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How to be a Hacker?

Nowadays, you have seen that it has become most people’s fascination to be a hacker. When you watch movies, you see computer hacking often performed by different people, which attracts you so much. We get fascinated that a hacker can do anything, even hack someone’s brakes on their car hell Jeff Goldblum saved the entire planet with a MacBook.

When people think about hacking, they might wonder if it would be something about a sweaty nerd stealing your files, but it’s not like that. As Eric Raymond noted about hackers;

“A hacker is someone who is passionate about computers and works with other hackers to forward computer innovation.”

There are two kinds of hackers;

  1. White hat.
  2. Black hat.

White hat ones are the good ones who break into systems to learn about liability to make computers and the internet a safe place for others, while the black hat hackers work on the computers to steal your documents, money, IDs, etc. White represents Jedi, and Black represents Seth.

Before touching your computer and its details to become a hacker, you need to be well-aware of the five principles of becoming a hacker presented by Eric Raymond;


1 The world is full of fascinating problems waiting to be solved

It means that you should never be ready to learn new things. Never think that you know everything because there are many more things you need to search for.

2 No problem should ever have to be solved twice

If someone finds some new thing or new problem or the solution of that problem, share it with the world that they know you have seen or solved and will look for something else.

3 Boredom and drudgery are evil

We should make the computer not boring and laborious work but an entertaining one, which people might enjoy and feel pleasure to do.

4 Freedom is good

That is, getting knowledge is the right of every human to which they should have access.

5 You can’t relieve yourself by the attitude

You have to learn to distrust as it’s a habit of competence in hackers.

Skills to become a hacker:

You have to follow the given skills to be a hacker;

  1. Learn how to program. There are a lot of languages, but the hacker community uses the best of them. Try reading different books to learn to program and if you are at school, take online or regular classes to learn to program.
  2. You have to learn Linux too. It’s an operating system used on 96.55% of Web servers in the world, so if you want to negotiate the inner workings of the internet, you need Linux.
  3. It would help if you had to get basic hardware knowledge consisting of the computer’s physical parts.
  4. You have to learn reverse engineering, which is the recovery of designs, requirements, etc., by knowing the code.
  5. Then you have to learn cryptography, database, and problem-solving skills.

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