1. “Granddaughters are angels sent from above to fill our hearts with never-ending love.” – Anonymous

2. “A granddaughter is one of the greatest blessings in the world.” – Anonymous

3. “A granddaughter is a gift from above to cherish and love.” – Anonymous

4. “Granddaughters are the grandest thing on Earth!” – Anonymous

5. “Granddaughters: a beautiful reflection of yesterday, a joyful promise of tomorrow.” – Anonymous

6. “A granddaughter is someone you can laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.” – Anonymous

7. “A granddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.” – Anonymous

8. “Granddaughters fill a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.” – Anonymous

9. “Granddaughters are the sparkles of life.” – Anonymous

10. “Granddaughters are the epitome of joy and love.” – Anonymous

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11. “I wouldn’t change the world for my granddaughter, but I wish I could change the world for my granddaughter.” – Anonymous

12. “I hope my granddaughter always believes in herself as much as I believe in her.” – Anonymous

13. “One of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given is my granddaughter.” – Anonymous

14. “To my granddaughter, whenever you feel weak, remember the things that made you strong. Whenever you start to doubt yourself, remember those that believe in you.” – Anonymous

15. “I don’t want my granddaughter to follow in my footsteps. I want her to take the path next to me and go further than I could have ever dreamt possible.” – Anonymous

16. “Dear granddaughter, it is up to you, and only you, to create a life you want to live. Find what makes you happy and whole and surround yourself with it.” – Anonymous

17. “Your smile is charming, your laughter is infectious. You are a stunning woman and above all, you are my granddaughter.” – Anonymous

18. “Dear granddaughter, you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. And everyone’s not going to be yours. And that is totally okay. Just be kind.” – Anonymous

19. “If I could give my granddaughter three things it would be the confidence to always know her self-worth, the strength to chase her dreams, and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved she is.” – Anonymous

20. “A granddaughter is God’s way of reaching your heart with laughter, blessing your life with happiness, and filling your world with love.” – Anonymous

21. “Granddaughter, always remember you’re special. You’re unique. You’re beautiful. You’re wanted. You’re someone nobody can replace. And always remember, you’re in my heart.” – Anonymous

22. “Granddaughter, through you I see the future. Through me, you’ll see the past. In the present, we’ll love one another as long as these moments last.” – Anonymous

23. “A granddaughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous.” – Anonymous

24. “A granddaughter is in your thoughts and always in your heart.” – Anonymous

25. “Teach your daughters, teach your granddaughters, everybody has to have something that they’re good at where they can earn a living.” – Judy Sheindlin

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26. “My granddaughter is my greatest inspiration.” – Anonymous

27. “To my granddaughter, I am so proud of you.” – Anonymous

28. “Granddaughters are like flowers that fill the world with beauty.” – Anonymous

29. “May my granddaughter always know she is strong, capable, and loved.” – Anonymous

30. “A hug from my granddaughter put everything into perspective.” – Anonymous

31. “My granddaughter is so special. She reminds me of all the good in the world.” – Anonymous

32. “What an honor it is watching your granddaughter grow into a strong, loving, and beautiful woman.” – Anonymous

33. “When you have a granddaughter, you have the world.” – Anonymous

34. “My heart is full of love for my granddaughter, but each time she smiles, it becomes fuller.” – Anonymous

35. “I never imagined how much love a granddaughter would bring to me.” – Anonymous

36. “If you want to know how angels feel in heaven, just have a granddaughter.” – Anonymous

37. “When my granddaughter was born, I understood what being blessed really meant.” – Anonymous

38. “Having a granddaughter is the best thing about growing older.” – Anonymous

39. “Whenever I think about you being my granddaughter, I’m filled with overwhelming pride and gratitude.” – Anonymous

40. “I see all my hopes in life shining back at me in my granddaughter’s eyes.” – Anonymous

41. “You’ve been a blessing from the start, I love you, my granddaughter, with all my heart.” – Anonymous

42. “I love my granddaughter so much. I don’t know what I did to deserve her, but I am forever grateful she is a part of life. She’s kind, strong, and wise beyond her years. I simply could not imagine my life without her.” – Anonymous

43. “To my granddaughter, never forget that I love you. No matter where you go or what happens in life. You are loved. Forever and always.” – Anonymous

44. “I hope my granddaughter always knows that she was wished for, prayed for, and that she is forever loved.” – Anonymous

45. “There is a place in my heart only my granddaughter can fill.” – Anonymous

46. “No matter how much I tell my granddaughter I love her, I always love her more than that.” – Anonymous

47. “Granddaughter, each time you call my name, a big smile spreads deep in my heart.” – Anonymous

48. “I love my granddaughter more than I have ever found the words to say.” – Anonymous

49. “God really did something special when He blessed me with a granddaughter like you.” – Anonymous

50. “My precious granddaughter, no matter how far apart we are, you’ll always be with me, like a handprint on my heart.” – Anonymous

51. “Dear granddaughter, you’re special to me in every way. Thank you for being who you are.” – Anonymous

52. “What an honor it is to be given a precious granddaughter like you.” – Anonymous

53. “My granddaughter, you are so very special to me. I love you with all my heart.” – Anonymous

54. “When my arms can’t reach my granddaughter, I hug her with my prayers.” – Anonymous

55. “I may not see my granddaughter every day, but every day I think of her.” – Anonymous

56. “My granddaughter leaves a little sprinkle of joy in my heart every time I see her.” – Anonymous

57. “From the moment you hold your granddaughter in your arms for the very first time, everything changes. She makes your world grow bigger, and your heart fuller and life simply means more because she is in it.” – Anonymous

58. “Granddaughters are more magical than rainbows and unicorns!” – Anonymous

59. “Dear granddaughter, if I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.” – Anonymous

60. “A granddaughter is a gift of love.” – Anonymous

61. “A smile from my precious granddaughter makes life worth living.” – Anonymous

62. “A granddaughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.” – Anonymous

63. “I adore her smile, I cherish her hugs, I admire her heart but most of all—I love that she is my granddaughter.” – Anonymous

64. “My granddaughter is the miracle I have been dreaming of.” – Anonymous

65. “So tiny, so small, my granddaughter is loved by all.” – Anonymous

66. “A granddaughter is an immeasurable blessing.” – Anonymous

67. “If I had a flower for every time my granddaughter made me smile, I’d have a garden to walk in forever.” – Anonymous

68. “Granddaughters grow a bond with their grandmothers. A bond that cannot be torn apart by anything. A grandmother will walk along with them through it all. Help them through the highest points of their lives to the weakest. Grandmothers may pass, but the memories they left behind, will last forever.” – Anonymous

69. “There is no distance that can lessen the love of a grandma and her granddaughter.” – Anonymous

70. “A grandmother’s treasure is her granddaughter.” – Anonymous

71. “Granddaughters and grandmas have a special bond that can’t be broken.” – Anonymous

72. “Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a grandmother and her granddaughter.” – Anonymous

73. “The love between a grandmother and her granddaughter is forever.” – Anonymous

74. “Behind every granddaughter who believes in herself is a grandma who believed first.” – Anonymous

75. “A grandma and granddaughter always share a special bond, which is engraved on their hearts.” – Anonymous

76. “Granddaughters are born princesses, and grandmas teach them how to become queens.” – Anonymous

77. “It makes me happy listening to my granddaughter’s goals and dreams. They’re all very unique and even if they’re quite odd, I will always encourage her to keep chasing it because one day she’ll reach it eventually. And I want her to feel that her grandma will always be here to support her no matter what.” – Anonymous

78. “I’ve been given this blessing, which is my granddaughter. You’re no longer just you. You suddenly fit into the chest drawers of life.” – Joanna Lumley 

79. “Grandmother and granddaughter from the start. Best friends forever from the heart.” – Anonymous

80. “For my own dear girls, my granddaughters, I would tell them to seek out work that you love doing. It will fill your soul.” – Linda Landsman

Quotes About a Granddaughter and Grandfather’s Unbreakable Bond

81. “My granddaughter’s birth has made me want to create things she will love.” – Billy Crystal

82. “My granddaughter and I are inseparable. She keeps me wrapped around her little finger.” – Gene Perret

83. “The joys in my life are my granddaughters. They are beautiful. You don’t have to believe me. You can ask my wife. She’ll tell you.” – Dom DeLuise

84. “I love my daughter, but there’s a certain feeling, a certain emotion when you got a granddaughter, you know?” – Bernie Mac

85. “Recently I was tenderly hugging one of our precious little five-year-old granddaughters and said to her, ‘I love you, sweetheart.’ She responded rather blandly, ‘I know.’ I asked, ‘How do you know that I love you?’ ‘Because! You’re my grandfather!’” – Russell M. Nelson

86. “Sometimes, when I see my granddaughters make small discoveries of their own, I wish I were a child.” – Dr. Seuss

87. “I tell young people—including my granddaughter—there is no shortcut in life. You have to take it one step at a time and work hard. And you have to give back.” –

88. “Granddaughter, I have watched you grow from a bright little star to the person that you are. From a child to a friend. I know you so well that I want to tell the world you are my granddaughter.” – Anonymous

89. “My beautiful granddaughter, I pray you always believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.” – Anonymous

90. “Granddaughter, there is nothing more powerful in my life than you.” – Anonymous

91. “My beautiful granddaughter, no matter what happens in life, I will always be here to love and support you. You will never lose my love and affection.” – Anonymous

92. “To my precious granddaughter, always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know.” – Anonymous

93. “Granddaughter, you’re all the good things I believe about life.” – Anonymous

94. “Granddaughter, you are a bundle of pure energy, and you radiate hope and love.” – Anonymous

95. “To my granddaughter, collect moments, not things.” – Anonymous

96. “Dear granddaughter, wherever life takes you, make sure you walk proud.” – Anonymous

97. “My granddaughter, life is short, enjoy it.” – Anonymous

98. “To my granddaughter, I love you so. You are so special, I hope you know. With every day that passes by, you’re more the twinkle in my eye. So loving, so giving, a heart of gold, always my baby, even when I’m old. Your love shines through, for all to see, I feel so proud, you’re a part of me.” – Anonymous

99. “Dear granddaughter, learn to embrace the storms of life for even flowers need rain to grow.” – Anonymous

100. “Granddaughter, you fill spaces in my heart I never knew existed.” – Anonymous

101. “Life will not always be easy, my granddaughter, but never forget to look for the beauty in it.” – Anonymous

102. “Granddaughter, seeing the world through your eyes is such a joyful experience.” – Anonymous

103. “There will never be a day like the day your granddaughter was born.” – Anonymous

104. “Angels are often disguised as granddaughters.” – Anonymous

105. “Words cannot express the joy of having a granddaughter to call your own.” – Anonymous

106. “The best feeling in the world is knowing that you are the one that made your granddaughter smile.” – Anonymous

107. “Just when you think you have experienced all that life has to give, a granddaughter comes along to remind you just how much more love, joy, and life there is left to live.” – Anonymous

108. “Granddaughters touch your heart with love.” – Anonymous

109. “I thought I had lived a full life, then my granddaughter came along and showed me the best is yet to come.” – Anonymous

110. “The day my granddaughter came into my life, I knew my purpose was to love her with everything I have.” – Anonymous

111. “Happiness is having you for a granddaughter.” – Anonymous

112. “I feel so incredibly blessed to have a granddaughter like you.” – Anonymous

113. “When I see my granddaughter, my eyes turn into little hearts.” – Anonymous

114. “I used to think I was too old to fall in love again. Then my granddaughter was born.” – Anonymous

115. “Looking at my granddaughter makes me realize that I have done something very beautiful with my life.” – Anonymous

116. “My granddaughter means more to me than she’ll ever know.” – Anonymous

117. “A granddaughter is born to brighten the days of everyone around her.” – Anonymous

118. “God made granddaughters to give our lives variety, and to keep our hearts young. God draped each morning with sunshine and sprinkled each night with song. He hollowed out spaces for laughter and created joys to last long after: then reserved a special place for tenderness when God made granddaughters.” – Anonymous

119. “There is nothing I would not do for my granddaughter. She is so very special to me.” – Anonymous

120. “My granddaughter’s first breath took mine away.” – Anonymous

121. “Granddaughter, you manage to be so many things all at once: intelligent, strong, beautiful, kind, and sassy. The thing I love most about you, though, is how loving you are. Thank you for filling my days with your smiles and laughter.” – Anonymous

122. “Granddaughter, your loving light brightens my day!” – Anonymous

123. “My granddaughter has shown me that my heart can hold an infinite amount of love.” – Anonymous

124. “My granddaughter is going to be surrounded with more love than she could ever want for.” – Anonymous

125. “I enjoy watching my granddaughter shine like a bright star.” – Anonymous

126. “Every day my granddaughter makes my world better.” – Anonymous

127. “Granddaughter, the time I spend with you, it’s timeless.” – Anonymous

128. “When you count your blessings, count your granddaughters twice.” – Anonymous

129. “The songs I sing with my granddaughter fill my very soul with love.” – Anonymous

130. “My granddaughter is the sunshine of my life.” – Anonymous

131. “When my granddaughter smiled at me for the first time, she owned me forever.” – Anonymous

132. “Each time my granddaughter picks flowers for me, I’m amazed how my heart grows bigger.” – Anonymous

133. “Before you know it you’ll be my age telling your own granddaughter the story of your life and you want to make it an interesting one, don’t you? You want to be able to tell her some adventures, some excitements, some something. How you live your life, little one, is a gift for those who come after you, a kind of inheritance.” – Cristina Garcia

134. “Happiness is holding your granddaughter in your arms for the very first time.” – Anonymous

135. “My beautiful granddaughter, I never knew what my heart was missing till I met you.” – Anonymous

136. “My sweet granddaughter, we welcome you into the world and straight into our hearts.” – Anonymous

137. “Welcome to the world, my precious granddaughter. We are beyond excited that you are here!” – Anonymous

138. “Welcome my precious granddaughter! I promise to love you with all that I have.” – Anonymous

139. “There is nothing like the birth of a granddaughter to renew your spirit, brighten your days, and make the world a better place.” – Anonymous

140. “As I gazed in awe at my newborn granddaughter, all I could think about was the wonder of God’s handiwork.” – Margaret Lang

141. “When you have a granddaughter, you have a grand mini-me.” – Anonymous

142. “Granddaughter, all you have to do is get the mixing bowls out, and it’s game on.” – Anonymous

143. “Fortunately, my granddaughter has no idea how much power she has over me.” – Anonymous

144. “My granddaughter is the adventurous co-conspirator I’ve always wanted.” – Anonymous

145. “My granddaughter and I don’t need instructions, we prefer delving into the unknown together.” – Anonymous

146. “Perhaps the two greatest moments of my life were standing on the moon and being outside of the room when my granddaughter was born! We tend not to remember the worst.” – Gene Cernan

147. “Two things I dislike about my granddaughter—when she won’t take her afternoon nap, and when she won’t let me take mine.” – Gene Perret

148. “Granddaughter, your rambunctious ways may drive your parents crazy, but they make me feel young and carefree again! I hope that you never lose your taste for adventure.” – Anonymous

149. “My granddaughter’s laughter is my favorite sound. The sound of her sleeping is a close second.” – Anonymous


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