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1. “Do not become addicted to water, it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence.” – Immortan Joe

2. “You know, hope is a mistake. If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll go insane.” – Max Rockatansky

3. “My name is Max. My world is fire and blood.” – Max Rockatansky

4. “Oh, what a day. What a lovely day!” – Nux

5. “If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die historic on the Fury Road!” – Nux

6. “I am the scales of justice! Conductor of the choir of death!” – The Bullet Farmer

7. “We are not things. We are not things!” – Capable

8. “I’ll pike her in the spine. Keep her breathing for you.” – Nux

9. “I live, I die! I live again!” – Nux

10. “Mediocre, Morsov! Mediocre!” – Slit

11. “Where must we go, we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better selves?” – The First History Man

12. “Max. My name’s Max. That’s my name.” – Max Rockatansky

13. “I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead. Hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct—survive.” – Max Rockatansky

14. “But I guarantee you that a hundred and sixty days ride that way—there’s nothing but salt.” – Max Rockatansky

15. “How much more can they take from me? They got my blood, now it’s my car!” – Max Rockatansky

16. “You never gonna have a better chance.” – Imperator Furiosa

17. “Put a bullet in her skull. Stop the rig. Return my treasures to me and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla.” – Immortan Joe

18. “I never thought I’d do something as shine as that.” – Nux

19. “Fool!” – Imperator Furiosa

20. “Killed everyone I’ve ever met out here. Headshots all of, snap! Right on the medulla.”  – Keeper of the Seeds

21. “Then who killed the World?” – The Splendid Angharad

22. “I am your redeemer. It is by my hand you will rise from the ashes of this world.” – Immortan Joe

23. “You cannot own a human being! Sooner or later, someone pushes back!” – Miss Giddy

24. “One man, one bullet.” – The Vuvalini

25. “There’s no going back!” – Capable

26. “Sing, Brother Heckler! Sing, Brother Koch! Sing, brothers! Sing! Sing!” – The Bullet Farmer

27. “Uh-uh. That’s bait.” – Max Rockatansky

28. “He saw it. He saw it all. My own bloodbag driving the rig that killed her.” – Nux

29. “I was awaited in Valhalla. They were calling my name. I should be walking with the Immortan or feasting with the heroes of our time.” – Nux

30. “Witness me.” – Nux

31. “You wanna get through this? Do as I say. Now pick up what you can and run.” – Imperator Furiosa

32. “I like this plan. We could start again, just like the old days!” – Keeper of the Seeds

33. “Crying shame. Another month could have been your viable human.” – The Organic Mechanic

34. “And we’ll be with Nux. He’s a War Boy. He’ll be bringing us home, bringing back what’s stolen, like he’s supposed to.” – Capable

35. “Angharad, is that just the wind or is it some furious vexation?” – The Dag

36. “Wring your hands, tear your hair. But you’re not going back. You’re not going back to him!” – The Dag

37. “And now we bring home the booty!” – Slit

38. “Just one angry shot for Furiosa. Hut!” – The Bullet Farmer

39. “You will ride eternal, shiny, and chrome.” –  Immortan Joe

40. “Come on! I’ve been called to the torture!” – The Bullet Farmer

41. “Plant one and watch something die.” – Cheedo the Fragile

42. “You’re an old man’s battle fodder, killing everyone and everything!” – Capable

43. “He’s a crazy smeg who eats schlanger!” – The Dag

44. “Everybody has gone out of their mind. You’re not the only one, Max.” – Immortan Joe

45. “Fine. When I yell, ‘Fool,’ you drive out of here as fast as you can.” – Imperator Furiosa

46. “Well, we’ve only got four for the big boy here, so he’s all but useless.” – Toast

47. “She thinks she can lose us, Dad! She thinks we’re stupid! She thinks she can lose us there!” – Rictus Erectus

48. “Hey head, say bye bye to the neck! Decapito!” – Slit

49. “Don’t breathe.” – Imperator Furiosa

50. “Out here, everything hurts.” – Imperator Furiosa

51. “Trees, flowers, fruit. Back then, everyone had their field. Back then, there was no need to snap anybody.” – Keeper of the Seeds

52. “Wouldn’t want to shoot the wives, Sir.” – Ripsaw Imperator

53. “We are down 30,000 units of gasoline, 19 canisters of nitro, 12 assault bikes, 7 pursuit vehicles—the deficit mounts, and now sir, you have us stuck in a quagmire!” – The People Eater

54. “We were his treasures! We were protected, he gave us the high life! What’s wrong with that?” – Cheedo the Fragile

55. “That’s why we have his logo seared on our back! ‘Breeding stock!’ ‘Battle fodder!’” – The Splendid Angharad

56. “Once, I was a cop. A road warrior searching for a righteous cause. As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy, me or everyone else.” – Max Rockatansky

57. “That’s my head!” – Max Rockatansky

58. “Confucamus!” – Max Rockatansky

59. “So, we take the War Rig and charge it right through the middle of them. We can decouple the tanker at the pass, shut it off behind us.” – Max Rockatansky

60. “Hey, you need to take the War Rig half a klick down the track.” – Max Rockatansky

61. “I am the road warrior.” – Max Rockatansky

62. “At least that way we might be able to—together—come across some kind of redemption.” – Max Rockatansky

63. “Well, you keep movin.” – Max Rockatansky

64. “We are war boys! Kamakrazee war boys! Fucacima kamakrazee war boys! Today we’re heading to Gastown! Today we’re hauling Aqua Cola! Today we’re hauling produce, and today we’re hauling mother’s milk!” – Ace

65. “It’s over. You can’t defy him.” – Nux

66. “We’re going to the Green Place. We’re going to the Green Place of Many Mothers.” – Angharad

67. “Of all the legs you had to shoot, that one was attached to his favorite.” – Toast

68. “Splendid! That’s my child! My property!” – Immortan Joe

69. “Warlord Junior. Gonna be so ugly.” – The Dag

70. “Retaliate first.” – Furiosa

71. “No unnecessary killing.” – Angharad

72. “We couldn’t grow anything.” – The Vuvalini

73. “O-negative. High octane. Universal donor.” – The Organic Mechanic

74. “Here they come again—worming their way into the black matter of my brain. I tell myself, they cannot touch me. They are long dead.” – Max Rockatansky

75. “This is from home. Heirlooms. The real thing. I plant one every chance I get.” – Keeper of the Seeds

76. “So far nothing’s taken. Earth’s too sour.”  – Keeper of the Seeds

77. “It’s got everything you need, as long as you’re not afraid of heights.” – The Dag

78. “We agreed! He’s kamakrazee! He’s just a kid at the end of his half-life!” – The Splendid Angharad

79. “Remember me?” – Imperator Furiosa

80. “Those were her words. And now she’s dead!” – Fragile

81. “She went under the wheels.” – Max Rockatansky

82. “Praying to anyone who’s listening.” – Max Rockatansky

83. “But we can squirt off this little pinkie a raunchy 29 times.” – Toast

84. “Your produce ain’t goin’ to Gastown. She’s gone offroad, into hostile territory.” – Corpus Colossus

85. “Be careful! Protect the assets!” – The People Eater

86. “I had a brother! I had a little baby brother! And he was perfect! Perfect in every way!” – Rictus Erectus

87. “I thought that I was spec for something great. I got to  drive a pursuit vehicle, for a while even Larry and Barry stopped chewing my windpipe.” – Nux

88. “By my deeds I honour him, V8.” – Slit

89. “He pumps it up from deep within the earth. He calls it ‘Aqua Cola’ and claims it all for himself.” – Toast

90. “The stupid ‘Green Place!’ We don’t even know where to find it!” – Cheedo the Fragile

91. “You promised to help us!” – Glory the Child

92. “I thought you weren’t insane anymore?” – The Dag

93. “I am the man who grabs the sun riding to Valhalla!” – Nux

94. “She didn’t take them, they begged her to go!” – Miss Giddy

95. “Angharad used to call them anti-seed.” – The Dag

96. “Immortan, if I can get onto the rig, there’s a way inside.” – Nux

97. “If we can block the pass, it’ll be easy. All that’s left are his war pups, and war boys too sick to fight.” – Toast

98. “Alright. This is your way home.” – Max Rockatansky

99. “He’ll forgive us, I know he will!” – Cheedo The Fragile


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