2. “I’m a Taurus, which means that I have a bull-like determination, which means I’m not giving up. And that is true. I’m not.” – Charles K. Kinzer

3. “Traditional Taurus female traits include emotional strength, independence, loyalty, introversion, and a flair for the artistic.” – Anonymous

4. “Taurus are doing more than you know, on things you don’t know about.” – Anonymous

5. “Self-care means giving yourself permission to pause.” – Cecilia Tran

6. “Taurus will say whatever in the nicest possible way or say nothing at all.” – Janet Bowman Johnson

7. “Like a pig sniffing truffles, a Taurean can literally sniff out unfaithfulness. As a creature of the earth, you have a finely tuned animal—type sense about your partner.” – Michele Knight

8. “Taurus will say it to your face, not behind your back.” – Anonymous

9. “I am fiercely independent. I am a Taurus and that will not change.” – Nancy H. Blose

10.“Taurus won’t sit and wait. They get shit done themselves.” – Anonymous

11. “If Taurus set a goal, they will achieve it against all the odds.” – Anonymous

12. “People born under the Taurus sign value honesty above all else, so don’t try to pull a fast one on them—they’ll never forgive you.” – Anonymous

13. “Habits are a prominent theme for those born under the Taurus sign, as their routines can help them be productive and organized.” – Anonymous

14. “I’m a Taurus. To the bone.” – Michelle Pfeiffer

15. “Taurus woman is strong, practical, and reliable.” – Anonymous

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16. “The bull seldom rushes forward to stomp on your toes. He simply wants to be left alone.” – Linda Goodman

17. “Taurus won’t forget it. Taurus doesn’t forget anything.” – Linda Goodman

18. “A Taurus man plans for tomorrow carefully.” – Linda Goodman

19. “Stable and conservative, Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac.” – Anonymous

20. “Taurus won’t budge an inch. Once his mind is set, he folds his arms calmly and digs in his heels.” – Linda Goodman

21. “Taurus is in absolutely no rush, so embrace the opportunity to move slow and steady, letting the relationship unfold naturally.” – Elaine Dawn

22. “Taurus remembers everything you do and don’t do.” – Anonymous

23. “Taurus keep their phone silent 24/7 because they are tired of everyone’s bullshit.” – Anonymous

24. “My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything—even if you have no clue what you’re doing.” – Jessica Alba

25. “When you put your thoughts down, or whenever you’re going to share something with someone, it means something if it bleeds out in a nice ink.” – Rami Malek.

26. “I am a Taurus. My will is awful. If I like something, there is nothing else.” – Elsa Peretti

27. “With drive and a bit of talent you can move mountains.” –

28. “I think women are amazing for being able to show what they feel. I admire women who do. I think it’s a mistake when women cover their emotions to look tough.” – Gal Gadot

29. “Don’t play mind games. Since Taurus is not a manipulator, he won’t recognize your maneuvering. Save yourself the trouble and the ammunition, while you’re at it.” – Terry Marlowe

30. “Love, money, pleasure, the master and mistress of self-indulgence. Funny but coarse, persistent but stubborn.” – Sally Kirkman

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31. “Keep going until you get it right. Then keep going until you can’t get it wrong.” – Anonymous

32. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso

33. “I like to use the hard times in the past to motivate me today.” – Dwayne Johnson

34. “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” – Nelson Mandela

35. “Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity.” – T. S. Eliot

36. “He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin

37. “No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear.” – Greg Kincaid

38. “Controversy is part of the nature of art and creativity.” – Yoko Ono

39. “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” – Abraham Lincoln

40. “If more of us valued food, and cheer, and songs—above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

41. “The Taurus person is genuinely interested in success, and there is nothing he admires more than someone who has achieved his goal.” – Margarete Beim

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42. “In complete darkness, we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us, don’t let your eyes deceive you.” – Janet Jackson

43. “In most cases being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.” – Tina Fey

44. “It sounds depressing, but I think when you truly love someone, you’ll never stop loving them.” – Sam Smith

45. “I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.” – Adele

46. “You can get totally messed up trying to please everyone with what you do, but ultimately, you have to please yourself.” – Pierce Brosnan

47. “My weaknesses—I wish I could come up with something. I’d probably have the same pause if you asked me what my strengths are. Maybe they’re the same thing.” – Al Pacino

48. “The past, I think, has helped me appreciate the present—and I don’t want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future.” – Audrey Hepburn

49. “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” –

50. “You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.” – Kirsten Dunst

51. “The minute that you’re not learning I believe you’re dead.” –

52. “The wall! Your success is on the other side. Can’t jump over it or go around it. You know what to do!” – Dwayne Johnson

53. “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints—the sinners are much more fun.” – Billy Joel

54. “Art does not exist only to entertain, but also to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth.” – Barbra Streisand

55. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – William Shakespeare

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56. “I’m a Taurus and I defy you to find someone more stubborn, opinionated, and determined than me.” – Gary Garrison

57. “Taurus doesn’t hold grudges. They use them as motivation.” – Anonymous

58. “Taurus’ patient and reflective nature make them uniquely suited for professions where they are able to focus methodically on building and completing a project.” – Anonymous

59. “A Taurus is good-humored with a magnetic allure that is hard to deny and a tactile style of affection that is simply irresistible.” – Courtney O’Reilly

60. “A Taurus always appears to be calm and steady even when they feel like punching you in the face.” – Anonymous

61. “Taurus doesn’t get mad. They get disappointed and move on.” – Anonymous

62. “Treat me like a game, and I’ll show you how it’s played.” – Anonymous

63. “Accept themselves instead of trying to fix every flaw.” – Anonymous

64. “Taurus humor is warm and earthy, playful and reminiscent of Falstaff. These people are seldom, if ever, really cruel or vindictive.” – Linda Goodman

65. “Treat Taurus like an option, and they will cross you out completely.” – Anonymous

66. “Taurus usually has the Venusian signature of good taste, yet this may appear in a more rugged and earthy aesthetic.” – Anonymous

67. “Taurus has an instinct for where the money is—the possibilities of a new project, the chances of an idea being lucrative—and no one is better at saving, collecting, and putting away for a rainy day.” – Joanna Martine Woolfolk

68. “Taurus is an Earth sign and has the ability to see things from a grounded, practical, and realistic perspective.” – Anonymous

69. “Taurus natives are reliable and steady in completing what they start and dogged in honoring their commitments.” – Anonymous

70. “If the incident is large enough to rock his normally placid emotions, you can count on blind fury, no ordinary anger.” – Linda Goodman

71. “Live in each season as it passes.” – Henry David Thoreau

72. “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

73. “To lose patience is to lose the battle.” – Mahatma Gandhi

74. “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” – Kahlil Gibran

75. “Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.” – Virgil

76. “Men always appreciate her gracious tendency to take people as they are, without quibbling.” – Linda Goodman

77. “Provoke him at your own risk, for the Taurus man has a hot temper and won’t hesitate to unleash it.” – Anonymous

78. “Dependable, tenacious, and extraordinarily diligent, a Taurus man is a great pick for your team, whether in work, friendship, or long-lasting love.” – Anonymous

79. “The Taurus man is ruled by his senses—he’s going to look good, smell nice, speak calmly, and have great taste.” – Anonymous

80. “Proud and determined, the Taurus man persists in achieving great results and he is known for his tenacity.” – Anonymous

81. “Taurus men keep chivalry alive and are complete romantics when it comes to anniversaries and birthdays.” – Anonymous

82. “The Taurus man is the sort who will chase the big payoff and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” – Anonymous

83. “Taureans are stubborn as hell. They never want to tell you what sign they are—but underneath that tough Taurus, hide beats the heart of a hopeless romantic.” – Armistead Maupin

84. “But if Mr. Taurus promises to build a house within a certain time frame you can safely go and order the furniture.” – Therrie Rosenvald

85. “Acquisitive, the Taurus man will put his money in investments that offer safe returns. He won’t spend on cheap things as he prefers high quality.” – Anonymous

86. “A Taurus man’s tendency to be so unchanging comes from being ruled by Venus, which is all about union and harmony.” – Anonymous

87. “He dislikes artificiality of any kind, and values conversations filled with genuine statements, especially when it comes to compliments and love declarations.” – Anonymous

88. “Symbolized by the bull, the Taurus man can be extremely stubborn.” – Anonymous

89. “If you are in search for a strong, loyal, and generous man, Taurus is the person you are looking for.” – Anonymous

90. “Taureans would rather entertain hospitably at home than go to the trouble of visiting.” – Linda Goodman

91. “A Taurus woman is assertive when she needs to be, but she doesn’t mind when someone else takes the lead, especially her partner in a romantic relationship.” – Anonymous

92. “She’s seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and her disposition is generally even, down to earth and pleasant.” – Linda Goodman

93. “An analogy of tender flower would be in order, for the Taurus woman needs a lot of care and attention in order to blossom.” – Anonymous

94. “It’s his nature to be stoic, and take things in his stride, and nothing really alters this basic tendency.” – Linda Goodman

95. “Taurus women want to be courted and slowly seduced, even when they have already decided to enter a relationship with someone.” – Anonymous

96. “Women have to harness their power—it’s absolutely true.” – Cher

97. “This is a woman who doesn’t like to feel rushed when dating and needs to have her time.” – Anonymous

98. “Ladies born in the sign Taurus will always have an unfortunate influence upon you unless they have attained mastery over the generative forces.” – Anonymous

99. “Ruled by sensuous Venus, the Taurus woman was born to love, and to be loved.” – Anonymous

100. “Even if she measures under five feet, she can reach tall enough to meet almost any emergency life chooses to throw her way.” – Linda Goodman

101. “A Taurus woman who doesn’t approve of her husband’s cronies simply will not talk to them.” – Linda Goodman

102. “The average Taurus woman will take the masculine hobby of girl-watching in stride.” – Linda Goodman

103. “And also I think particularly as a female, you’re taught to be defensive your whole life. You’re taught not to be aggressive.” – Uma Thurman

104. “The Taurus woman can show frigid indifference to her enemies, but if she counts you as a friend, she’ll be loyal through all your ups and downs.” – Linda Goodman

105. “The nurturing ways of a Taurus woman make her a great giver in any relationship as long as her partner is committed to the union and makes her feel secure and protected.” – Anonymous

106. “Taurus is loyal and always willing to lend a hand of friendship, although they can be closed up for the outer world before they build trust for new social contacts they make.” – Anonymous

107. “Taureans are the Hufflepuffs of the zodiac. As friends, they’re trustworthy and dependable.” – Anonymous

108. “Taurus women typically don’t need hordes of friends, as quality over quantity is her motto.” – Anonymous

109. “The undying loyalty of Taurus is both a strength and a weakness.” – Anonymous

110. “I don’t need people to talk to. I need someone who will listen.” – Anonymous

111. “The Taurus modality is fixed, meaning people born under this sign tend to be reliable, persistent, and stable.” – Anonymous

112. “You can expect a straightforward approach with them. If there are problems or concerns that haven’t been resolved, the Taurus must talk it out.” – Thelma Balfour

113. “Moreover, the Taurus is anything but mischievous; on the contrary, his kindness leads him, at times, to trust too much of the next and be disappointed by the latter.” – Susan Daniel

114. “If Taurus show you their vulnerability, they trust you.” – Anonymous

115. “Verbally express love and care.” – Anonymous

116. “Because of Taureans’ love of perfection, need for stability, and resistance to change, they won’t rush into a relationship with just anyone.” – Anonymous

117. “To someone born under Taurus, love is the most primal way of expressing their affections.” – Anonymous

118. “The Taurus woman creates relationships for the long run. Extremely loyal, she is shocked if the same loyalty is not given back to her.” – Michelle Karen

119. “Taureans love pleasure and enjoy all things luxurious and cozy. ‘Work hard, play hard,’ is a motto that can definitely be applied to this sign.” – Anonymous

120.“Those with the sign of Taurus prominent in their charts tend to be great at dedicating themselves to see projects and relationships through.” – Anonymous

121. “Don’t tell Taurus you love them. Show them your actions.” – Anonymous

122. “Whatever her childhood origins and ultimate family experience, Taurus will always meet her greatest challenges in the arena of her romantic relationships. It is here that she, without fail, will choose those who cannot or will not return her love.” – Taina Ketola

123. “Taurus on a first date, ‘promise me you won’t change.’” – Anonymous

124. “What makes a Taurus happy; good food, a warm blanket, and someone to cuddle.” – Anonymous

125. “Taurus won’t tell you they love you. They show you with action.” – Anonymous

126. “When Taurus see you don’t care, they won’t either.” – Anonymous

127. “As a footballer, you always want to test yourself against the best.” – David Beckham

128. “Pick the day. Enjoy it to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come.” – Audrey Hepburn

129. “I don’t believe in happy endings, but I do believe in happy travels.” – George Clooney

130. “I don’t really need to stand out; there’s room for everyone.” – Adele

131. “I have a big fear of change, or negative change, anyway.” – Kelly Clarkson

132. “If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then they become regrets.” –

133. “My definition of beauty is without rules.” – Penelope Cruz

134. “Their patience and love for peace can lead to Taurus being somewhat complacent at times, making them vulnerable to getting stuck in a rut and feeling unmotivated.” – Anonymous

135. “Ruled by Venus, the Bull loves beauty and art, so these natives are very likely to be creative and artistically talented.” – Anonymous

136. “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.” – Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

137. “Taureans love to enjoy and preserve nature and feel rebalanced and recharged by spending time walking on or digging in the earth.” – Anonymous

138. “‘Taurus’ love of fine objects can lead to pickiness and materialism, making them overly focused on what they have, rather than their natural core, loving values.” – Anonymous

139. “I’m a Taurus, you know. A bull. I belong in a field.” – Matt Roper

140. “Maybe because I’m a Taurus, I like to watch plants grow.” – Bill Kreutzmann

141. “Taurus don’t shy away from hard work and aren’t afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.” – Anonymous

142. “There is no task or challenge that will beat Taurus, they have endless reserves of tenacity, patience, and resilience.” – Anonymous

143. “As far as his ways go, the Taurus man is always concerned with what to do next. He doesn’t take action without thinking.” – Anonymous

144. “Taurus is not lazy. They are investing their time selectively.” – Anonymous

145. “Taurus at work; 80% workaholic, 20% patience, 0% tolerance.” – Anonymous

146. “I’m a Taurus. We’re happy, artistic people. We’re like clowns, you’d think we don’t take things seriously, but we do.” – Ma. Ceres P. Doyo

147. “Taurus find it easy to make money and stay on the same projects for years, or until they are completed.” – Anonymous

148. “Coupled with their hardworking nature is a level of ambition and mental tenacity that makes Taureans a true force to be reckoned with.” – Anonymous

149. “Taurus usually love money and will work hard in order to earn it.” – Anonymous

150. “The Bull’s affinity for wealth and resource management should not be overlooked when considering appropriate professions for this sign.” – Anonymous

151. “As a result of being born under a fixed earth sign, Taurus may take their time to patiently absorb new knowledge or skills, but with their strong determination and powers of concentration, they rarely forget a lesson learned.” – Anonymous

152. “Taurus is reliable, hardworking, patient, and thorough, as an employee or someone in a position of power.” – Anonymous

153. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

154. “I learned to appreciate repetition. That’s why I can dance. It’s how I learned to act.” – Channing Tatum

155. “Don’t ever lie to Taurus. They are walking lie-detectors.” – Anonymous

156. “I like to be able to get up and go and buy a pint of milk without bumping into 20 people I know.” – Lily Allen

157. “Life is too short to miss out on the beautiful things like a double cheeseburger.” – Channing Tatum

158. “I will 100% regret what I am about to say but whatever.” – Anonymous

159. “Upset for not being invited even though they won’t go anyway.” – Anonymous

160. “Taurus seldom worries, frets, or chews his nails. He can pout and brood when things don’t suit his fancy, but he’s not the nervous, twitchy type.” – Linda Goodman

161. “Taurus will take forever to go through the menu, and still order the same food.” – Anonymous

162. “Trying six recipes a day and wishing it all go away.” – Anonymous

163. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it brings security.” – Anonymous

164. “Everything you know about Taurus is what they want you to know.” – Anonymous

165. “Taurus has the weirdest collection of screenshots.” – Anonymous

166. “I’ve always been a very young person with a very old soul.” – Kehlani

167. “From flowers to priceless perfume, Taurus likes to surround himself with good smells.” – Liz Greene

168. “Taurus is a fixed earth sign endowed by its ruling planet, Venus, with grace and a love of beauty despite its depiction as a bull.” – Stella Andromeda

169. “Venus and earth combine in the sign of the Bull to create an affinity for plant life and living off the bounty of the earth.” – Anonymous

170. “Constantly waiting for others to initiate.” – Anonymous

171. “Stop caring too much about others’ opinions.” – Anonymous

172. “Love and freedom are vital to the creation and upbringing of a child.” – Sylvia Pankhurst

173. “Taurus are not mean but sarcastically humorous.” – Anonymous

174. “Looking elegant and chic without trying.” – Anonymous

175. “I don’t know if I’m very complicated at all. I wish I was. I wish I was one of those deep, intricate people. But I just love having fun really.” – Channing Tatum

176. “Taurus will take the long way home just to listen to more songs.” – Anonymous

177. “The Bull’s sense of purpose is all about materializing and stabilizing, offering structure, dependability, and reliability to their relationships and communities.” – Anonymous

178. “Taurus make great playlists.” – Anonymous

179. “Indifference is the best revenge.” – Anonymous

180. “The expert of dark jokes.” – Anonymous

181. “Tauruses are deeply involved in household matters and very protective of their family members.” – Anonymous

182. “Home and matters of the family are very important to every Taurus.” – Anonymous

183. “Taurus cherish time spent together with loved ones and often organize celebrations at home where friends and family can come together.” – Anonymous

184. “Family is always the first priority to those bearing the Taurus sign.” – Anonymous

185. “Taurus loves kids and appreciates time spent with people who love them, respecting family routines, customs, and present in all events and gatherings.” – Anonymous

186. “The Taurus never misses family events like christenings, anniversaries, and reunions.” – Anonymous

187. “The tighter you try to hold on to a Taurus the more they will slip through your fingers.” – Anonymous

188. “Taurus is famous for their stubbornness.” – Anonymous

189. “If they’re not careful, Taurus can take their pleasure-seeking ways too far.” – Anonymous

190. “All Taureans obsess over, respect, and manage their money.” – Anonymous

191. “Taureans don’t eat to live, they live to eat.” – Anonymous

192. “The ruler of Taurus is Venus, the planet of love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude.” – Anonymous

193. “Taurus likes the good life, prioritizes their comfort and pleasure over pretty much all else, and loves luxury.” – Anonymous

194. “Taureans can be gentle and they can be fierce, they don’t like to be pushed, they have strong opinions, and they love their home comforts.” – Anonymous

195. “Nearly everyone fancies Taurus because they have this chilled, sensual demeanor that draws people in.” – Anonymous

196. “A Taurus will resent you for years if you do not apologize to them for being wrong and absolutely proclaim that they were right all along.” – Anonymous

197. “Taurus love doing nothing.” – Anonymous

198. “I’m a Taurus; I need a home.” – Adwoa Aboah

199. “Let go of grudges.” – Anonymous


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