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1. “You don’t look in the eyes of a carrot seed quite in the way you do a panda bear, but it’s very important diversity.” – Cary Fowler

2. “I’m not one of those actors who romanticize his trials working out and brags that he can bench press a panda now.” – Ryan Reynolds

3. “Books can break a man open, even ones about a panda, maybe especially so.” – Gregory Sherl

4. “I’m nicknamed as ‘Panda’ because I sleep, then eat, then play; but, to note is that I’m super cute.” – Annie John

5. “I’m really into pandas right now. They’re really scratching an itch for me. They’re so g*dd*mn cute.” – Nick Kroll

6. “We use pandas and and things. I’d love to see a wilderness society with an angry-looking wolverine as their logo.” – E. O. Wilson

7. “It’s like the panda, they say that’s dying out. But what do they do? When you see them, they’re just sitting in the jungle eating.” – Karl Pilkington

8. “Summit meetings tend to be like panda matings. The expectations are always

high, and the results are usually disappointing.” – Robert Orben

9. “Do you think pandas know they’re Chinese and they’re taking the one-child policy a bit too seriously?” – Jim Jefferies

10. “Panda—large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China; eats shoots and leaves.” – Lynne Truss

11. “Met someone who works at the zoo. Apparently, the panda is a nasty animal.” – Dov Davidoff

12. “Physically, he was the connoisseur’s connoisseur. He was a giant panda—Santa Claus and the Jolly Green Giant rolled into one. On him, a lean and slender physique would have looked like very bad casting.” – Craig Claiborne

13. “Men look like pandas when they try and put makeup on.” – Adam Ant

14. “I’ve been punched by a , an Indian girl, and a panda. I should be a video game.” – Adam Rex

15. “I thought the secret of life was obvious—be here now, love as if your whole life depended on it, find your life’s work, and try to get hold of a giant panda.” –

16. “I only dated one Asian girl, but she was very Asian. She was a panda.” – Jim Gaffigan

17. “The way I paint is similar to rock in that you don’t stand around and say, ‘Gee, what are they talking about?’ Rock is simple, blunt, colorful. Same with my paintings. You don’t stand back and wonder what it is. That’s Jim Morrison, that’s a panda, that’s a scene on the West Coast. It’s not abstract.” – Grace Slick

18. “Americans love marriage too much. We rush into marriage with abandon, expecting a micro-utopia on earth. We pile all our needs onto it, our expectations, neuroses, and hopes. In fact, we’ve made marriage into the panda bear of human social institutions—we’ve loved it to death.” – Barbara Ehrenreich

19. “Pandas. They’re proof that you can eat just bamboo and still be fat.” –Anonymous

20. “There’s no point bleating about the future of pandas, polar bears, and when we’re not addressing the one single factor putting more pressure on the ecosystem than any other, namely, the ever-increasing population.” – Chris Packham

21. “The sad thing about destroying the environment is that we’re going to take the rest of life with us. The bluebirds will be gone, and the elephants will be gone, and the tigers will be gone, and the pandas will be gone.” – Ted Turner

22. “Every time I mention her, Magnus says, ‘Are you two getting along?’ in raised, hopeful tones, like we’re endangered pandas who need to make a baby.” – Sophie Kinsella

23. “For better or worse, zoos are how most people come to know big or exotic animals. Few will ever see sledding downhill to sea on their bellies, giant pandas holding bamboo lollipops in China, or tree porcupines in the Canadian Rockies, balled up like giant pine cones.” – Diane Ackerman

24. “Things Isabella wouldn’t care about—Titanic sinking again. Metro striking Earth, and landing directly on top of the world’s most innocent panda. Titanic sinking again and this time the entire crew is puppies.” – Jim Benton

25. “In the game of life, less diversity means fewer options for change. Wild or domesticated, panda or pea, adaptation is the requirement for survival.” – Cary Fowler

26. “If you can unify the public mind by saving an iconic species like the tiger, like they did with the panda, that means you have to protect their habitat and everything that they hunt. And that means saving massive, thousands of acres for them to be able to roam and breed. So it’s more of a land effort.” –

27. “Despite what you may have been taught about Indians or Africans or ancient Celts, poor people are terrible stewards of their environment. For instance, if my kid were starving to death, I would happily feed her a fresh panda.” – Jonah Goldberg

28. “So, you’re telling me the zoo commissioned you to make a zombie panda in order to avoid a potential international incident.” – Lish McBride

29. “I am glad that the life of pandas is so dull by human standards, for our efforts at conservation have little moral value if we preserve creatures only as human ornaments; I shall be impressed when we show solicitude for warty toads and slithering worms.” – Stephen Jay Gould

30. “Those grizzlies are more like pandas.” – Charles Barkley

31. “They said I could be anything, so I became a panda.” – Anonymous

32. “I’ll be productive today. Nah, I’m a panda.” – Anonymous

33. “Life is better with a panda.” – Anonymous

34. “Pandas—the living proof that you came fat just by eating salad.” – Anonymous

35. “Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping.” – Anonymous

36. “I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy.” – Anonymous

37. “Be a panda—the happiest and the rarest.” – Anonymous

38. “My is a panda.” – Anonymous


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