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1. “Let’s keep it real, and be yourself.”

2. “I feel like a lot of people can relate to my music.”

3. “It’s funny how they judge you when they see you made a change.”

4. “I didn’t come to the game tryna be friends with everybody. I do this for my family.”

5. “I don’t trust nobody, people talking and telling lies.”

6. “At times, I feel like I got the world on my shoulders.”

7. “Being king ain’t that hard, you just gotta work daily.”

8. “What doesn’t kill me makes me 10x stronger. I believe that.”

9. “I don’t fake relationships, vibes, or anything with people. I just keep it real, and some people think I have a cold heart for that.”

10. “Too many people owe me my time back.”

11. “Girl you know I have a cold heart. If I would give it to you, would you tear that sh*t apart? Red roses on my grave, bury me with art.”

12. “Trust me the wait is well worth it.”

13. “They’ll be out when I feel the need to really drop something. I’m in no rush to go, I’m focused.”

14. “Look in the mirror, now I’m feeling like a savage.”

15. “I think everybody knows, this is how it goes now. Everywhere we go now, people are screaming, no bound.”

16. “I’m physically, mentally and emotionally ready to enter a new phase in my life.”

17. “I have to start enjoying my life more and stop stressing about sh*t I can’t control.”

18. “I’d rather not talk about it, just do that sh*t.”

19. “I’m into getting money and living life with my brothers, that’s how this sh*t goes.”

20. “I ain’t make sh*t bro. I’m still normal, still struggling, still hustling. Just like everybody else.”

21. “Everything I do is meaningful.”

22. “I just need a way out of my head, I’ll do anything for a way out of my head.”

23. “I ain’t folding under pressure, I ain’t switchin’ for no ho. I ain’t talkin’ to no cop and I ain’t tellin’ on my bros. Ain’t no killer, but don’t push me, fingers itchin’ on that pole.”

24. “Run away from all the pain?” 

25. “The freedom of just going into the booth and spitting and freestyling to release whatever was on your mind was alluring to me.”

26. “You gotta move on from your past and show yourself you’re strong.”

27. “I came up from nothin’, put my shooter in Versace. She got on Chanel, she ain’t rockin’ no Armani.” 

28. “Roll one up and hit . With the gang, we ball out, it can get tragic.”

29. “I’m just not a kid. I was always consistent with everything—school, , music, everything. I made sure. That’s how I am.”

30. “Spread love, make it contagious.”

31. “My friends weren’t my friends, they were looking for some clout.”

32. “Love my brothers. I ride for my troops.”

33. “‘Friends’ wanna be friends when you are doing most.”

34. “You told me you would be there but you never held it down.”

35. “You wanna take flights across the coast. Remember those times, no horoscope.”

36. “My dad was a big influence because he did a lot of music.” 

37. “I remember, my first time in the studio, I was with my dad, Dark Skies. I was, like, 4 years old. It changed my life. I was like, ‘I’ve found my playground.;”

38. “I don’t wanna get close.”

39. “These nigga’s don’t know what love means, so nigga—don’t say you love me.”

40. “And I got all the drugs in the world that you need. We get high to pass time. But b*tch I ain’t no fiend.”

41. “In my inbox like I owe you, I got this by myself. I broke down badly when you said you would help.”

42. “I’m out here being loyal, now I’m lookin’ like a clown.”

43. “I have way too many problems to be worried—I’m straight.”

44. “I get high. I love to smoke. She went on to lie like I’m a joke.”

45. “Say she got that super soaker, well girl just let me see. I ain’t worried ‘bout sh*t, these n*gg*s ain’t scaring me.”

46. “I haven’t felt alive in a very long time.”

47. “Having this big heart of mine is gonna be the death of me.”

48. “I just wish people would leave me alone.”

49. “I think it’s so damn strange what these people are saying. I can never even listen to a word that they say.”

50. “Shawty said she liked my style, I was dripping with ease. Please don’t send me naked pictures, I don’t like to be teased.”

51. “I was destined for this life, this is my destiny.”

52. “I swear, when they get out of my life we’re gonna ball. You wanna be the great, be yourself f*ck them all.”

53. “Step out, I’m a star, always in the latest fashion. Had to set the bar, n*gg*s try to catch me lacking.”

54. “Everyday, I thank God for the position he put me in. Life could be better but it could be worse, either way I’m thankful and blessed.”

55. “You goin’ through the motions—it’s gon’ be a lot of stress.”

56. “I don’t want fame. I don’t wanna play these games. Tired of hiding from the pain. Never hanging with the lames.”

57. “I ain’t never taking time off, I’m steady grinding. I’m never lying, I’m never crying.”

58. “I just wanna ball—I just wanna fade away.”

59. “I tell myself to hold it down. I know I’m blessed.”

60. “Now I’m up, they love to hate me. That’s just bad for your health.”

61. “Live your life like we die when the world ends.”

62. “I’m the type of person, my mind is too strong—I think too hard.”

63. “Never shall I flex with bread and not have it, that’s just corny.”

64. “I love my fans. I genuinely do.”

65. “I say, I’m gonna change when I know I won’t.”

66. “Got angels on my shoulders, I got demons in my cup.”

67. “Like, what are you gonna do? When the times get hard?”

68. “And I’m hardly ever out because it’s hard for me to trust.”

69. “I don’t about no friends because they all were just fake.”

70. “So it’s alright every time we f*ck*n’ break a sin. Nowadays, sh*t’s not the same.”

71. “I never run out of material, I always have something to write about. This new sh*t sounds so fiery for y’all.”

72. “My heart is too big for my body.”

73. “The people that surround me act like they care. They see I’m doing good now and they wish that they were here.”

74. “I don’t wanna slow down, let’s go rounds.”

75. “Take flight, I’m flying. No you can’t see me. Say you need me but you deceive me.”

76. “And you wanna be a star, and you wanna win the race. But you cannot rock with me ’cause I was caught in the chase.”

77. “They want my information, they get no conversation.”

78. “Thank you for changing my life, thank you for helping me change the world, thank you for being you. Which seems hard for a lot of people to do nowadays. I love you Cole no cap I’mma die ‘bout it.”

79. “I’m a young nigga—got my bread up.”

80. “I know they are jealous ’cause I stunt when I’m with my clique.”

81. “Of course, I make ‘em like that. So everybody can come in cheap, so people don’t complain LOL.”

82. “In the game and you know I gotta win it.”

83. “When you grind—you can’t let nobody stop it.”

84. “They say I needed help but I did this by myself.”

85. “I’m still trappin’ everyday, I think I’m stuck in my ways. If you are looking for a handout, get the f*ck out of my face.”

86. “I would never pay for a promo on anything I do. People are going to react and show love to what’s real. I never had any handouts ever.”

87. “You gotta start somewhere. It is what it is. People listen to Soundcloud more than the radio. So why would you put your music on the radio first?”

88. “I’m going to show you the wave, just give me some space. Why are you all up in my face like you need a taste.”

89. “Opinions never hurt me because at the end of day. I’mma do me regardless of what you think, straight up.”

90. “I was looking back at my life, I had to realize that these people tell lies. I was coming for the win while you were satisfied with ties.”

91. “Roll up this backwood and let me get high.”

92. “To all my fans who never gave up on me and been here when I ain’t have sh*t. I love y’all—y’all really give me life with this music sh*t.”

93. “I got juice and my shawty do too. She is a rider and we get high in my coupe.”

94. “Smokin’ all the time, hardly thinkin’ bout my health. I just was alone. I’m not thinkin that it helps.”

95. “But I’m letting people know. Aye. That I’m out here breaking hearts now. Every time I come around they know it’s going down.”

96. “N*gg*s say they down to ride but be folding like clothes. Purple hearts all on my garment, I ain’t trusting a soul.”

97. “I need to feel alive again. I’m tired of feeling like I’m dead, literally.”

98. “I ain’t never had nobody, put that on my mommy. I might have to catch a body if you try to stop me.”

99. “I’m so hard to reach—you won’t see me again.”

100. “You take my heart and say you love me, are you the one I should really trust?”

101. “People must really hate to see me winning. Like everyday, somebody tryna knock me down. The f*ck is wrong with y’all, get your life together.”

102. “I ain’t tryna make no friends, I’ve been lonely down this road. I’ve been riding through the hills, taking views through the scope.”

103. “I want a shawty, who doesn’t wear makeup. I’ll love you forever.”

104. “Practice makes perfect, thank God that I’m working. One thing’s for certain, I’m living and learning.”

105. “I came out a . I had to make it last. I’m not the type to worry about a problem in the past.”

106. “She wants this rock-star life and she said ‘I’m going far’. And she went off to a bar.”

107. “I’m under too much pressure, I feel like I can’t take advice. You only live once f*ck the rules—I’m taking flight.”

108. “Life switches lanes, now these hoes act strange. And I lost my grip on the world in bliss.”

109. “Nowadays, I’m too cool for a girlfriend. Nowadays, I don’t know when the world spins.”

110. “I don’t think I love you, my emotions aren’t the same.”

111. “I would give the world to you if you would let us grow.”

112. “Now they are salty. See me winnin’, now they wanna stop me.”

113. “Everybody wants somebody, don’t confuse that with your needs.”

114. “Strictly business nowadays, I have no time for your heart.”

115. “I’m shining bright just like a light because I came from the dark.”

116. “Who thinks they’re raw when they know they’re sour.”

117. “We just wanna win and shock them all and catch ’em by surprise.”

118. “I was up, I was down, trying to reach out for the crown.”

119. “Walkin’ dripped out, you see the details. I got water on me, drippin’ like a seashell.”

120. “Plant my seed, watch me grow a garden. Save your breath, I don’t do the arguin’.”

121. “ is definitely a big inspiration. was a big one. Lil Wayne, 50 Cent. Those were my two, like, big ones growing up. Then I got into the , Wiz Khalifa phase.”

122. “I’m in my own lane, I’m in my own zone. I’m working and doing me. They’ll never understand, and I don’t care anymore.”

123. “Even when I perform in front of ten people, I still give that energy as if I was performing in front of 3500.”

124. “Rockstar lifestyle, might just die tonight. If I was down and had nobody, would you sacrifice? They said loose ends break friends, I ain’t tryna fight.”

125. “Are we gon’ shine forever? Will we go out stars?”

126. “The world is bad, my heart is cold, I need healing.” 

127. “I don’t wanna hear your lies, I’m too faded.”

128. “I’m on the west side, that’s the best side.”

129. “I’ve been down for a while, am I on your mind?”

130. “I don’t really say too much, I just let the music speak.”

131. “I got all kinds of drugs for when I get lonely, lonely. When I get lonely, lonely. When I get lonely, lonely.”

132. “I pulled up with the mob. We had to jugg and rob. Trappin’ was like a job. Now we eat shish kabobs.”

133. “The stars aligned, now it’s my time. You never do enough. I got the drugs, send me the addie, I ain’t pullin’ up. I get high by myself. I don’t need no one else. My bank account is on tilt.”

134. “I’ve been in the studio environment since I was young, so I know what to expect.”

135. “I have a face tattoo, so I know I’m not gonna be able to get a job.”

136. “Not part of the plan, always knew that you were hatin’. Smoke a ton of grams, I’m in love with bein’ faded. Stand on top of everything I do, yes, I believe. I set the bar higher, I am working to achieve. There’s not too many people out here doin’ it like me. My town behind my back, I got these kids chasing their dreams.”

137. “And I got all the drugs in the world that you need. We get high to pass time. But b*tch I ain’t no fiend.”

138. “Life goes on, I can’t take breaks. I need a face, no, I need faith.”

139. “I don’t have any regrets with any of my tattoos.”

140. “All we got, we gon’ let you n*gg*s have it. Stuck in my ways, I think I need to change my habits.”

141. “Now I hit the scene, they like ‘lights, camera, action’. Livin’ in a dream, now my music is blasting.”

142. “I’m ready to grow and get better and be all that I can be.”

143. “Yeah, I do it for the love, I know they do it just because they remember times were hard, now we really made a way.”

144. “I haven’t been the same since I loved that hoe—I haven’t been the same since I lost my bro.”

145. “I look at my body as an extension of the music. My body is a canvas, and with my tattoos, I want them to be a direct reflection of my thoughts.”

146. “I’m the type of rapper, like, I’m never gonna let myself get washed up. I’m never gonna be in one area too much. That’s why I never wanna move to Cali. Everybody’s out in Cali.”

147. “Signing with Sony and ATV was life changing for me.”

148. “The inspiration is just me, is where I go, life. I would say life, that’s it.”

149. “Sh*t, I need my space a lot. I’m just chilling.”

150. “I’m not very big into designers, but I am wearing an Armani belt. That’s not even no big designer sh*t.”


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