grow into your name. May you be blessed with happiness and lots of joy, in God’s grace.” – Anonymous

66. “Happy birthday, goddaughter! You’ve turned into an amazing woman, despite growing up with such a nutty godmother as a role model.” – Anonymous

67. “Happy birthday to our beautiful goddaughter. We’re so proud of the person you’ve become, and so fortunate that we got to see it all.” – Anonymous

68. “Happy 16th birthday to a girl who has always been one of the sweetest things in my life—my goddaughter.” – Anonymous

69. “Happy birthday to our goddaughter, who makes us proud every single day. We love you!” – Anonymous

70. “As your godmother, I have an important piece of advice for you: have a wonderful birthday! I love you!” – Anonymous

71. “Happy 18th birthday to my amazing goddaughter! I can’t believe that little baby girl I used to hold in my arms is officially an adult.” – Anonymous

72. “Happy sweet 16, goddaughter! You’ve always been sweet, and I hope you hold onto some of that sweetness even as you grow into a strong, smart, and talented young lady.” – Anonymous

73. “Yay, you made it to adulthood! As your godmother, I’m totally taking some of the credit for that. Happy birthday, kiddo!” – Anonymous

74. “I told you never to grow up, goddaughter, and yet here you are turning 18 on me. But I have to admit, you did turn out to be a pretty wonderful young lady.” – Anonymous

75. “As your godmother, I deem it my duty to constantly put a smile on your face. I want more than anything in this world to see you smiling, laughing, and being happy all the days of your life.” – Anonymous

76. “Happy 21st birthday to our beautiful goddaughter. Even though you are now of drinking age, you will always be the same sweet girl in our eyes.” – Anonymous

77. “Happy 21st birthday, sweetheart! Hope you have an amazing time, but not too amazing. A godmother’s job description does not include bailing her goddaughter out of jail!” – Anonymous

78. “Cheers to our wonderful goddaughter on her 21st birthday! We love you!” – Anonymous

79. “Best birthday wishes to an absolutely wonderful goddaughter. Watching you grow up has been our great pleasure.” – Anonymous

80. “Happy birthday to a wonderful lady who I am proud to call my goddaughter and my friend.” – Anonymous

81. “Our precious goddaughter is one year old today! Happy birthday, little one!” – Anonymous

82. “Happy birthday to the world’s cutest goddaughter! Grow strong and stay sweet, little girl!” – Anonymous

83. “Happy birthday to the best little goddaughter in the world. Mommy and Daddy are doing a great job raising you.” – Anonymous

84. “My goddaughter is too cute, too clever, too silly, and two years old! Happy birthday, sweetie!” – Anonymous

85. “Happy second birthday to my sweet goddaughter! You may not be a baby anymore, but I’m still totally gaga for you!” – Anonymous

86. “Happy birthday to our beautiful goddaughter, who turns two today! We are so proud to be part of this amazing little girl’s life!” – Anonymous

87. “In my eyes, you’ll always shine like the sun. Happy birthday, my dear goddaughter.” – Anonymous

88. “I was so happy to be your godparent, and today, I’m so proud that you are my goddaughter. Happy birthday, love.” – Anonymous

89. “Happy birthday to our beautiful goddaughter, who is one year old today! Hard to believe it was a whole year ago that this sweet little girl was born.” – Anonymous

90. “Parties are important, and on birthdays these are super important. I am extremely happy as my goddaughter will give me her birthday party today. Hurrah! Happy birthday, dear!” – Anonymous

91. “The most beautiful thing in this world is the heart of my goddaughter, as it is filled with kindness, love, and respect. I hope you will have these qualities till your last breath, dear. Happy birthday, stay blessed always!” – Anonymous

92. “Celebrating the birthday of my goddaughter always hits at the top of my priority list and likewise this year too. Be ready. Happy birthday, dear!” – Anonymous

93. “Dear goddaughter, be ready to have a roller coaster ride today because my surprise will blow up your mind today. Happy birthday, dear!” – Anonymous

94. “You take out the load from my chest since the day you have become my goddaughter. Thank you. Happy birthday, dear!” – Anonymous

95. “Someone whispered that today is your birthday. I want to say out loud that I’m very happy to be your godmother. Congratulations, my dear.” – Anonymous

96. “Hello my lovely goddaughter! I wish you the most superb birthday commemorations!” – Anonymous

97. “Happy birthday, my dear goddaughter. I am sending bundles of prayers for your happy and successful life.” – Anonymous

98. “Hope your day is bright and sunny just like you, my little cheeky monkey.” – Anonymous

99. “I hope that with every year that you meet, you can fulfill a goal and know that I will always be there to support you. Happy birthday, goddaughter. Never forget to smile.” – Anonymous


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