2. “You all do things that are beautiful and magical and important. But me—there’s gotta be more to my life than just pots and kettles.” – Tinker Bell

3. “Your talent makes you who you are, you should be proud of it.” – Tinker Bell

4. “All the world is made of faith, trust, and pixie dust.” – Tinker Bell

5. “Fairies have to be one thing or the other because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time.” – Tinker Bell

6. “If less is more, there’s no end to me, Peter Pan.” – Tinker Bell

7. “There’s a whole other world over there.” – Tinker Bell

8. “Well, I was thinking. Why do I have to be a tinker? Just because some silly hammer glowed? I mean, who’s to say it wasn’t just some big mistake? Maybe I can just switch my talent!” – Tinker Bell

9. “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever.” – Tinker Bell

10. “I thought I didn’t need anyone’s help. I wish you were here.” – Tinker Bell

11. “Just needs a little something more, but I haven’t quite figured out what that sparky wire does.” – Tinker Bell

12. “If you can’t imagine yourself being Peter Pan, you won’t be Peter Pan, so eat up.” – Tinker Bell

13. “Oh remember, Peter? The world was ours. We could do everything or nothing. All it had to be was anything ’cause it was always us.” – Tinker Bell

14. “Most importantly, we need to find lost things.” – Tinker Bell

15. “Yes. Because I’m a tinker. It’s who I am. And tinkers fix things.” – Tinker Bell

16. “I mean, tinkers help fairies of every talent, too. So we’re kind of the same, you know?” – Tinker Bell

17. “Try and tell me tinkers don’t matter. I’ll show her what a rare talent really is.” – Tinker Bell

18. “Wow! The mainland sounds—flitterific!” – Tinker Bell

19. “Well, with any luck, I’ll do better this time.” – Tinker Bell

20. “Well, I do, remember? I want to see where these things come from. Why are you saying this? Are you just giving up on me?” – Tinker Bell

21. “At least now I’m trying to help! Have you ever helped anyone besides yourself?” – Tinker Bell

22. “When I go to the mainland, I’ll prove just how important we are.” – Tinker Bell

23. “Guess what? I’ve decided, I’m not gonna be a tinker fairy anymore.” – Tinker Bell

24. “All I am asking for you is to give me one chance.” – Tinker Bell

25. “If you really want me to be happy, you’ll help me get to the mainland as you promised.” – Tinker Bell

26. “Tink, you are more precious to me as compared to anything else on earth.” – Peter Pan

27. “After all, tinker fairies learn from their mistakes.” – Fairy Mary

28. “Your talent is of no use unless you try to manifest it.” – Queen Clarion

29. “Tink happens to be more valuable to me unlike any other thing out there.” – Peter Pan

30. “Tinker Bell, you are quite a rare talent indeed.” – Fairy Mary

31. “You just think lovely wonderful thoughts and they lift you up in the air.” – Peter Pan

32. “All things usually end on a happy note, and if this one is also like that I won’t be surprised by any means.” – Peter Pan

33. “I know. Even our wings are identical. That’s why they sparkle. Let’s show them.” – Tinker Bell

34. “A true friend wouldn’t need to know why—I’m on my own then.” – Tinker Bell

35. “Great to have friends who will help you out, huh?” – Tinker Bell

36. “For worldly things will fade away as seasons come and go. But the treasure of true friendship will never lose its glow.” – Tinker Bell

37. “Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings.” – Tinker Bell

38. “The greatest treasures are not gold, nor jewels, nor works of art. They’re held within your heart.” – Tinker Bell

39. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without you.” – Tinker Bell

40. “I am sorry Blaze, it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I wish Terence were here.” – Tinker Bell

41. “It’s a good thing we were walking or we might never have seen these.” – Tinker Bell

42. “There is no fairy who does not love children.” – Tinker Bell

43. “Well, you are quite a little Tinker aren’t you?” – Lizzy

44. “You don’t have to understand. You just have to believe!” – Lizzy

45. “I won’t hurt you, I really love fairies.” – Lizzy

46. “Well, just because you haven’t seen a fairy doesn’t mean they aren’t real!” – Lizzy

47. “It’s so beautiful out here. I can’t believe we get to stay for the whole season.” – Tinker Bell

48. “You cannot call me short-statured. I am of the size of a fairy.” – Tinker Bell

49. “Vidia, this is amazing! It’s a carriage that moves by itself! There’s no horse. Seriously, look.” – Tinker Bell

50. “Look! We can use these back at camp! Wow. These’ll be perfect for the new wagon prototype I’ve been working on. Here. I bet if I took two or three and tied them together, I could make one really strong wheel!” – Tinker Bell

51. “This isn’t a human house. They’re a lot bigger. Besides, the sign says, ‘Fairies welcome.’” – Tinker Bell

52. “Lizzy, thanks for showing me your collection.” – Tinker Bell

53. “And I’ll never forget you, Lizzy.” – Tinker Bell

54. “Lizzy’s father trapped Vidia in a jar while she was saving me.” – Tinker Bell

55. “I had no idea fairies were responsible for changing the seasons. I thought it had something to do with the earth’s axis as it rotated around the sun.” – Lizzy

56. “She’s very wise. And if we tell her we’re sisters, she’ll change Lord Milori’s rule.” – Tinker Bell

57. “Don’t worry. We’re almost there—let me help you.” – Tinker Bell

58. Silvermist: “It’s like you found the perfect lost thing.”

Tinker Bell: “And I’m never going to lose her.”

59. “Like the Winter Woods was calling me. You know?” – Tinker Bell

60. “I even made this coat.” – Tinker Bell

61. “No! I just met my sister I never knew I had and I’m going to say goodbye forever? Are you kidding?” – Tinker Bell

62. “Her name’s Periwinkle. She’s a frost fairy, and she’s just amazing. I’m making this machine so she can come here and meet you all, and after that, we’ll go straight to Queen Clarion!” – Tinker Bell

63. Tinker Bell: “You collect lost things, too?”

Periwinkle: “I call them found things.”

64. “They wanted to surprise you. Everyone, this is Periwinkle, my sister.” – Tinker Bell

65. “You’re bending light? But you’re not a Light Fairy. You’re a Dust Keeper. Amazing, right? Uh, but, how? Whoa! You found orange pixie dust?” – Tinker Bell

66. “Trust a fairy and she will never betray you.” – Tinker Bell

67. “That’s right, Peter, second star to the right and straight on till morning.” – Tinker Bell

68. “Right. They must have captured her, forced her to take the dust. Well, we have to rescue her.” – Tinker Bell

69. “Great, now there are pirates. Maybe they’re nice pirates. Right. They must have captured her, forced her to take the dust. Well, we have to rescue her.” – Tinker Bell

70. “Help, we’re stuck. Right. How does it open?” – Tinker Bell

71. “Silvermist, are you okay? Whoa! That’s weird. Here, let me help you.” – Tinker Bell

72. “Wait a minute. Do you realize what this means? Oh, my gosh! Zarina switched our heads! No. No, no, no. She switched our talents.” – Tinker Bell

73. “Uh, Zarina, we didn’t just come for the dust.” – Tinker Bell

74. “Zarina! Well done. Got them all in one swell foop, I did. Zarina, don’t do this. Come back with us. Come back home.” – Tinker Bell

75. “You don’t belong here.” – Tinker Bell

76. “It looks like—The Pixie Dust Tree back home. Zarina must have grown it. So, that’s how they’re going to fly. She’s going to make pixie dust.” – Tinker Bell

77. “What happened? The last thing I remember was Zarina throwing that dust at us.” – Tinker Bell

78. Zarina: “You saved me. Why?”

Tinker Bell: “Let’s just say we’re offering you a quarter.”

79. “Are you related to Mighty Mouse?” – Peter Pan

80. “I drank poison for you! You called me Tink.” – Tinker Bell

81. “Eat what? There’s nothing here. Gandhi ate more than this.” – Peter Pan

82. “Say it Peter, and mean it!” – Tinker Bell

83. “If love will find its way, then it must be lost!” – Tinker Bell

84. “You’re a—you’re a complex Freudian hallucination having something to do with my mother, and I don’t know why you have wings, but you have very lovely legs, and you’re a very nice tiny person and what am I saying, I don’t know who my mother was; I’m an orphan, and I’ve never taken drugs because I missed the 60’s, I was an accountant.” – Peter Pan

85. “The smell of someone who has ridden the back of the wind, Peter. The smell of a hundred fun summers, with sleeping in trees and adventures with Indians and Pirates.” – Tinker Bell

86. “You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” – Tinker Bell

87. “I believe in fairies.” – Peter Pan

88. “I have no end of my wanting, Peter Pan.” – Tinker Bell

89. “Well, whoever you are, it’s still you, ’cause only one person has that smell.” – Tinker Bell

90. “What’s the deal? Where’s the real food?” – Peter Pan

91. “I do not believe in fairies!” – Peter Pan

92. “Well, I don’t know. I’m just the dust-keeper guy. I’m not exactly seen as the most important fairy in Pixie Hollow.” – Terence

93. Periwinkle: “To the right. Okay. Favorite drink?”

Tinker Bell: “Hot chamomile tea.”

94. “If you could teach me your talent—any of them—maybe I can show the queen that I can work with nature too! And then she’d let me go to the mainland for spring!” – Tinker Bell

95. “I can’t hold water. I can’t hold light. Birds hate me. I’m just so useless!” – Tinker Bell

96. Tinker Bell: “The mouse’s name is Cheese?”

Bobble: “Must be. He always comes when we yell it.”

97. “Um, you’re a pollen-izer? Um, pollen-ator. Pollen picker? Pollen plucker.” – Tinker Bell

98. “I believe in what is real. And it’s about time you started doing the same.” – Dr. Griffiths

99. “There’s no time. Clank, grab some ice. We’ll wrap her wings.” – Tinker Bell

100. Tinker Bell: “Okay, my turn. How about—favorite bug?”

Periwinkle: “Bug? It’s too cold for bugs over here, but in one of Dewey’s books, I read about butterflies.”

101. “We’re sisters. We were born of the same laugh.” – Tinker Bell

102. “One thing is certain that there are plenty of fairies in the presence of the children.” – Narrator

103. “Every fairy has an affinity for the kids from the bottom of their hearts.” – Narrator

104. “Never give in to the sorrows of life; always smile as much as possible and remain happy.” – J.M. Barrie, Author

105. “When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” – J.M. Barrie, Author

106. “They are, however, allowed to change, only it must be a complete change.” – J.M. Barrie, Author

107. “A fairy will offer you unfathomable happiness.” – J.M. Barrie, Author

108. “She says she glories in being abandoned.” – J.M. Barrie, Author

109. “Almost the only thing for certain is that there are fairies wherever there are children.” – J.M. Barrie, Author


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