1. “What I’m saying—what is our life? Our life is looking forward, or it’s looking back—that’s it. That’s our life. Where’s the moment? And what is it we’re so afraid of?” – Richard Roma

2. “Thieves always tell the truth, George. It’s the easiest thing to remember.” – Richard Roma

3. “You do not know your job. That’s what I’m saying. A man is his job, and you are f*ck*d at yours.” – Shelley Levene 

4. “How can I be secure? Through amassing wealth beyond all measure? No. And what’s beyond measure? That’s a sickness. That’s a trap. There is no measure. Only greed.” – Richard Roma 

5. “I’m going to tell you something. Your life is your own. You have a contract with your wife? You have certain things you do jointly? Bond there. And there are other things, and those things are yours, and you needn’t feel ashamed. You needn’t feel that you’re being untrue. Or that she would abandon you if she knew. This is your life.” – Richard Roma 

6. “If you can’t think on your feet, you should keep your mouth closed.” – Shelley Levene 

7. “I work here. I didn’t come in here to be mistreated.” – George Aaronow

8. “When you die, you’re gonna regret the things that you don’t do.” – Richard Roma

9. “The rich getting richer—that’s the law of the land.” – Dave Moss

10. “I got my balls back and, you know, John, you have the advantage on me now. Whatever it takes to make it right, we’ll make it right. We’re going to make it right.” – Shelley Levene

11. “What else? The bank closes. You get sick. My wife died on a plane. The stock market collapsed. What if these things happen? None of them. We worry anyway. Why?” – Richard Roma 

12. “You want to know what it takes to sell real estate? It takes brass balls to sell real estate.” – Blake 

13. “What you’re hired for is to help us. Does that seem clear to you? To help us, not to f*ck us up. To help those who are going out there to try to earn a living. You fairy. You company man.” – Richard Roma

14. “There’s an absolute morality? Maybe. And then what? If you think there is, go ahead, be that thing. Bad people go to hell? I don’t think so. If you think that, act that way. A hell exists on earth? Yes. I won’t live in it. That’s me.” – Richard Roma 

15. “You never open your mouth until you know what the shot is.” – Richard Roma

16. “Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers only.” – Blake

17. “Anyone in this office lives on his wits.” – Richard Roma

18. “Cop couldn’t find his dick with two hands and a map.” – Dave Moss

19. “Great meals fade in reflection. Everything else gains. You know why? ‘Cause it’s only food. This sh*t we put on us keeps us going. It’s only food. The great f*cks you may have had, what do you remember about them?” – Richard Roma

20. “I’d wish you good luck, but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it.” – Blake

21. “I say this is how we must act. I do those things which seem correct to me today. I trust myself, and if security concerns me, I do that, which today I think will make me secure. And every day I do that when that day arrives that I need a reserve—odds are that I have it, and the true reserve that I have is the strength that I have of acting each day without fear, according to the dictates of my mind.” – Richard Roma

22. “The leads are weak? The f*ck*ng leads are weak? You’re weak! I’ve been in this business 15 years.” – Blake

23. “Listen to me now. Your partner depends on you. Your partner, the man who is your partner, depends on you, and you go with him and for him or you’re sh*t! Huh? You are sh*t! You can’t exist alone.” – Shelley Levene

24. “He’s got no right. Cops got no right to speak to me like that.” – Dave Moss

25. “They say that it was so hot in the city today, grown men were walking up to cops on street corners begging them to shoot them.” – Richard Roma

26. “I don’t get a moment to spare for some bust-out humanitarian down on his luck lately?” – Richard Roma

27. “You call yourself a salesman, you son of a b*tch?” – Blake

28. “You said, ‘Don’t make something up unless it’s sure to help.’ How do you know I made it up?” – John Williamson

29. “As you all know, first prize is Cadillac Eldorado. Anybody wanna see second prize? Second prize’s a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired. Do you get the picture? Are you laughing now?” – Blake

30. “The only thing ‘remarkable’ about it is who you made it to.” – John Williamson

31. “A guy doesn’t walk on the lot unless he wants to buy. Sitting out there, waiting to give you their money! Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?” – Blake

32. “A.I.D.A.—attention, interest, decision, action. Attention—do I have your attention? Interest—are you interested? I know you are because it’s f*ck or walk. You close, or you hit the bricks. Decision—have you made your decision for Christ? And action. A.I.D.A.” – Blake

33. “A.B.C. A—always. B—be. C—closing. Always be closing. Always be closing.” – Blake

34. “F*ck you—that’s my name! You know why, mister? Because you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight, I drove an $80,000 BMW. That’s my name.” – Blake

35. “Excuse you, nothing. You be as cold as you want. You’ve just f*ck*d a good man out on 6,000 dollars and his g*dd*mn bonus because you didn’t know the shot. Gee, you could do that, and you’re not man enough to say what get you, I don’t know what, if you can’t take something from that then you’re scum, you’re a f*ck*ng white bread. A child would know it, and he’s right. If you’re gonna make something up, John, be sure that it helps. Or keep your mouth shut. I’m done with you.” – Shelley Levene

36. “This is my job on the line, and you are gonna talk to me. Now, how did you know that contract was on my desk?” – John Williamson

37. “You’re such a hero. You’re so rich. Why you coming down here and waste your time on a bunch of bums?” – Dave Moss

38. “Your name is ‘You’re wanting,’ and you can’t play the man’s game. You can’t close them and then tell your wife your troubles. ‘Cause only one thing counts in this world—get them to sign on the line which is dotted. You hear me, you f*ck*ng faggots?” – Blake

39. “Go and do likewise, gents. The money’s out there. You pick it up, it’s yours. You don’t, I got no sympathy for you. You wanna go out on those sits tonight and close. Close! It’s yours.” – Blake

40. “Let me have your attention for a moment! ‘Cause you’re talking about what? You’re talking about b*tch*ng about that sale you shot, some son of a b*tch who don’t want to buy land, some broad you’re trying to screw, so forth. Let’s talk about something important. Are they all here?” – Blake

41. “You got the memory of a f*ck*ng fly! I never liked you, anyway.” – Dave Moss

42. “You see this watch? You see this watch? That watch costs more than your car. I made $970,000 last year. How much you make? You see, pal, that’s who I am, and you’re nothing.” – Blake

43. “If you tell me where the leads are, I won’t turn you in. If you don’t, I am going to tell the cop you stole them, Mitch and Murray will see that you go to jail. Believe me, they will. Now, what did you do with the leads? I’m walking in that door, you have five seconds to tell me, or you’re going to jail. I don’t care, you understand? Where are the leads?” – John Williamson

44. “I’m giving you three leads.” – John Williamson

45. Dave Moss: “We don’t gotta sit here and listen to this.”

Blake: “You certainly don’t, pal, because the good news is—you’re fired.”

46. “I’m going to have your job, sh*th**d. I’m going downtown and talk to Mitch and Murray, and I’m going to Lemkin. I don’t care whose you are, who you know, whose dick you’re sucking on. You’re going out, I swear to you, you’re going—.” – Richard Roma

47. “You got the prospects coming in. You think they came in to get out of the rain?” – Blake

48. “The bad news is you’ve got—all you got—just one week to regain your jobs, starting tonight. Starting with tonight’s sit.” – Blake

49. “These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. To you, these are gold—you do not get these. Because to give them to you would be throwing them away.” – Blake

50. “Who’s my pal, Ricky, and what are you? What, what are you, Bishop Sheen? What are you, friend of the working man? Big deal! F*ck you!” – Dave Moss

51. “Can’t learn it enough, got to learn on the streets. You can’t buy it. You gotta live it.” – Shelley Levene

52. “All train compartments smell vaguely of sh*t. It gets so you don’t mind it. That’s the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get there? A long time.” – Richard Roma

53. “What are they? An opportunity. To what? To make money? Perhaps. To lose money? Perhaps. To ‘indulge’ and to ‘learn’ about ourselves? Perhaps. So f*ck*ng what? What isn’t? They’re an opportunity. That’s all they are.” – Richard Roma

54. “I subscribe to the law of contrary public opinion. If everyone thinks one thing, then I say, bet the other way.” – Richard Roma

55. “You do get the opportunities, you get it as I get it, as everybody gets it.” – Shelley Levene

56. “You think you’re queer? I’m going to tell you something—we’re all queer. You think you’re a thief? So what? You get befuddled by a middle-class morality? Get shut of it. Shut it out. You cheat on your wife? You did it. Live with it. You f*ck little girls, so be it.” – Richard Roma

57. “No, I think I don’t want your money. I think you f*ck*d up my office, and I think you’re going away.” – John Williamson

58. “They’re crazy. They just like talking to salesmen.” – John Williamson

59. “You got leads. Mitch and Murray paid good money. Get their names to sell them. You can’t close the leads you’re given, you can’t close sh*t, you are sh*t, hit the bricks, pal, and beat it, ’cause you are going out.” – Blake

60. “You ever take a dump made you feel like you’d just slept for 12 hours?” – Richard Roma

61. “What Roma was trying to tell you—what I told you a long time ago—you don’t belong in this business.” – Shelley Levene

62. “What are you going to do about it, *ssh*l*? You’re f*ck*ng sh*t. Where did you learn your trade, you stupid f*ck*ng c*nt, you idiot? Whoever told you that you could work with men?” – Richard Roma

63. “You want to decide who should be dealt with. How is that it? I come in the f*ck*ng office today. I get humiliated by some jag-off cop. I get accused of—I get the sh*t thrown in my face by you, you genuine sh*t because you’re top name on the board?” – Dave Moss

64. “Patel? F*ck you. F*ck*ng Shiva handed this guy a million dollars, told him, ‘Sign the deal!’ He wouldn’t sign, and the god Vishnu too, into the bargain. F*ck you, John! You know your business. I know mine. Your business is being an *ssh*l*. I find out whose f*ck*ng you are. I’m going to go to him and figure out a way to have your *ss—f*ck you!” – Richard Roma

65. “Oh come on, what’s the point? What’s the f*ck*ng point? In any case, I gotta argue with you. I gotta knock heads with the cops. I’m busting my balls. Sell your dirt to deadbeats.” – Richard Roma

66. “F*ck you, Dave. You know you got a big mouth. You make a close. This whole place stinks with your farts for a week—how much you just ingested. Oh, what a big man you are! ‘Hey, let me buy you a pack of gum. I’ll show you how to chew it.’ Whoof! Your pal closes, and all that comes out of your mouth is bile. Oh, how f*ck*d up you are!” – Richard Roma

67. “I’m not going home. I’m going to Wisconsin.” – Dave Moss

68. “You filed it. That puts me over the f*ck*ng top. I want my Cadillac. I don’t wanna hear no f*ck*n’ sh*t, and I don’t give a sh*t. Lingk puts me over the top. You filed it. It went downtown. Now, you owe me the car.” – Richard Roma

69. “What the hell are you? You’re a f*ck*ng secretary. F*ck you! That’s my message to you—f*ck you, and you can kiss my *ss, and if you don’t like it, baby, I’m going across the street to Jerry Graff, period! F*ck you!” – Shelley Levene

70. “They asked me for a favor. I said the real favor, follow my advice and fire your f*ck*ng *ss because a loser is a loser!” – Blake

71. “They stole the leads, they stole the phones, they stole the, uh—Christ, what am I going to do this month? Sh*t!” – Richard Roma

72. “You’ve got a big mouth, now, I’m gonna show you an even bigger one.” – John Williamson

73. “You’re f*ck*d, Rick. Are you f*ck*ng nuts? You’re hot, do you think you’re the ruler of this place?” – Dave Moss

74. “Patel? Ravadem Patel? How am I gonna make a living on these deadbeats? Where did you get this one from, the morgue?” – Richard Roma

75. “I come back, and you can’t even keep the contract safe!” – Richard Roma

76. “I don’t have to eat this month, great. Give it to me. Bring them. Come on.” – Richard Roma

77. “It means, Dave, you haven’t closed a good one in a month! None of my business. You wanna push me to answer you. So, you haven’t got a contract to get stolen so far.” – Richard Roma

78. “Will you get out of here? Will you? I’m trying to run an office here.” – John Williamson

79. “As the hour is waning, I suggest you—those of you who are interested in a continuing job with this organization—get to work!” – John Williamson

80. “You’re a good man. You just hit a bad streak.” – Richard Roma

81. “That guy is a f*ck*ng *ssh*l*. Anybody who talks to that *ssh*l* is a f*ck*ng *ssh*l*.” – Dave Moss

82. “Will you go to lunch? Go to lunch. Will you go to lunch?” – John Williamson 

83. “He’s the top man on the board, so he doesn’t have to sit here and listen to this sh*t?” – Dave Moss

84. “F*ck the machine! What is this, courtesy class?” – Dave Moss

85. “Nice guy, I don’t give a sh*t—good father, f*ck you. Go home and play with your kids. You wanna work here, close. You think this is abuse? You think this is abuse, you f*ck? You can’t take this. How can you take the abuse you get on a sit?” – Blake

86. “F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. Williamson. Williamson. Open this f*ck*ng door.” – Richard Roma

87. “They’re gonna bounce me out of a job.” – George Aaronow

88. “F*ck Mitch and Murray!” – Dave Moss

89. “Hey, get the chalk. Get the chalk. I did it. I closed them. I closed the c*cks*ck*r. Get the chalk, put me on the board, John. Put me on the Cadillac board, huh? Pick up the f*ck*ng chalk, Rick. Eight units, Mountain View.” – Shelley Levene

90. “Yes, well, that’s very , but you’re running this office like a bunch of b*llsh*t.” – Dave Moss

91. “The leads are coming!” – John Williamson 

92. “When I talk to the police, I get nervous.” – George Aaronow

93. “Money in the mattress.” – Richard Roma

94. “Yes. You know who doesn’t?” – Richard Roma

95. “You were saying?” – Richard Roma

96. “Can we get some coffee?” – George Aaronow

97. “I go in there and tell him what I know, he’s gonna dig up something.” – John Williamson

98. “I’m here on a mission of mercy!” – Blake

99. “I do this.” – Richard Roma

100. “How was her crumb cake? Homemade?” – Richard Roma

101. “What’s the problem, pal? You. Moss.” – Blake

102. “You are a sh*th**d, Williamson.” – Shelley Levene

103. “Yes, I hear you.” – John Williamson

104. “I don’t wanna go to lunch.” – George Aaranow

105. “Sure. I robbed the office. Sure.” – Shelley Levene

106. “The check was cashed, the contract was filed and deposited in the bank, and we’re completely insured in any case, as you know.” – John Williamson

107. “Look, I have a lot on my mind right now. They’re coming in, all right? They’re very upset. I’m trying to make some sense.” – John Williamson

108. John Williamson: “I’m sorry.”

Shelley Levene: “Why?”

John Williamson: “Because I don’t like you.”

109. “Usually, I take the contracts to the bank. Last night, I didn’t. Last night, I stayed home with my kids. One night in a year, I left the contracts sitting on my desk. No one knew that but you. How did you know that? Do you wanna tell me or do you want to tell them?” – John Williamson

110. “Hey, don’t follow me. Just don’t follow me, okay? I let you down. I know, I let you down. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. Forgive me.” – James Lingk

111. “You bet your *ss. Who wants to go to lunch? Who wants to go to lunch? I’m buying.” – Shelley Levene

112. George Aaronow: “They found the guy who broke into the office?”

Richard Roma: “No, I don’t know.”

113. John Williamson: “Where’s Mr. Roma?”

Dave Moss: “I’m not a leash, so I don’t know. Do I?”

114. “Yeah, let me get off, and I promise. I promise you it will be okay. Kiss, kiss. Bye.” – Shelley Levene

115. “I’m telling you, I’m in bed the next day, she brings me cafe au lait, gives me a cigarette. My balls feel like concrete.” – Richard Roma

116. “I’ll bring it to you in the morning. I’ll be coming in with the sales.” – Shelley Levene

117. “You robbed the office.” – John Williamson

118. “Okay, I—look, I’m going to make it worth your while. I am. I turned this thing around. I closed the old stuff, I can do it again. I’m the one’s going to close them. I am. I am.” – John Williamson

119. “With what, John? With what? Answer me. They stole the Glengarry leads, they stole Rio Rancho.” – Richard Roma

120. “I’ve got them. I’m going to hang onto them. And they’ll be assigned to closers, based on the sales volume, first to Roma.” – John Williamson


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