How to get job in google

There is no denying that Google is one of the most influential and powerful companies that exist in the world. Getting a job at Google would be a dream for everyone who has the potential to get it. It is indeed very difficult to get a job at Google because they have some defined criteria to hire the best candidates out of the pool of applicants.

What things does Google considers before hiring any candidate?

As stated above, people do not just get a job at Google. They earn it. You have to be the best if you want to get hired by Google. There is a criterion according to which Google selects you and hires you. The company’s recruitment team closely looks at your previous working experiences. The companies you have served matter a lot because it tells about your job’s nature and the challenges you have faced for the company’s growth. Google also keenly looks at the educational documents of people they hire so that they may know exactly the educational status of the candidate and whether it matches their requirements or not.

Different types of jobs available at Google:

There are different job categories that you can apply for on Google. At first, the major category with the most chances of recruitment is its Engineering Department, where any person with a strong background and computer science education can apply. The second major category is Business. They are non-tech jobs where people can apply for posts like business analysts etc.

The third major category is designing. This receives most applications for recruitment because the trend of graphics designing is upsurging.

How to apply?

  • If you are looking for a job at Google, the best option to be considered first is to have an in-depth analysis of your network and connections, whether they work in Google or have any linked-up references. He or she will not refer but will tell you the intricacies and application procedure.
  • You will have to make sure that your resume is the best. There have to be almost all the necessities a multinational company would require. It is very important to add a cover letter as well.
  • You will have to keep on applying in case of no response. So make sure you do not lose hope if you do not get any response.
  • You can check google careers thoroughly to ensure that the company has a vacancy that matches your caliber.
  • You will have to make sure that you are well aware of the interview questions that you will go through. You can find these questions easily on GOOGLE. LOL!

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