2. “You don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.” – Dominic Toretto

3. “When people believe in you, you can do miraculous things.” – Dominic Toretto

4. “Money will come and go. We all know that. The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now.” – Dominic Toretto 

5. “It’s trust and character that I need around me. You know, who you choose to be around you lets you know who you are.” – Han Lue

6. “Life is simple. You make choices, and you don’t look back.” – Han Lue 

7. “You know I would’ve won that race if you didn’t cheat, right?” – Brian O’Conner 

8. “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time.” – Dominic Toretto

9. “Ask any racer, any real racer. It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.” – Dominic Toretto 

10. “Your mistake? Thinking you’re in America. You’re a long way from home. This is Brazil!” – Dominic Toretto 

11. “I don’t have friends. I have family.” – Dominic Toretto 

12. “I choose to make my own fate.” – Dominic Toretto

13. “You want a piece of ass? Go to Hollywood Boulevard. You want an adrenaline rush? That’ll be two large.” – Letty Ortiz

14. “You might want to keep your eyes on the road, playboy.” – Monica Fuentes

15. “Nothing else matters. For those 10 seconds or less, I’m free.” – Dominic Toretto 

16. “They say to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die. But he put you in this grave, so now, I’ll do the same to him.” – Dominic Toretto

17. “Show me how you drive. It’ll show you who you are.” – Dominic Toretto

18. “Sometimes, you have to play the hand you’re dealt.” – Dominic Toretto

19. “Funny thing about street fights? The street always wins.” – Dominic Toretto

20. “I don’t pick a target from a mile away. I stand face to face and look them dead in the eye.” – Dominic Toretto

21. “There’s a billion things wrong, but not in this moment.” – Dominic Toretto

22. “You break her heart, I’ll break your neck.” – Dominic Toretto

23. “No one outruns their past, and yours just caught up to you.” – Dominic Toretto

24. “They say an open road helps you think about where you’ve been, where you’re going.” – Dominic Toretto

25. “You’re at a crossroads. You got to decide if you want to stay amateurs, or take this to the next level.” – Dominic Toretto

26. “Still a buster.” – Dominic Toretto

27. “You’re not that charming, bitch.” – Kara

28. “Every day, for the last three weeks, you’ve been coming in here, and you’ve been asking me how the tuna is. Now, it was crappy yesterday. It was crappy the day before, and guess what? It hasn’t changed.” – Mia Toretto

29. “, remember?” – Dominic Toretto

30. “Have you heard of choice theory, Dom? There are a lot of axioms, but only two you really need to concern yourself with. One, the only person’s behavior we can control is our own, and two, the only true thing we can give another person is information.” – Cipher

31. “Ejecto seato, cuz!” – Roman Pearce

32. “Dude, I almost had you!” – Brian O’Conner 

33. “He may be an O’Conner, but he’s also a Toretto.” – Dominic Toretto

34. “I’m trying to save the world, which, for the record, will be my fourth time, ’cause I’m good at it.” – Luke Hobbs

35. “Too soon, junior.” – Johnny Tran

36. “I’m one of those boys who appreciates a fine body regardless of the make.” – Dominic Toretto

37. “I smell skanks. Why don’t you girls just pack it up before I leave tread marks on your face?” – Letty Ortiz

38. “They open at the same time I pull this trigger. Want me to open them?” – Gisele Yashar

39. “If we have to, overnight parts from Japan.” – Jesse

40. “I used to say I live my life a quarter-mile at a time, and I think that’s why we were brothers because you did too. No matter where you are, whether it’s a quarter-mile away or halfway across the world, you’ll always be with me, and you’ll always be my brother.” – Dominic Toretto

41. “You’ve got some serious balls, man.” – Letty Ortiz

42. “I watched my father burn to death. I can still remember him screaming. The people who were there said my father died long before the tanks blew. They said it was me that was screaming.” – Dominic Toretto

43. “The only thing that matters is who is behind the wheel.” – Dominic Toretto

44. “Letty grew up just down the street. She was into cars since she was like 10 years old. Dom always had her attention.” – Mia Toretto 

45. Twinkie: “Do you know what ‘D.K.’ means?”

Sean Boswell: “Donkey Kong?”

Twinkie: “Drift King.”

46. Sean Boswell: “You know, this ain’t no 10-second race.” 

Dominic Toretto: “I’ve got nothing but time.” 

47. “Maybe, you’re lying to yourself. Maybe, you’re not the good guy pretending to be the bad guy. Maybe, you’re the bad guy pretending to be the good guy. Did you ever think about that?” – Mia Toretto

48. “I lied to you. I lied to Dom. I lied to everybody. That’s what I do best. That’s why the feds recruited me.” – Brian O’Conner

49. “You almost had me? You never had me. You never had your car. Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should. You’re lucky that 100-shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake. Almost had me? Now, me and the mad scientist are going to have to rip apart the block and replace the piston rings you fried.” – Dominic Toretto

50. “I have faith in you, but this isn’t a junkyard. It’s a garage!” – Dominic Toretto

51. “You risk life and limb to save the free world, and what does it give you? Jello and a bad ’70s TV show.” – Dominic Toretto

52. “I never narc’d on anybody! I never narc’d on nobody!” – Dominic Toretto

53. “Smoke him.” – Dominic Toretto

54. “Shaw lives in a world that doesn’t play by your rules. Like it or not, you live in that world now, too.” – Mr. Nobody

55. “I used to drag here back in high school. That railroad crossing up ahead’s exactly a quarter-mile away from here. On green, I’m going for it.” – Dominic Toretto

56. “You’re loyal to a fault. Your code is about family, and that’s great in the holidays, but it makes you predictable. And in our line of work, predictable means vulnerable, and that means, I can reach out and break you whenever I want.” – Owen Shaw

57. “Everyone’s looking for the thrill, but what’s real is family. Your family. Hold on to that, Brian.” – Dominic Toretto

58. “You’ve heard me say that you never turn your back on family. And I want to thank you all for never turning your back on me. You want to meet them? All right. Everyone, meet Brian.” – Dominic Toretto

59. “Your brother never told you never to threaten a man’s family? It’s a pretty stupid thing to do.” – Dominic Toretto

60. “There’s always room for family.” – Dominic Toretto

61. “Reinforced your chassis. It’s like going into a ring with weighted gloves.” – Dominic Toretto

62. “This time, it ain’t just about being fast.” – Dominic Toretto

63. “Your mistake is thinking you have a goddamn choice, boy.” – Luke Hobbs

64. “Yeah, but with cars, when you trade up, they don’t take half your shit.” – Tej Parker

65. “You’ve got the best crew in the world standing right in front of you. Give them a reason to stay.” – Dominic Toretto

66. “It’s like you have a child, and you think, ‘Everything that I’ve done up until this point is insignificant in comparison to being a father.'” – Dominic Toretto

67. “One car in exchange for knowing what a man’s made of? That’s a price I can live with.” – Han Lue

68. “With age, you get to a place where you don’t want to knock people out. You just want to give people a hug.” – Dominic Toretto

69. “If you believe in the project, you have to support it.” – Dominic Toretto

70. “A war is coming to us whether we like it or not. If a war is coming, we’re going to face them on the streets we know best.” – Dominic Toretto

71. “You are in my good graces, but you ain’t keeping your car.” – Dominic Toretto 

72. “I said, only pussies run nitrometh.” – Dominic Toretto

73. “A real driver knows exactly what’s in his car.” – Dominic Toretto

74. “Someone once gave me a 10-second car as a second chance.” – Dominic Toretto 

75. “So, Dunn looks like we’re going to be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?” – Brian O’Conner

76. “Go fetch your car? We’re not on your block anymore. You better watch who you talk to like that.” – Dominic Toretto

77. Jesse: “You could push this across the finish line or tow it.” 

Dominic Toretto: “You couldn’t even tow that across the finish line.” 

78. “I owe you a 10-second car.” – Brian O’Conner

79. “Nothing else matters. Not the mortgage. Not the store. Not my team and all their bullshit.” – Dominic Toretto

80. “Yo, Einstein, take it upstairs! You can’t detail a car with the cover on. Can’t even get that right.” – Dominic Toretto

81. “Just don’t cheat this time.” – Brian O’Conner

82. “Ain’t afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails.” – Dominic Toretto

83. “I said a 10-second car, not a 10-minute car.” – Dominic Toretto

84. Brian O’Conner: “So what’s your best time?” 

Dominic Toretto: “I’ve never driven her.” 

Brian O’Conner: “Why not?” 

Dominic Toretto: “She scares the shit out of me.” 

85. “We talking or we racing?” – Dominic Toretto

86. “You’re like the Justin Timberlake of Japan.” – Sean Boswell

87. “I’ll have the tuna. No crust.” – Brian O’Conner

88. “It’s on the house.” – Luke Hobbs

89. “Words ain’t even been invented yet.” – Dominic Toretto

90. “You just earned yourself a dance with the devil, boy.” – Luke Hobbs

91. “I am the cavalry.” – Luke Hobbs

92. “Well, love motivates me in everything I do.” – Dominic Toretto

93. “I’m so good, man. I could sell rubbers to a monk.” – Twinkie

94. “Well, that sucks. I guess I’ll have to kick his ass then.” – Brian O’Conner 

95. “I don’t feel like I’m under arrest.” – Dominic Toretto

96. “Yeah, Rome! How do you like them apples?” – Brian O’Conner

97. “You weren’t anyone’s friend.” – Dominic Toretto

98. “You know, my brother likes you. Usually, he doesn’t like anybody.” – Mia Toretto

99. “I’m tired of running.” – Dominic Toretto

100. “I didn’t know pizza places made motors.” – Brian O’Conner

101. “We’ve come a long way from where we’ve been. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” – Dominic Toretto

102. “You’re a father now, Brian. Take care of Mia.” – Dominic Toretto

103. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.” – Dominic Toretto.

104. “She did it for you, Dom! She did it for you. Letty came to me to clear your name in exchange for bringing down Braga. She just wanted you to come home!” – Brian O’Conner

105. “This is the happiest I’ve ever seen my sister. Yeah? You sure you can handle the disappointment? Alright, O’Conner, let’s see what you got.” – Dominic Toretto

106. “We have eternity in this moment. I love you, Letty. I will always love you.” – Dominic Toretto

107. “Dom, baby, I know you’re hurting right now, but I want you to listen. Stay awake and focus on me. I remember everything. It came to me like a flood. I remember that night in the Dominican Republic. The night we got married. If you die, I die, and I’m not ready to leave this place yet. This moment is still ours. I remember everything. I remember it all.” – Letty Ortiz

108. “One last ride.” – Dominic Toretto

109. Mia Toretto: “How do you say goodbye to your only brother?” 

Brian O’Conner: “You don’t.” 

110. “You will never be alone again. I vow, wherever you go, I go. You ride, I ride. You fight, I fight. And if you ever die on me, Dominic Toretto, I’m going to die with you.” – Letty Ortiz

111. “You thought this was going to be a street fight? You’re goddamn right it is.” – Dominic Toretto

112. “I ain’t running anymore.” – Dominic Toretto

113. “Get me, Dom.” – Luke Hobbs

114. “I have to say, I am impressed. I would very much like to know the name of the man who is causing me so much trouble.” – Mose Jakande

115. “She had Dom’s attention.” – Mia Toretto

116. Luke Hobbs: “He’s a, uh, he’s an old friend. Go on and say hello.” 

Samantha Hobbs: “Dominic Toretto, right? My dad said he kicked your ass once.” 

117. “You know, when I was reading your files, I was impressed with what you’ve accomplished with your team, but meeting them now, I got to say, Dom, you’ve truly got a gift.” – Mr. Nobody

118. “Han said you was fast, but not that damn fast.” – Han’s Friend

119. “With all due respect, Dom, you really did good work back there. All of you. All of my men are now standing by and are fully at your disposal. Your call.” – Mr. Nobody

120. “Because the buster kept me out of handcuffs! He didn’t just run back to the fort. The buster brought me back.” – Dominic Toretto

121. “You can have any brew you want as long as it’s a Corona.” – Dominic Toretto 

122. “You know, I was thinking, we should go out sometime.” – Brian O’Conner 

123. “That’s my dad. He was coming up in the pro-stock circuit. Last race of the season, he was coming into the final turn when a driver named Kenny Linder tapped his bumper and put him into the wall at 120 miles an hour.” – Dominic Toretto

124. Mia Toretto: “Let this go. Before it’s too late.” 

Dominic Toretto: “It’s already too late.”

125. “You asked me why I let Dom go. I did it because, at that moment, I respected him more than I did myself. One thing I’ve learned from Dom is that nothing really matters unless you have a code.” – Brian O’Conner

126. “It starts with the eyes. She’s got to have those kind of eyes that can look right through the bullshit, to the good in someone. Twenty percent angel, eighty percent devil. Down to earth.” – Dominic Toretto

127. “Yeah, it’s funny how that works out.” – Mia Toretto

128. “At least we know you can’t beat me straight up.” – Brian O’Conner

129. “There is no way out of there. What is he doing? He’s frozen like a damn in headlights.” – Sheppard

130. “Your file’s not only detailed, it’s, uh, extremely entertaining.” – Mr. Nobody

131. “I’m more of a Corona man myself.” – Dominic Toretto

132. Brian O’Conner: “Hey man, he was in my face.”

Dominic Toretto: “I’m in your face.”

133. Letty Ortiz: “Oh, God. Why didn’t you tell me we were married?” 

Dominic Toretto: “Because you can’t tell someone they love you.”

134. “Bullshit, asshole! No one likes the tuna here!” – Vince

135. “Look who showed up.” – Vince

136. “Because you were the first out of everybody to reach in to get the chicken, you say grace.” – Dominic Toretto

137. “Oh, that’s sweet, but I usually don’t date my brother’s friends.” – Brian O’Conner 

138. “Toretto! Toretto! SWAT came into my house, disrespected my whole family because somebody narc’d me out! And you know what? It was you!” – Johnny Tran

139. “I’m ready to meet my maker. Are you?” – Dominic Toretto 

140. “O’Conner! Let’s go get some cars.” – Dominic Toretto

141. “That’s not what I had in mind.” – Dominic Toretto 

142. “Yo Dom! Why’d you bring the buster here?” – Vince 

143. “Yeah, he’s a complicated guy.” – Mia Toretto

144. “I’d love to see that. Actually, I’d pay to see that.” – Brian O’Conner 

145. “Dominic Toretto, you are hereby sentenced to serve 25 years to life at the Lompoc Maximum Security Prison System without the possibility of early parole.” – Judge

146. Brian O’Conner: “This is where my jurisdiction ends.” 

Dominic Toretto: “And this is where mine begins.” 

147. “You know what you’re doing?” – Dominic Toretto

148. Mia Toretto: “And what’s your code, Brian?” 

Brian O’Conner: “I’m working on it.” 

149. Brian O’Conner: “Well, the good news is, when we get this guy, you walk out of here a free man.” 

Dominic Toretto: “Is that what they told you?” 

Brian O’Conner: “Yeah, that’s the deal.” 

Dominic Toretto: “Do you still put milk and cookies out for Santa Claus?” 

150. “O’Conner! You’re up.” – Dominic Toretto

151. “I didn’t know there were any rules.” – Dominic Toretto

152. “See that’s the thing about fate. It’s cunning. It can bring you beautiful moments and it can also bring you moments like this.” – Cipher

153. “I don’t want you to choose. I want you to learn.” – Cipher

154. “The disrespect is real.” – Roman Pearce

155. “I’m looking for the team that crippled my brother.” – Deckard Shaw

156. “Toretto ain’t no deer. Come on, Dominic.” – Mr. Nobody

157. “Wrong team, bitch.” – Letty Ortiz

158. “Dominic Toretto. You don’t know me. You’re about to.” – Deckard Shaw 

159. “Necessary? Nothing’s necessary. Everything is a choice, I simply made one but so did you.” – Cipher


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