2. “Instead of love and trust and laughter, what a homewrecker gets is happiness never after.” – Anonymous

3. “Nothing is worse than a girl who takes pride in being a homewrecker.” – Anonymous

4. “A bunch of these girls needs to fall in love and get heartbroken and just maybe then they will stop being homewreckers!” – Anonymous

5. “Being the other woman doesn’t make you special, it makes you a runner up. Second place doesn’t get the prize! What it does get is your face plastered all over.” – Anonymous

6. “When a man steals your wife the best revenge is to let him keep her.” – Confucius

7. “You may be single, but my husband isn’t.” – Anonymous

8. “Don’t mess with other people’s relationships.” – Anonymous

9. “Big shout out to the homewreckers who will be forever hated, never respected, and forever alone.” – Anonymous

10. “They call you a homewrecker for a reason—stop complaining!” – Anonymous

11. “If two people are happy, let them be. Nobody likes a homewrecker!” – Anonymous

12. “A relationship is only made for two but some b*tch*s don’t know how to count.” – Anonymous

13. “Homewreckers are nothing but cheap imitations.” – Anonymous

14. “Relationships sink when there are too many passengers.” – Anonymous

15. “You can’t be me, so don’t even try!” – Anonymous

16. “You deserve more than being the other woman.” – Anonymous

17. “Don’t expect to be treated like number one, if you’re playing the role of number two.” – Anonymous

18. “If you have self-respect, you won’t ruin other people’s relationships.” – Anonymous

19. “Hoe! I brought you a to-go box since you like my leftovers.” – Anonymous

20. “Don’t like someone that’s in a relationship. One—you don’t wanna be a homewrecker. Two—what makes you think they will leave? Three—you’ll get played!” – Anonymous

21. “They say there’s a lot of fish in the sea. So get the f*ck away from my fish.” – Anonymous

22. “Homewreckers wouldn’t have homes to wreck if your significant other hadn’t let them in the front door.” – Anonymous

23. “If being a drunken homewrecker was an Olympic sport, you would be a gold-medalist.” – Anonymous

24. “You obviously don’t respect yourself if you are messing with someone’s man.” – Anonymous

25. “If you get into messin’ with my man, you don’t stand a chance, homewrecker!” – Anonymous

26. “This world has too many homewreckers and not enough women with class!” – Anonymous

27. “That Bleet is trying to be a homewrecker, but sweetie it’s not working!” – Anonymous

28. “Adultery is the ultimate deal-breaker for me. I would rather be alone than in a relationship that doesn’t honor me.” – Anonymous

29. “Don’t you understand that you got nothing on me! It’s only a matter of time before your wall comes crashing down! Homewreckers never win!” – Anonymous

30. “If everyone thinks you’re a hoe and homewrecker, then maybe you’re a freaking hoe and homewrecker!” – Anonymous

31. “You’re such a homewrecker, go sleep around a little more why don’t ya!” – Anonymous

32. “In order to be in a real relationship, your ‘boyfriend’ cannot have a girlfriend or a wife!” – Anonymous

33. “If you pride yourself in taking other women’s men or being the other girl you are pathetic and in no way a woman.” – Anonymous

34. “Homewrecker, you’re just an easy hoe who hands out money and gifts and gives it up!” – Anonymous

35. “If you’re a homewrecker, just know you will always lose. Chances are they used you for a night and that’s all they wanted!” – Anonymous

36. “Homewreckers will soon find out that they can’t seem to build a stable home of their own!” – Anonymous

37. “If you honestly think you’re going to get with my boyfriend, you need a serious reality check!” – Anonymous

38. “And the irony was another called her homewrecker and she herself was a wedding planner.” – Anonymous

39. “Only a homewrecker would tweet, ‘Can’t wreck a home if the home was already wrecked!'” – Anonymous

40. “Homewreckers have a very difficult time getting over the relationship they were never in.” – Anonymous

41. “Hoes are worthless homewreckers who’re searching for attention in other peoples’ relationships! Get a life!” – Anonymous

42. “Don’t be a homewrecker. If someone is taken, they’re taken. Don’t try and ruin their relationship just because you want them.” – Anonymous

43. “Dear homewrecker, you’re not somebody’s ‘salvation,’ you’re their ‘rock bottom’. That’s what level you’re at. Let that sink in.” – Anonymous

44. “Homewrecker, you deserve a family of your own. Equipped with two kids, a dog, a beautiful house, and don’t forget your husband’s mistress!” – Anonymous

45. “It’s always that one female that’s always trying to be a homewrecker!” – Anonymous

46. “Every homewrecker should know their place.” – Anonymous

47. “Whether someone is together for a day or 10 years, why would you ever try to come between their relationship?” – Anonymous

48. “That amazing feeling when you’re a homewrecker. Oh wait, I don’t know what that feels like.” – Anonymous

49. “Seems as though you fail as a homewrecker but you can still be a dirty sl*t! Thank God for your backup plan!” – Anonymous

50. “Don’t blame a homewrecker for doing what she does best. It’s not her that owes you loyalty.” – Anonymous

51. “I don’t think of you as a homewrecker, I think of you as more of a housekeeper. Thank you for taking the trash out for me.” – Anonymous

52. “She broke a million hearts just for fun. Homewrecker. She doesn’t belong to anyone.” – Anonymous

53. “Why do girls flirt with guys that have a girlfriend? That’s a huge slap in the face and complete disrespect. There’s a thing called ‘Girl Code.’ Follow it!” – Anonymous

54. “Women who go after men that are already taken are either pathetic with absolutely no self-esteem or just plain ugly!” – Anonymous

55. “Tip to homewreckers everywhere—the guy nearly always goes back to his girlfriend/wife and when he does you’ll just be a lonely homewrecking Bleet!” – Anonymous

56. “Homewreckers are a myth, if another woman was able to come in and destroy your relationship, it’s because your man opened the door and let her in. True or False?” – Anonymous

57. “Homewreckers don’t care if they wreck a relationship and they don’t care if they hurt you or your family. They don’t care about anyone or anyone else’s happiness, they only care about themselves and their own happiness.” – Anonymous

58. “If you sleep with a married man or taken man you are a wh*r* and you’re also a homewrecker!” – Anonymous

59. “Oh, Pu-lease! You’re not sorry for what you did, it won’t be long before you go after another married man, homewrecker!” – Anonymous

60. “I don’t care if you fight for what you want. My boyfriend shouldn’t be what you want.” – Anonymous

61. “I have leftovers in the fridge, do you want them too, homewrecker?” – Anonymous

62. “Don’t go looking for pancakes when you have flapjacks at home.” – Anonymous

63. “Girls who say, ‘A lot of guys are after me,’ should keep in mind that low prices attract many customers.” – Anonymous

64. “Instead of being so concerned about my life and what goes on in my household, think about why you didn’t get the last name.” – Anonymous

65. “A woman who walks on purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.” – Anonymous

66. “You know, I trust my man. It’s those trifling homewreckers that I don’t trust. Get your own man, Bleet, you can’t have mine!” – Anonymous

67. “It amazes me how some women show no respect for other women’s families or children! Stay away from what is mine, homewreckers!” – Anonymous

68. “Behind every homewrecker is a mother who failed to teach her daughter basic table manners, respect and the right amount of decency.” – Anonymous

69. “Just because you can’t get a boyfriend doesn’t mean you can mess with mine!” – Anonymous

70. “But you’re married. Which makes none of this normal. It makes me a homewrecker and I hate the fact that I’m a homewrecker.” – Anonymous

71. “Urban dictionary defines homewrecker as a female ‘usually’ who is trying to steal a man from another woman. If the shoe fits, wear it!” – Anonymous

72. “There is nothing cute or classy about being a homewrecker! You can’t fix it up, you can’t dress it up. A woman that refuses to respect her body is a woman of a very low class. She arises each day hoping in a man that was never hers, but stooped to the low level of trash to fill a void in her hopeless life.” – Anonymous

73. “Homewrecker. You know what the word means, if you don’t like it, maybe you shouldn’t get with someone’s boyfriend!” – Anonymous

74. “Dear homewrecker, how do you sleep at night knowing you destroyed a family. Don’t you have a heart? Oh wait, silly me I forgot your evil, selfish and heartless.” – Anonymous

75. “If you start a relationship being the other woman, you will never be the only woman.” – Anonymous

76. “Sleeping alone is better than sharing your bed with someone who shares a bed with someone else when you’re not around.” – Anonymous

77. “He didn’t cheat on his girlfriend because he wanted you. He did it because you’re easy!” – Anonymous

78. “Married or being in a relationship does not mean available, no matter what problems some couples are having.” – Anonymous

79. “Why would I care if you’re sleeping with my ex, you were sleeping with him when he was still my boyfriend. Remember? Homewrecker!” – Anonymous

80. “What kind of woman goes after a married man? Oh yeah that’s right, a dirty homewrecking skank!” – Anonymous

81. “Hoes only come in between you and your man, because they don’t have one!” – Anonymous

82. “Isn’t it funny when your man starts ignoring the other woman? They become obsessed, try everything they can to get his attention. It is pathetic.” – Anonymous

83. “When a woman is suddenly interested in being friends with your husband and makes no effort to be friends with you also, she is up to no good!” – Anonymous

84. “If you’re going to start a fire you better be prepared to deal with the heat and feel the burns!” – Anonymous

85. “I have to sit back and laugh at the women who can’t find happiness! Maybe that’s karma biting them in the *ss for trying to steal someone else’s husband!” – Anonymous

86. “Men and women who decide to flirt with adultery just once can become enmeshed in misery and unhappiness for themselves and their precious families.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

87. “If he cheated on me with you. He will cheat on you with someone else.” – Anonymous

88. “If a man stops giving you the same attention, it’s because another woman already has his.” – Mario Tomasello

89. “Girls, if a guy’s taken please don’t mess with him, we’re not trying to increase the population of cheaters here.” – Alondra Palacios

90. “Married or relationship means back the hell off.” – Anonymous

91. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.” – Anonymous

92. “Don’t sell yourself short.” – Anonymous

93. “Queens don’t compete with hoes.” – Anonymous

94. “Bro, I never stole your girl, she came along willingly.” – Anonymous

95. “Sometimes karma doesn’t always come around fast enough, that’s why it’s essential to plot revenge!” – Anonymous

96. “Karma is like a rubber-band—it can only stretch so far before it comes back and smacks you in the face.” – Anonymous

97. “Girls cheat if there’s something wrong with the relationship. Guys cheat if there’s an opportunity.” – Anonymous

98. “Guilt and no guilt—these were the worst things. The only thing worse than the guilt was the fear of getting caught.” – Anonymous

99. “It’s so hard to trust people nowadays because they won’t tell you what’s wrong in the relationship, they’ll just cheat.” – Anonymous


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